5 November 2011

My review on footloose 2011 !!

I have chosen to do my review on Footloose 2011 (the latest one!!) I have chosen do this because I have seen it at the cinema , it is a really good film to watch if your into like the dancing side of it. It has a  twist of line dancing (country music) and rocking roll too . It's got amazing actor who Starr's in it who is Kenny Wormald who is amazing dancer who shares his dancing with Julianne Houge . It's an incredible film to watch for everyone as it brings fun, enjoyment, laughter to our screens. It makes you want to get up and dance.

Footloose is a very positive film for everyone to watch as it brings fun, enthusiasm, energetic to our screens which everyone will love and enjoy. Footloose has created a new style and twist for 2011. Footloose has brought a dance, rock and roll and line dancing to our screens with the freshness of a whole new vibe for 2011. Footloose is mainly about this new guy called Ren who is from the city and moves to a small town. He meets this girl called Ariel for the first time; you see she takes a shine to him. He comes to this town where rock and roll and the dancing have been banned. (Previous where a group of young teenagers are having fun dancing around, enjoying themselves. It makes you want to get up and dance and get involve. Then the teenagers get into the car with the music blaring up having fun.... not paying attention to the road and bang they get hit by this truck and they all died) So this is why it had got banned of this terrible disaster as friends from the community lost their loved ones from this.

Ren as the new guy in town he starts to struck us with his moves as he shakes up the town with him bringing back how the town was before the terrible disaster. The small place is known for its dancing and rocking roll side to it and its back with a whole new sensational twist.It's first day of school ....Ren gets out of the car looking good with the whole sunglasses look Mr.cool. Ariel smiling at him and says "he’s cute". I think they make a lovely couple just the way she looks at him. Ren's got admirer who just doesn't know it yet till it all gets revealed. The funny bit when Ren goes into school and he bumps into this guy the conversation started of......

Willard: "Where you from?" "You talk funny".

Ren: "I talk funny?" "You should hear you from my end."

Willard: "What's up man I'm Willard."

I thought this was really nice way to meet someone as he bumped into Willard . They had that coversation above and from there like best of friends. It's nice that he's got a friend to talk to and hang out with. First days of school is a bit scary especially when you don't know anyone . But Ren made a true friend and they always hang out with each other . You can see they have a really good bond with each other it's good to see how there realtionship is really strong .Ren is truly grateful that he’s uncle (he’s family have taking him in after a long loss of his mother passing away from leukaemia. It's nice that his family has taking him in after his mothers death because no one can cope with that on their own. He soon finds out of the ban on the dancing. He is shocked by this about the dancing being banned for under eighteens to dance. Ren like are you "kidding me". Ariel sees Ren walking out of school; she takes a shine to him again checking him out. But he is nice though, him playing the main role as he is a sensational dancer to watch and very talented as you can see on the screen. He knows how’s to move I’ll give you that.

Ren soon becomes very attracted to Ariel but she’s going out with a guy called Chuck the dirt track guy. Ren is soon playing a game of chicken but with buses. They all set there stations and they have to knock of each other of their buses so they can win the game. Ren being fast, aggressive, in his driving knocks the other players of the track which is pretty cool to watch with the special effects to make it so real. He knocks everyone off the track leaving one more person to knock of which is Chuck who he hates.You can tell this by the way they act towards each other. Then there both crashing into each other with Ren's ability of not so good at driving. He tilts up Chuck’s bus and it crashes down on the ground. Then Ren's bus is out of control as he can't put the brakes down because something went wrong. So the bus is out of control he tries to turn it and Chuck and Ariel are standing there half burned to death from the smoke and Ren jumps out before it crashes. The crash affect was really good with the smoke and everything going up into flames just like it would happen in an action pack movie. Ariel liked the way he handled it in the race and she was very impressed by him.

Ren goes to this cafe place and soon finds out that it's just not a normal town it's the town with a full of people dancing away with the energetic , the passion , the wreck less side of it .Ren takes to the floor in the car park with his amazing moves and he can dance .... Incredible to watch. He brings something to the pack. Ariel joins in and they get really into it with each other. Like they were together with the passionate, sexy, dancing. It's very romantic, passionate touch to it as Ariel does really like him but Ren does like her but she has a boyfriend which Chuck gets angry and annoyed that he’s dancing with his girlfriend. Ren soon realizes that Ariel just making a show to her boyfriend to make him jealous. He’s not that type of guy to do that. Ren is so annoyed and you can see this in his face. You just want to go up and hug him who wouldn't right.

Ariel dad doesn't like the fact she’s hanging around with him Ren  because he thinks he’s trouble. But he's not trouble he had two runs in with the police of having his music too loud which is hardly a crime. Getting ticked for that its stupid. They go to this barn yard dancing place it looks really good fun. Willard girlfriend asks him to dance with her but he’s likes "you go on and dance and I’ll get the drinks". Ren says "you’re not going to sit around and mope are you?" Wallard like "I don't dance he whispers to Ren that he can't dance. You think to yourself awwh he probably can dance but he's afraid of what people think of him dancing ... You see Ariel and Ren on the dance floor dancing away is incredible too see them dance so fast and they all move at the same time it's amazing to watch. You can see in Ariels face that she's having a really good time with Ren.Ren he’s getting in to it  striking us with his country music moves. He's incredible dancer well they all are. It makes you just want to jump out of your seat and get up and dance and join in the fun which it certainly does. You can see they love spending time together as there smiling away having fun which is so sweet as they really like each other and their enjoying life to the max .

You see that Chuck is beating up his own girlfriend. He is very violent towards her. This is not nice at all. It's all because she’s been hanging around with the new guy Ren .Chuck is a women beater, who would want to go out with that?.No wonder why she’s been hanging around with Ren because he's  a lovely guy , charming, fun to be around and on the other hand there's Chuck so I don't blame her for going with Ren he’s so much more then a man then Chuck will ever be . She gets so angry she starts to whack his car Chuck's likes "no" but good on her. Chucks car is ruined as hell and he storms of in his car. Ariel on the floor who can barley move abused to hell by her evil boyfriend.

Miles tellor who plays Willard is a funny actor and he made me laugh when Ren was teaching Willard to dance. He had some young girls singing he was in the background of them trying to do some line dancing he was coming up with these different impressions of animals and dancing was so funny bless him. At least he had go it was so much fun watching him. Willard was dancing in the corridors in school and in the room dancing away. It looked like he was having  fun enjoying himself which I was too. He brings happiness, fun ,  within his character that what makes it a good film when there is funnest involve and it makes the audience have fun too. He looked great in his new outfit of country dancing.

Ren goes to this place where he can be wreck less and just let all his anger out as you can see he does really like her. The way he moves it's a bit like street dance and like step up which he is sensationally an amazing dancer. He starts to rev up his anger and he just let's it all out. The way he does it in a dance way is amazing. He strips of his jacket and starts to sway and the street dance takes amence!! The way he jumps and dances is like a very urban style feel to it. The way he moves his body is so fast but with emotions as you can see all raging anger, upset and annoyed. The music in the background building up to the fast bit of him dancing is really good to watch. It's like the tension building up in the music and that what makes it good to watch.

It's really nice they go to prom together Ariel and Ren dancing the night away, you can see the way they look at each other in the eyes. It's really passionate they really like each other you just want them to get together. It's really good that they bring happiness to our screens. We all love a romance film. Then Ren goes outside he finds out that Chuck is there waiting for him to beat him up. However Willard and Ren get into it and start beating the day lights out of them which you see them all whacking each other and kicking them to the ground. Chuck is a horrible guy who likes beating people up just because well I think that he is jealous that Ariel going out with the new guy Ren and hates seeing people happy  I don't like him at all.

Later on Ren goes to the minister and demands to bring footloose back where the town is well known for all this crazy dancing, country music but with all the twists. He explains that it be a good idea to bring it back. They are going to abolish the stupid rules and bring back the liveliness back of footloose. He is so sorry of what happened about the kids of what happened to them. He reasons with all them to how it wouldn't be the same without all this going on. Then the minister agrees to let the dance be unbanned everyone overwhelmed by this. It's nice to see how the town can be back to how it was before. He goes off somewhere with his true love and shares a romantic passionate moment as the sun goes down as you see this you have like the love shape of them coming through as the sun comes through them which makes it very romantic and it shows there love for one another . Footloose is back!!

Footloose is for all ages it brings the romantic, happy, lively, motivated of an incredible sensation of a production. It has some great twists with all the dancing which was extremely good fun for everyone to join in. It's a nice story line of a guy coming to a town and then he meets a girl falls in love with her and shares his hidden talent of  dancing which he is very passionate about. It creates a good romantic film of Footloose so I would recommend it to everyone if they haven't seen it already they should go and see it it's amazing film. I liked that they have done a remake of footloose it gives us that freshness of new taste to our screens. I would give this a rating of 5 stars because it was that good better than I expected. I fully enjoyed it, I would go and see it again. It also brings excitement too because you don't know what’s going to happen next!! It's got really good actors and actress who starred in it which brought this production together to make it fun, enjoyable, funny, exciting to watch!

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