11 May 2012


CMYK!! - Is basically a  four color process which includes the colors , cyan  - is blue and green , magenta - red and pink , yellow and K - pure black. These colors are a mixture to the CMYK Model.  The colors are also used for documents - used as ink for a printing process , when the ink has spread onto the metal plate it's then etched onto the paper in layers of mall dots making a final outcome of an image in full color of these colors .

Step 1 - Get an image of the internet , save it into your folder .

Step 2 - Open up Photoshop - go to file open go to your folder to open up the image where you saved it too . 

3 - Go to Image - Mode - Click onto CYMK, to give us the four colour separation . On the left hand side you will see underneath the channels , separated into CYMK .

Step 4 - You go to Image - Adjustments - Curves -  you get the box of the histogram to make any adjustments to the image .( These will decrease and increase the tone of the CYMK colors of the contrast to a finer look . 

Here you can see the pink line so you can increase and decrease the tone of the colour of the image getting rid of yellows, and oranges of the colour but still keeping the light oranges pigments around the image.
Here this image is in magenta – So here the colour is in pinkie and red colour. On the right hand side of this you get the histogram of where you can change the  anchor point you can change the image by stretching it's tone  and get more contrast and compressed tones decrease . Where the yellow bights bits from the original image have changed from an orange color to a light pink /orange 

The magenta gets rid of the orange, yellow by turning it into this colour pink colour with light pigments of orange in foreground.  On the channel on top of the histogram you can change it to CYMK!! – To get the separation of the four colors.

Image – Adjustments – Curves Here you move the anchor curse so this increases decreases the images tone of color so cyan!! –With the black pigments it has changed the color to a green, blue color – yellow at the bottom has changed (original image to a green/blue tone of colour. In the background at the top originally was yellow, the pigments have changed to black, blue. Green look as the colors mix together to form these four color process.  

Image of Yellow final image.
Here In the channel in the right hand corner it will have the different separations of the 4 colours.    

 Cyan - Colour separation of image.

Magenta Image 

K - Pure black getting rid of color saturation leaving white shadows from the original image that were yellow. The black has got rid of this leaving a white shadows in the background.  .

Step 5 - You get your image into a positive film .  If you look in a magazine you can find like an image where it has the big dots of an photograph this works best in black and white for screen printing as it will produce a positive film which will work effectively. 

We use these colors that go on top of each other from the original image with CYMK  to screen print.  

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