20 November 2011

Good points of an interview !!

The interview I watched was the new movie of breaking dawn part 1 with Taylor Lautner .

The good points of this interview was :

- The lady who was interviewing Taylor Lautner was very friendly with a nice greeting saying that "it was nice to finally meet you" .This makes the interviewee feel at ease, and makes them feel more relaxed.

- The lady seems very happy and really enthusiastic about the movie, this makes the interviewee feel really comfortable being interviewed.

- She knew what she wanted to ask him she wanted to find out more about his character as he has progressed over the 4 movies and now there’s whole new Jacob.

- The interviewee was very confident in what the interviewer asked him

- The lady was very confident in what she was saying, confidence is good it makes you feel good about yourself and it comes across in a good way to that interviewee

- Good eye contact she was giving as it shows that she is interested in what he is saying

- Great posture she had sitting relaxed and listing to him.

- You can see they were having a bit of a laugh; sense of humour is good it makes the interview more relaxing for the both of the people it makes the conversation easier to flow easily.

The interviewee (Taylor) was very confident with giving his answer on about his new character role in the movie he was giving good eye contact with her, he was sitting relaxed like he was just at home.

- The lady was giving her own feelings of when Jacob and Bella were in the forest dancing with each other , this made Taylor react but it a happy , laughing way with the emotions it does bring to us in the movie .

-Taylor was giving his own take on how  he’s still in the moving and that he’s so thankful that he’s still here today - you can see he loves being a part of these films and that he has grown and grown since the first ever movie of twilight .

-They both are very clear when there speaking so it’s good when you do because people can understand what you are saying.

-The lady was keeping in the subject to its content so she was asking stuff related to the movie and him as character , how he’s progressed, about his physical form in the movie so it’s good that she has kept in related to the move itself .

- During the interview it was good to see the parts of the movie where it related to what part they were talking about so the audience at home understand what they are talking about related to the movie. -It makes us part of it as well!!

- At the end it was nice to see the lady shaking his hand that shows you’re nice, presented person it makes a good impression of you.

- She was very professional about the interview as well

- They were both smiling so it made the interview more flowing when you see a person smiling it makes you feel that it’s going to be a comfortable, relaxed interview.

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