6 November 2011

The production diary !!

Shooting Schedule !!
- It did change a bit .... We were meant to be filming on the 19th October at Netley beach but that didn't happen due to people saying they were busy and they had work so fair enough with the work bit but people just saying there busy without a reason is'nt that good its just like they weren't that bothered about it really .  Then we arranged another day to film but people couldn't do those days so it was getting ridiculous now . Now we've left everything to the last minute !! We started filming on the 2nd November which was down to me as I had to text them the day before to get it sorted out which took ages for everyone to agree . It had to be done so I had to do something about it ( I wished sooner.) So we filmed at Lee on Solent beach which would be allot easier and we could film all day which we did . Still that day we all went together to Lee on the Solent beach except one. So we had to wait for her for her about 2 hours till she got there . We needed to film altogether to shoot the scenes , so it was a bit of wait .I thought it be a good idea to go to the bottom end of Lee on Solent as there is sand down there. But people couldn't be bothered to walk down the end which wasn't too far but it was very windy as the weather wasn't too good that day.

 A problem did occur when we were filming, the wind that day was very strong and very blowy too . So we had to work away around the wind but it didn't do us much good. Another problem that has occurred we still have two scenes left to do but in the studio which is a problem as the other year are doing there TV quiz shows , and that lot so its going to be hard to use the studio.We may probably have think of filming in a different location. Also we forgot our storyboards , we needed them to find out what the shots were for each scene . So we may not have the right camera shots we put into our children's drama that were on our storyboard . So that's messed it up a bit. When we did film we did use variety of camera angles which is good to use lots of different shots . Some points of filming when you listen back to it you can't really hear it as it's a bit quiet or the wind taking over control so ill have to see about sorting the sounding levels out .

Designing the set (spaceship )
We started this before half-term. We used cardboard boxes that Shannon brought it for us to use. All we needed is some ideas to come up with of what to go onto our spaceship so for e.g designs. We needed to get some paint which we got in town and from the art department. The ideas we came up with was aliens plants to have to stand up with a piece cardboard at the bottom for it to stand up on . We painted the plants and we stuck these ball things on which we got in a jar, we used them to make it look different. We used the paint on one of them which we splatted onto our plant . The actual spaceship design itself we used the other cardboard boxes by painting them, putting a robot computer on one of them to make it alieny computer .We went around our plants with a black marker pen so it stands outs better. I think we may have to finish it off. We had also had created a ship which Georgie drew it out of cardboard with a pencil, then we painted it in. This was for the pirates to use as they arrive on shore but I don't think we will be using this now . We have already filmed this part but we may have to re shoot some parts . We all got involved in designing the space ship so we painted , cut things out , helped each other working as a team on it.

For our first scene we did keep it to the original of what we said:  So where the pirates arrive on the beach, they search for the treasure and fall down the hole . This bit when the pirates fall down the hole  we did change it slightly. We decided for Captain Shipmate to fall down the hole. But instead of using sand to dig the hole we just dug up the stones and that made it kinda of a hole which he falls down into. But if we went to the further end down Lee on Solent, it would of looked better with the sand but oh well that didn't happen did it . Also in this we were meant to be having kids in our children's drama but this was a problem because we were meant to be filming at Netley beach but the kids don't finish till 3, the time they finished and they got into their costume and make up on it would be about 4 o'clock. Then we would of only had about 45 minutes to film and plus with the nights closing in now it will be getting dark allot sooner. We wouldn't of had enough time to make sure everything was okaey , learn the scripts , and plus we would of been rushing it ..... Which is not good !!! So that s why I had suggested of doing it during the day where we had the light and could set things up, have enough time to make it good instead of rushing it and to learn the scripts but this didn't really take long to do  .

The Script -
The first scene we did was down on the beach !! - But thinking of the script Georgie didn't say her line =/ . So instead we just moved around without talking trying to find the treasure .So that was slightly changed . The Script next was right but Georgie just added my name B.O to the end of it." Are you questioning my ability's to read maps "B.O. (In angry voice.) Where it says Captain Parrotless saying Arrgh !! we all decided to say it to make it a real piratey arrgh!! . Where Captain Parrotless says " That's better". "Now Shipmate , set up my chair and prepare me a drink " . We didn't have a chair we forgot about that one so we just used one of the posts for Captain Parrotless to sit down on and used a bottle of juice . We took out the last part of the first part of the scene with Shipmate says "shouldn't we did a hole near the x?"We  took the last bit out where Captain Parrotless was going to be saying to Captain Shipmate to did the hole .We changed it to Claudia digging the sand aka stones she found the treasure. Then Captain Parrotless walks over with Captain B.O (me),we look over to see what the treasure is.Then after that scene ( Captain B.O(me) was arguing about who was going down the whole with having a conversation with Captain Shipmate. B.O like I think  Captain Shipmate should go down the whole as he dugged it up . Then You see the shot of me pushing Captain Shipmate in the hole. We did change different lines slightley with the different characters, we did take some scenes out as well as it wiould of took us a while to do , so we just cutted it down by shorting it still keeping the story line but in  different way .

The last scene is where the pirates are back on land . We have changed the script again as all the pirates yea fine but the aliens .... We were meant to have kids so Claudia was going to be alien with Shannon as well with her cousins friend. But since we had a problem with the kids starring in it. So Shannon did the camera work that day whilst me ,Georgie was pirates anyway we had Claudia as one as well. This was meant to be the part where they swap the kids with the others so the aliens without realizing they got muddled up. But we took that bit out of the swapping the kids . The last bit of our fourth scene is where me , Georgie and Claudia are waving of the aliens in the sky . We changed it slightly towards the end we still waving of the aliens but we didn't say the last bit of that scene arrgh!! So we may have to film that bit again .

In the studio on the 9th November we started filming in the studio . It went really well when we were filming . We used our props so our cardboard boxes of our alien spaceship , we used jewellery , crown for the props for the alien when she finds the treasure which is misleading . We used the spotlights on the main wall for the focus of our alien spaceship with the different coloured spotlights.Shannon was an alien she put black paint on her with spots on her to make her look alieney. Also with a piece of tin foil on top of her hair to give her that alien look . She was really good acting like an alien . Claudia and my role was to be the pirates , Claudia was wearing  .Claudia was playing a good character as she had this like pirate voice ... Me it didn't go as good with the voice as it didn't sound piarety blue top, jeans , eye patch, hook hand to maker her look like a pirate. Then me I had black /white top with a skeleton necklace , red banana , boots and pirate sword to make me look like an actual pirate.We had good fun filming in the studio we messed up a few times so we had to retake some shots . It didn't take us that long to film in the studio as we just literally got on with it . It went really well we worked together to get it done which is now finally done .Yey!!

Now were in the editing process !!
whoo !! We started editing today after filming 9/11/2011 . We did have few minor problems as we had a  SD card but it didn't have a card reader on that computer, so we had to copy everything to the hard drive so our original footage from the beach , and transfer the footage onto the hard drive and put it onto a another computer .Then the renaming was arrgh because we had allot of footage,then you got to rename it all individual which takes forever. After all of that it was editing our footage on adobe premier is the programme which we use to edit. I like editing , I enjoy it , once you get into it it's easy . It did take a while to get into the right order as it was all jumbled up , so this took a bit of time to get it in the right order.

At the moment of our footage we have muted the sound of where you see the panning shot nicely done with the pirates on the beach looking for the treasure .The next shot is where Captain O.B makes a  question about her abilities to read the map. You have a nice mid shot of me. Georgie (Captain Parrotess  is talking to O.B, The camera we used was mid shot of her.The next shot is Georgie and Claudia scene we have an over shoulder view of the map. Then we had an over shoulder view of all the pirates saying arrgh. Captain Parrotless chucks the map on the ground , where it had landed on the X ( which we used to scarf to make the cross we had put stones to hold it down so it didn't blow away.We had a close up down shot of the cross where the map had landed . In the background we have the sound of our feet of  us arriving to the cross with the map . This shot was good of the sounding of our feet as we arrive to the cross where the treasure is . Then we had another over the shoulder view of me and Claudia where were were agreeging with the captian. We have a long shot of Captian Parrotless and Captian Shipmate( Claudia). Then few hours past we had a shot of Georgie giving Claudia the spade to dig the hole this shot was mid shot.Captian Shipmate is  digging the hole , we had a wide shot of her moving in close when she is digging for the treasure . You see me and Georgie looking over the hole curoisility. Then Captain B.O has an argument of who goes down the while I thought  this was good of us as the pirates with our piratey accent which I thought my voice was better at the beach then in the studio . We used a wide shot of us , which creates a nicely shot of us with the sea behind us in the background . Then we had a shot of a low angle of me Pushing Claudia in the hole , this was funny the way she falling it was so funny . Then the shot is where Claudia is in the spaceship where she's falling down.

  The next scene is in the treasure hole . she is whoa "where am i ?" "Captian , B.O?" , she soon realizes she is in the alien spaceship . The shot after that is where me and Claudia are slowly getting up are like arrgh , very confused where they are . The next shot is where we are com fronted by the alien , who is Shannon with her alien voice which was really good . We have it like panning over as she is walking to us .The camera  moves to us with confused faces. Then you have a shot of me where I'm like arn't u meant to be alien? .  My bad voice , we had  a shot of me on the side when I'm talking to Shannon . You have a angle shot of Shannon Greeting us reminds me of jack in the box that was funny with how she moved her hands . I couldn't stop laughing when she was talking in her alien voice which we had to retake few times of me laughing . It was hard to keep a straight face especially for me . Then  Shannon is like the key the key this was funny where Claudia has the key she pointing . Claudia was like looking at her boobs as we shot that .... The shot we used was over shoulder shot , then a close up of the key on Claudia 's neck .The next shot is where B.O and Shipmate have the treasure in there hands with a close up of our shock faces.

The last scene  -beach  is with me , Georgie ,and Claudia with us three all looking up from the alien spaceship waving off the aliens . We had a behind high angle shot of the sky and us waving the aliens off . Saying "bye"

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