16 April 2012

UK TV - A Condensed History !!

20 Centuries - First film was introduced !!

First film with sound in 1927 - The jazz singer

1922 - British Broadcasting Company (BBC) - output radio government

1926 - BBC came into corporation Jhon Reith (Manager Director) - old fashion views were to inform and entertain, so to let us know about warnings that were happening around the world !!

1936 - BBC TV!! - Began - info public sector so for e.g the weather , news , radio

1939 - 1946 !! - TV stopped for world war 2 !! It cut of Micky mouse famous guy  or it might a been tom and jerry =/ duno aha .When it finished it came back on whoa hey - This is where the tranmission would send singals through the TV . But they worried if they subitted the transmission where the people were then it will notify where they are with all the war going on !!

1952 - Coronation Queen Elizabeth - Location London so there was crowds of people as they wanted to see what was going on at the time with the use of cameras trying to make to the front of where the scene had happened .

 1955 - ITV - Independant Television (Thames use to transmit 5 a day on TV!! (Southern so we understand what was going on in our regional of events that have happened and the Northen had their own region of events what happened in the North . On the opening night ratings were lowered due to the famous fire on the Archers on BBC One radio =/ .

1964 - BBC2 - More programs were on for yonger crowd which would be on during up too Noon then it would cut off then come back on later on during the day . So it was on and off !!

1969 - Colour is introduced

1980s Successful Margret Thatcher wasn't happy for the programs that was on then decided too take programs off !! The license we pay is for the BBC fund which is runned by us which everyone has to pay .

1982 - Channel 4 Started !! The famous TV programme which everyone loved aha countdown .

1983 - Breakfast TV Channel !! Used to be on really early in the morning bout 6 am , for people to watch then doesn't come on that early now as not many people watch it ..

1990S = 24 hours use to run all day !!

1988/9 - Cable + Sky was introduced  invaded by the channels 

1995 - Channel 5

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