30 April 2012

Thriller Film - Poster how it be advertised !!

Thriller Film - posters , flyers , you tube, radio and trailers are  a good way to advertise your thriller film. It can advertise the product all over the world with the use of billboards , so bus stops , cinemas , handing out flyers and etc . You would want the font to stand out to grab peoples attention with making the font bold . This draws people in by the grabbing peoples attention by the background and the title.It's good idea of having the image in the background so something that relates to the thriller film . You would have the actors names on it as well as  the images of those actors/actress who Starr in the film on  the front cover .You want to make people look at your poster so something that is out there giving that hmm that looks interesting when an audience looks at it .

If we were were to advertise our thriller film into a poster I would use an image of Hannah holding the cross in her hands as she looks really scary, it would be a good image to use for our front page of our poster . I think this would draw peoples attention just by looking at Hannah , she looks creepy . People may think it be a good thriller to watch just by looking at this image, well that would be the impression that you would want to get across.I would use our Sweet Dreams title at the the top of the page of  our poster in red which symbolizes blood and danger for our font.It would have a bit of a message I think added to it saying " If you had a chance to change things, would you fight for survival before it's too late" This is just idea. I would use an image of the two other actors and position them side to side to each other just below the main image. The other pictures would be positioned in the right and left hand corner of the poster. I would place the text so for e.g starring Hannah Jones , Liam Foster and Damain Hughes, this would be placed underneath the image that it links in with in the color of white. The image of these actors/actresses would have to be appealing, so something that shows of they're character in the film.  I think a background of an image so something that would make the image as whole look dramatic and creepy to give it that dark feel like something bad is going to happen. Thinking of the idea now!! We  use the image of the subway with Damian standing in the left hand corner of the screen so as he is looking where Hannah is dying, (dim the image a bit) so with changing the saturation of the image to black and white . This would be the main image on the poster, then  to the right you have an image of Hannah as evil Margaret in the right had side of the poster. The image would be where she is standing still ,  you can see the rage and anger in her eyes, image of Liam positioned in the left hand corner.Then you have the use of the actors/actress names at the bottom in a white font so keeping it simple and clear. To promote it further put coming to cinemas near you Portsmouth , Fareham  and Southampton on 23 June 2012. A movie not to be missed , it will keep you hanging on with great twist that should not be missed .

Interviews !! - B roll EPK ( electronic press kits)  for the interviewers to catch up on the latest gossip (story) when there not on set. It's a great way to get coverage of news from the actors/actresses.  You would see the interviewer going around on campus so around the set asking peoples views/opinions on a show , movie . This is a good way to get close and personal so for e.g director , desc ions , deleted scenes , romance , conflict between crew/cast etc .
- Behind the scenes footage and deleted scenes  you may find it on the DVD!! You may also have  interviews on the DVD on the special feature disk !! This would probably be about the movie itself , characters they play , etc .

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