10 April 2012

Thriller Part 5 - Editing Evaluation


In our group there was me Sedtin, and Hannah we worked together on the thriller project.  For our thriller project we came up individual with ideas for our thriller so for e.g. here is a link to my other page with the ideas we came up with within our group. -

 In the end the idea we went with Sedtin's idea as it sounded more of a thriller as it was slightly different to our ideas but we all thought a coma scene would be quite good if we could pull it off. We had  twist and turns , use of theatre of the mind , how to create tension with the use of suspenseful music , use of suspense to keep the audience guessing of what's going on so holding the audience back. So we all took that into consideration on how we’re going to achieve this.....It shows within our thriller how we achieved our goal.

Narrative – Story Structure!!

Narrative is basically about a man called Tony who is the Protagonist as we are associated with him at the start so he the main character who gets involved in a terrible accident he wakes up within a dream so the audience may get confuse of what’s going on well to a younger audience. within the coma a serious of events go on and he meets these two people Andrew  who is played by Liam he is the antagonist, false hero which tells Tony it is the real world which Tony then starts to believes it is. The audience may start to think and believe he is the hero at the start of this as they equate each other.  Andrew starts to show a side of him where he is jealous of Tony’s job on how successful he is as he hasn't had a successful life himself so therefore he wants to kill him. We have another associate that is Tony's helper called Margret who is another aquatint who seen as an enigma (mystery) on who she actually is but soon it is revealed on who she really is. Margret tries to help Tony by her telling him not to believe a word Andrew says to not to trust him but Tony doesn't listen to her. Later on..... Margret who was nice to be turns to a different person as she links to Tony's past which he left her to die as he just ran off with the use of a flashback.....But he has a chance to change back his past  within the dream to become a better person  . Then later on near the end we see him in a coma at the end you see that evil Margret has returned to haunt him. You have the blood dripping from his arm slowly this implies questions so as you see his hand twitching could be sense he is awakening up from his coma then therefore it uses theater of the mind is he dead or alive??  ....

Getting started!!

Adobe Premier Pro - To create a new file we went onto new project then you would name it at the bottom so for e.g. sweet dreams HSS, then the format you would use for it which is Widescreen DV Pal 48 kHz as shown here. You would save this into the E drive. You would before all of this rename the files into E drive move to the correct format  so for e.g. Mov this takes for ages =/. When importing the files in Premier Pro you can either have the files open in the window and press Ctrl A then press ctrl C drag the files to left hand side so the box on the left in Premier Pro and paste it in Ctrl V, or however you can go to file import files  this maybe best so you know you have got all your footage you want; you can just press Ctrl A so it selects them all and then press import on the file menu button. 

We had a lot of shots so I said I didn't mind sorting the footage into the bins because all the files were everywhere it was so confusing to find the scenes that we wanted; to do this you would click on the right hand side of your footage then it will say new bin which is a new folder. I organized it into the bins with putting into a scene name so we know which scene was which and this made it easier and more effective to find the clips we wanted. On the left hand side you can see I have put all the clips into bins so for e.g close ups , accident scene , mid shots , audio , close up of the cross , coma scene , bright light, park scenes etc . 

Shots discarded - decisions!!

 We had quite few outtakes with people talking in the background, noises so cars going by and people just letting it all out before they started filming so laughter.  I put this footage into a delete folder as we didn't need it because it was outtakes and that. We did have locations that we each filmed on location of just the area but I just put that into location folder. We did have quite a few of the same shots with us laughing and stuff in the background, or when the actors didn't know when they were meant to take action so I just put that also into the delete folder. Decisions had to be made so what shots to use as there was a variety of shots that we did a few times because some of it didn't look right so for e.g. we had problems with the wind as it was very windy one day in Gosport all you could hear was a loud gust of wind I tried lowering the audio levels but you could still here it as it was so loud so I put it into the delete folder. 

There were a few scenes where Hannah(Margret ) was talking when we filmed it went totally dark like a blackout which was a bit weird as it was a sunny day so that got put into the delete folder.  We did have a panning shot which I did of where Tony(Damain) is cycling but the camera was a bit shaky as you have to 90* cent turn so that got discarded into delete folder but however we did film it again as it was less shaky. There was a scene where Tony is talking saying “What’s with the creepy old lady” we did re take this a few times as Damain(Tony) was forgetting the line ha ha it was so funny we had to brain wave it into his head ha ha but he got there in the end. There was a scene where Hannah says “ all this time I trust god and prey what have done that was so great”, When we did this it was  a bit shaky the camera we had to re take and do this again as there was no emotion it was simple so we filmed this again.

 There was a scene where Margret was being stabbed by an unknown killer but we were told that we didn’t need this so we didn’t use this at all. We did have a panning shot of Gosport creek with Hannah’s voice over of “Tony it her creepy laughter as well. This seemed like it was dragging on a bit so I thought it be good idea to cut a bit of this off then have the mid shot behind view of where Damian and Liam are talking where Tony freaks out as he hears her voice. There was a scene where we had Damain (Tony) from a low angle but upright position shot of Tony looking up in the sky where he says “What happened to the weather change?” but we didn’t use this we were going to put it in as the change in our weather but I didn’t think we needed it so we didn’t. We all looked at which clips would work better with our scene so which one would be more effective to use so we would watch it then watch another one of the same scene then make a decision on that which one would work better. We would ask each other which one we thought looked better and we did so we did work together on making decisions.

Title - Soundtrack we used and why!!

For our thriller title we came up with Sweet Dreams, we had quite a few names that we were randomly coming up with. In the end we went with Sweet Dreams as there was a soundtrack of sweet dreams done by Marlyin Manson and Eurhythmics so we all listen to both of the songs we thought that Marylin Manson definitely worked better compared to the Eurhythmics just by the sound of the music so for e.g. dark scary tone in his voice then a bit of rocky finish towards the end. The sweet Dreams linked in well with our thriller title. It had the sweet dreams name in it so that was good =).We thought that it would work well with our thriller as it is to do with a guy called Tony (protagonist) as a series of events go in within the dream then suddenly at the end we see his hand twitch a little bit so Sweet Dreams it interoperates that within the coma it is Sweet Dreams or will he awakening after his sweet dream we all thought it worked well with our thriller.A sound of a drum roll is being when we see him in his dream just bout to wake up we get the sound of like a  drum roll and  we used this as well for the interchange  when Tony returned back home =).


  This is an example of the title sequence with the tools in premier pro . For our actual title sequence - I went onto 101 fonts to find a suitable title sequence for our thriller , I went through a variety of  them as there were all sorts of different font styles to choose from but you get a good choice of  font styles as there is so many on there.  In the right hand corner you get different genre of font styles if I remember correctly I think it was horror, scary I clicked on. Then after you just click on title font then up the top you can enter your choosing word you want so in this case Sweet Dreams to put into the bar then it will search for it will come up with loads of different scary, horror font styles but I can’t remember which one it was now. =/ Then you right click on the font you want and then it will give you some options you click on save as then save it to your folder. I downloaded quite a few to the computer and then when I was away Hannah chosen one of them to use as I didn’t mind because they were all quite good ones to use.

The title comes in after a bit of where we are introduced to our characters with the use of captions which Hannah done that were created in Premier Pro by clicking on the clip where you want to insert your captions, you click onto the tile bar which is on the top of Premier Pro then it will give you different options like default still, roll and crawl titles. The one we used was still title where it just positions itself without any movement. Then you would create a title then you have a box with all different font tools with using the type tool to write a word you can change size the colour style, position of text etc. Hannah just used a white colour to keep it simple and Hannah made the font bigger so it would stand out. Default roll is most common use at the end of a film where it comes up with the producer, director, actors and make up team etc. This roll the title from upwards position as it rolls backs as it goes off screen. Crawl roll back is where it comes across the screen in one direction.  

Audio - Sound Effects!! (Digetic Sound)

- In our thriller we had a few sounds of Diegetic sound so for e.g. at the start of the sequence there is a car accident scene so the Diegetic sound of a Bus crashing , cars crashing squeaking noises, siren noises off an ambulance . This worked well for our accident scene, so where Tony is riding to work then suddenly as he crosses the road this is where you hear these sounds of diegetic sound. We wanted it to make it sound like a dramatic scene is happening with the use of these sounds. The site Hannah got these sounds from washttp://www.1001fonts.com/  where you get the good quality of sound effects to add effects to a scene that is happening so aka the accident scene. Hannah worked on the sound effects while me and Sedtin were away. Within the scene we have non – diegetic sound which we used to create the tension and suspense throughout a few of our scenes.A sound of a drum roll is being when we see him in his dream just bout to wake up we get the  sound of like a drum roll and interchange of from a dream then when we get the digetic sound again (drum roll  when he returns back home =).

The soundtrack at the start where we see Tony (Damian) getting ready for work we have a rocky kind of music at the start so to gives it that effect of what a good day it's going to be with the use of the rock music to get you ready for the day in a good feeling which creates the mood and the atmosphere which Tony seems to be in a good mood that what we wanted to create with this use of soundtrack. The soundtrack starts to fade in as it gets louder then it starts to fade out.

 We also had vengeful suspense music (this is good because you can actually hear the suspense building up and it makes it very dramatic. Hannah thought that be good when we see Damain(Tony) and Hannah ( Evil Margret) when we seem them talking to one another (over shoulder shot). Where like Damain(Tony) is confuse where he is, what he is doing there then you have a shot of Hannah talking “we are nowhere” in her good acting skills and voice. The other sort of music we used was a bit of fantasy music, we used this to create a softer fantasy tone where you see Tony who is in the subway where he sees the old women (Margret) dead on the floor then you see him run off. Then you have the soft low key to give it that slow motion of where he sees her then he runs off.  I thought the dissolve transition worked well as it creates that out of look place , it shows you the intense feel from the protagonist by giving him a wake up call. Also we have the sound of the heart beat monitor noise which is a form of diegetic sound.   

Scenes (cuts, shots that were included editing who did what!!)

 When we see Tony getting ready for work “Go get them tiger”we thought when he that was funny the way he said but gives it that sense of humour. ( The shot below the small image it's kind of a high angle of the stairs when we see him coming down Which I did film . I thought it be a good idea to give a different height look of where we see the protagonist coming down the stairs to go to work . I had to get the camera higher up to get the right position of the middle of the stairs for when we see him in shot . It was a bit hard to get this shot because I was right near the wall , it was hard to move the tripod really but I got there in the end to get the right shot . 

 When Damian was coming out of the door he says "what a beautiful day". When Tony returns back home when he says "whoa where am I that's home" , you get the use of bright light which I did use from the scene of the sun from the creek in Gosport.  I thought that it would be a good idea to cut this bit so I got the time liner bar placed it where I saw the clip then I got the razor tool cut to that bit just before it goes bright and pressed the delete button on the other side of the time liner and I pressed Ctrl C to copy it to the place where he uses his hand in front of his face as he says "whoa where am I that's home"  Ctrl V to insert it in I thought be good to use the sun for this clip because he uses his hand in position so from the sun being light so I thought that be good to do as shown below . We wanted him to be a bit confuse of when he returns home because he obviously can't remember anything due to being in a car accident so we wanted to create that effect . 

With the sound here the sound was pretty loud again due to the wind , so we had to fade in and fade out the sound to get the first bit of the wind out from the audio . Here we had some suspenseful music low in the background to create that feel of the protagonist . We  faded in the sound for it to flow nicely .  

When filming first sort of scene of the car accident scene we were thinking of how we would create an accident scene. We were near the White Heart pub; it was so busy we were like how we going to do this and how will it work. At the start we used a panning shot of Tony (Damain) riding to work we thought that be good shot to film to follow the action. We had a close up of his hands on his bike we thought that be good because it would show the tension in his hands. The bit after that was then the hard bit. So then we saw these bricks that were all falling down on the pavement across the road. We asked for permission from the gardener he said it was fine to use as it was property of someone else’s. Then we were thinking of how we can use that??Then we were position Damian near the bricks that are broken down on the floor ...  We were thinking where it would be good to capture that he is dead???  Before this we had a dip to black transition which I thought be god to use after the accident scene. We had a close up of the wheels spinning round which was my original idea as I thought it would imply questions to the audience which therefore creates theatre of mind is he dead or alive?, What happened to him? This did however create suspense and tension with the dramatic accident scene and to keep the audience hanging on.  

When Tony (Damain) wakes up in his dreams we see the protagonist Tony and the camera tilts when it’s station and rotates in a vertical plane and a horizontal plane as Tony looks confuse the protagonist is looking around to find out where he is. We thought this shot be good because we wanted to create height and depth of him being confused of where he is. 

Here we have got a mid shot , so we just concentrated on his upper half and concentrating more on the emotion he is giving of. He is a bit confuse of where he is . We have an audio of  creepy music film score - this creates the the slowness of the conversation of where we see Margret and Tony having a conversation . 

We have an over shoulder shots are very common when someone is having conversation with another person,  So we get a just of who is talking from one shoulder view as we can see this when you see Damian and Hannah are having conversation of what he is doing here, he wants to know what sort of place he is in. (Margret) where she is fiddling with the cross in her hand as she is a religious women. We also get a close up of her mouth we thought be good to get a extreme close up this is good shot for the face if you just want a shot of her mouth which gives you more focus on her mouth movement without having the background in shot which we did use this camera shot. It was to make her look creepier with her old creepiness laugh. We did use a cutaway shot here as it still involves our shot with her talking but with a use of a cutaway to her mouth. 

Before we have a dip to white when Damian wakes up within the dream. I know these shots are good for when people vanish and when they have a dream. 

When we did film at the sundial scene we were thinking on what shots to use  so me and Sedtin helped Hannah out.  Hannah was trying out a few scenes as she filmed the bit where Tony wakens up in with the dream.  You get a close up of his face as he wakens. So the camera was on the tripod on a low angle but it was a mid shot as he gets up. I edited this part had to get the shot where he moves into shot so I left it a second before you see him in camera shot. So I got the time liner bar and placed it where I was about to cut a second before we see him. I got the razor tool and cut it then got rid of the bit I didn’t need it .It looked good I thought =)   We wanted to create different angle shots of where we see him awaken in his dream . You get a close up as we see him waking up in the dream , so we capture his feel of emotion . 

  When Hannah was taking control of what camera shot to use she wasn’t sure but me and Sedtin were helping her out with this scene soon we sorted that out and we have a side shot so a mid shot of where Andrew (Liam) and Tony (Damain) are having a conversation about the old women. Sedtin filmed this while I was holding the microphone .We had a few scenes of Hannah Dancing where Tony says “What’s with the creepy all ladie?” We had a few shots where she danced and there be someone walking behind her as we did film where there was people walking through the sun dial area but we coped. So we would had to re shoot that and some of the dancing scene would be where Margret (Hannah) is dancing out of shot so we did film that again so she’s in shot. I edited this bit just before she goes off to the right we want her in shot .Then it links into a panning shot with the camera staying stationary with the camera moving from the right to the left with just where they both leave so behind shot.

We went to a different location In Gosport this was a mid shot which I filmed , it concentrates on the upper body so the dialogue that is being used and to concentrate on the action more. This shot is used when Tony (Damian) and Andrew (Liam) are talking   Damian “Didn’t you hear that” Liam “here what?” At this point we have non – diegectic sound of Hannah’s voice over freaking Tony out.  Tony (Damain) “Must got a really bad headache or something" then Andrew (Liam) says "Do you want me to get you a paracentomol?".  You can see in the audio Hannah/Sedtin faded in the sound and out because you can just here that gust of wind so they tried to sort the audio out as well as turning the audio down. Here we have a dip to black as he enters =/ should been a dip to white, Tony has a flashback of where Margret (Hannah) is walking in the alley this was a long shot then the camera slowly moves in Sedtin filmed this bit. Hannah changed the effect of the colour saturation so turning it into a black and white effect like a ghostly effect with the black and white effect giving that old dark look a bit out of place look to make it look scarier. Here the audio was down so we had to turn it up , again due to the wind because we were near the creek we were getting the wind of that but we dealt with the audio and faded the wind out.

Use of a flashback - We also had close up of Hannah's face which is good way to capture emotions that what we wanted to capture. We had a close up of her hand with the blood and the cross we wanted to create affect where she is lying dead with showing that she is religious. She has been attacked you see the blood on her hands. We had long shots of Margret (Hannah) where she is lying dead on the floor then Hannah slowed it down where you see her hand/ body moving slowly in short doses. Then Sedtin filmed the bit where we Tony run off with the good use of the fantasy music and the black and white look effect. We wanted to create that she is slowly dying the last person she saw was the Protagonist.... Theater of the mind “Did he kill her?” “Has he got a guilty conscience?” The effect Hannah used was like a black and white look so  making it look out of place with the ghostly effect can make us the audience think that he looks a bit un easy like he had something to do with the old ladies death. The subway dull bit dark because we did film in a subway so we wanted to create a dark effect and ghostly effect with the use of fantasy music to make it seem dramatic throughout this scene.  Here you can see that some of the audio here is not the same , it's different through different scenes ; You can see that the other audio is a lot louder to others, we did try to sort this out by it sounding normal without that loudness of audio . 

 I worked on some of the transitions you get a transition of dip to black then with the use of my scream classic ha ha. I thought it be good to use as it creates suspense of what has happened.  I wanted to create that unknown person that has  saw this old lady get mugged then you just have the scream in the background which Sedtin worked on as it was so loud ha ha she fade  it out then in a bit then it fades in. She tuned this audio level down on my scream. The shot that I thought worked well was when Sedtin did a panning shot of the blood trail which leads up to Hannah I used an additive dissolve through this shot to give it that ghostly effect look then the camera moves up towards Hannah face which I did then goes into a close up when the camera zooms in so you get the effect of Hannah that she is dead. You get the shot where Hannah fastened it up a bit of her hand moving as she is slowly dying in short doses.

We did have a scene where you don't see the person but you get shot of someone stabbing her in the neck ... We did use it at first but in the end we didn't  it so we took it out. Then we thought it be better to keep the audience guessing of who mugged her? (Who did this sort of thing as it implies theater of the mind. This shot starts with a long shot which Sedtin filmed where the camera slowly moves in closer so the camera right behind Margret (Hannah). We were deciding on what shots to use we didn't want to keep using the same shots. We didn't use an over shoulder shot as we already use quite a few of these already.” 

Here in the small edit you can see the panning shot , we have Hannah's voice over at the bottom . Hannah thought it be good to do a shot of doing a panning shot so this was of Gosport Creek so the river  the camera tries to find Tony of his movements of finding where the voice is coming from then you have Hannah's voice over  which Hannah thought was a good idea to do This voice over will be formed  of non – diegetic sound as it is a voice over that is being taken place . We thought this  voice over be good because it will give the protagonist that un easy feel , as the camera is searching for Margret so the audience are listing to (Hannah’s) Margret’s voice over it's a bit of an enigma (bit of a mystery shot) which was filmed by Hannah.  You can see we have a shot of the sun which I filmed I was pretty pleased with the sun it was so bright it was hard to see if I had the sun in shot but we did so it was good =).  

In this shot you can see in the edits we had  a long shots that were used so where Hannah is in the trees - 2 green edits at the top , so you can concentrate on the detail in the background with full depth into the location  so you can see a wider look of the scene in more detail.Sedtin filmed this  it was her idea which we thought was good. The effect we wanted to create was a scary, freaky look of Hannah in the trees from different perspective so Sedtin edited these in a quick shot way where Tony(Damain) is a bit on edge after he left her to die now she haunts him ha ha  . 

 (Damain)  Tony and (Liam) Antagonist -Andrew fighting which Sedtin and myself filmed together scene we had quite a few shots of these ones were girly fights ha ha so we went through which one looked real sort of thing but none of them did really no offence. We wanted to make it look realistic so I watched a few of those clips then I decided to get rid of bits and cut bits that we didn’t need where it went on for a bit and where people weren’t in shot yet. We had a scene where Margret and Tony are having an argument which each other and him trying to apologise. This is long shot where Margret (Hannah) is fuming angry that he left her to die. Long shots are good so you get the full detail in the background of the location. 

 There were also few scenes of Andrew (Liam) where he’s saying “Not until I kill him first"! there were over shoulder views quite a few it wasn’t given much emotions out though when he first said it , so Sedtin and me filmed this scene together a few times to get him in anger rage and we did get that shot. It did take a few out takes to get  the shot we wanted because it was getting the camera in the right position. At one point we had it as a low angle but that didn't look right at , So then we trying out different shots so over shoulder shot is most common when we see people talking so we know who is talking from each part. So I found a shot in the bins that I created into a folder where Liam is from an upright shot where we see his angry emotions. He didn’t start for a few seconds so I got the razor tool and cut the bit where he is about to rage and I deleted the other bit on the left hand side of the time liner bar. I thought that scene I used looked a lot better compared to the others as it had more anger rage init where you could see he is angry emotion side more you also get a different side to him so I put that scene in and cutted it . We wanted him to rage because there was an argument with Marget about the protagonist leaving her to die . You get the antagonist here , he is jealous of Tony's job and so we thought be good for him to be part of the argument with showing this upright shot showing his emotion . 

We had low angle shot this concentrates on giving height to the object and it can also can have a sense of inspire fear and insecurity for the viewer of the action of a scene and giving it that lack of detail adding disorientation for the viewer. Hannah filmed where you have (Liam) Andrew antagonist is stabbing Damian because he doesn't like him at all he plays him (Andrew). This low angle shot was cut into 2 seconds cut where it quite choppy so it's cut into three parts. We wanted to create an affect of like a real stabbing is taken place so like he’s actually being killed so you get the perspective from this angle and the quick stabbing sound which is diegetic sound is being used.

Here in this mid shot you see Tony (Damain)  where he has returned home. He is outside of his home and he sees Evil Margret (Hannah) you get the quick shots of Hannah as she is freaking him out which I filmed it as  a mid shot at this point I thought it be good to see his reaction and to concentrate on more on his upper body of where we see his reaction where he suddenly jumps out of his skin as he sees evil Margret in  the different points. With this shot we had to fade in the sound due to the wind being strong in the background . 

 I thought be good to use a mid shot to see his reaction of when he does finally meet the old women where he left her to die, so she comes back to haunt him again. You can see in the screen grab you can see in the shots it has been edited with the quick shots of Damian of his reaction and then with different points where we see Margret in different parts of the shot so for e.g we would see her in the left hand side which then links back to Damian where he jumps out of his skin and then it would link back to Margret in the right hand side. We decided on this because we thought it be quite good to have her in different shots to make the audience be freaked out by this as it feels like she is getting closer to the character and to the audience. Damian is confused in where she is as he is looking around to see where she went so it creates an enigma of where she is and also to the character and  to the audience .I thought Sedtin did a good job here with filming the shots of Hannah I really liked how she filmed it and edited it. 

In this screen shot you have Evil Margret where she is so annoyed as she confronts him how she really feels, I thought this was good. In this video we see see Margret where she starts of slowly in confronting to him and then she rages right into the camera which you can see in this shot . The shot here you can say it's a close up these are good for capturing the emotions of a character which we can see in Hannah's facial expression here. We wanted her to build a slow pace at first , and then show her real colours in how she is actually feeling . We get the raging part we thought  it was good to show the audience in how she feels of the situation to give them intense feel. Me and Sedtin did this shot we did have a few problems with the camera of getting this shot becuse the camera wouldn't be in the right postion or the camera would jerk a bit as we had to move back at this stage. It did take a few time to get this right , we zoomed in to Hannah when we get to the raging bit , so we thought to be different have a mid shot , then turn it into a close up of her emotions on how she feels. 

I used Dips to White where we see our Protagonist Tony (Damain in a coma with the use of Evil Margret haunting him then you get the sound of diegetic sound of the heart monitor pumping up, then suddenly it stops. We wanted to make it look realistic that he was in actual hospital.I thought the ending was going to be effective which it was really good . It creates a real feel of the hospital scene in this screen shot you can see that dull white colour that looks like a hospital it creates that feel to it . Here you can see the protagonist in a coma , you have the quick flashes of Margret appearing , I thought that worked really well . Hannah thought it be a good to add these flashes in of her, so we wanted to make the audience feel a bit eerie by this where she keeps vanishing , it keeps the audience in suspense in what is going to happen next;this what we wanted to keep them guessing on what her next move is Here you get a long shot this is good because you can see the type of location of what it is , that is what we were trying to create a hospital feel.  The audience sees more than what the character does , so this is called dramatic irony because we see more then what the character.  Here the music with the heartbeat sound effect that makes it dramatic for the scene that what we wanted to create to our audience and to make them feel like that as well . 

 Some of the audio level was so loud well too loud; some was quiet so me and Sedtin had to turn them up so it was at a reasonable audio level.  Hannah did sound effects, we all edited the clips trimming them with the razor tool. We all used the razor tool that was in the right hand side to cut the clips that were on the timeline we put the razor tool next to the clip where we wanted to cut on the timeline line.  So we would cut it close to the timeline and get rid of the bit we don't need. If we wanted to add a transition we would go to the left hand side where it says transitions then just type it into the search bar so dip to black, dip to white, addictive dissolve then we would drag it into the clip where we want it to dissolve or to dip to black/white.

Hannah did this!! -Then for fading in the sound we would Left click on the button and lock the clips so it doesn’t interrupt the footage. You click on left hand side on the clip then click the circle button and place it onto the file so the audio file you can lift it up by fading it in then you can click on the circle again and you can fade it out by moving the button around where you want the sound to fade in or out. Then we put it onto the end of the audio clip to fade it out. To change the audio level you can just get hold of the yellow line. You be able to see the arrow when you do this. You just click on that to raise the audio so by raising the audio levels higher or lower. On the right hand side you have the audio level bar some of our sound was just over the yellow strip which was on the right hand side so me and Sedtin had to lower it down because it was so loud. We’d be like needs turning up or its bit quiet so we both helped each other out with that.

Green Screen!!

We didn't hear back from the lady we sent an email too so we used the studio to use the green screen. While we were away Hannah worked on the green screen how to monotone it into after effects. It's created white grey look we wanted to create that hospital kind of look. We have scene of Margret (Hannah) where she is straggling the protagonist Tony (Damain) ha ha then she appears then disappears that looked good as it creates tension with the audience and suspense making the audience think what is going to happen next sort of thing. Theatres of the mind one minute she there and the next minute she’s nowhere to be seen?? What she going to do to him, is she going to kill him?? What is her motive next going to be?? It looks great how she did it I like it. =)

 In this shot  at the start where you have the bike wheel spinning that was a dip to black making the audience think, it uses theater of mind of what's happening implies is he dead or alive? . I came up with this idea I thought be good to show the wheels spinning around where it uses theater of the mind for the audience asking questions on the accident.  We found it hard how we were going to position the bike , so in the end we used the wall to position it on ,with having the wheel spinning round =) 

This shot shows Tony is lying dead (accident scene on the floor that was a dip to black as the camera panning down slowly . Also when Tony and Andrew are having conversation just before that was dip to black as we were in a new location thought be good to use .  

Here in this shot it becomes a blackout so a dip to black so for the accident scene in the subways so where it black outs for a second of the scream. Black is used to create an enigma , and to give it that dark feel of the setting because that's what we trying to create for the audience to be kept in the dark a bit of what is going to happen next . It uses theater of the mind where it will imply questions to the audience of what's happened to Margret . It gives the feel for the protagonist so when he comes in to the subway he can see what has happened to her as he didn't help her at all, so it will make him realize that he should of helped her . We will see his emotion that he is shocked as he runs out the subway by him seeing her dead on the floor. Dips to black are very common in thriller films as is state of blackouts , makes you wonder what going on , what’s happening so tension and suspense of it make the audience feel a bit un easy scared , frightened of what going to happen ?? Makes it more of a thriller with the use of blackouts, Addictive dissolves used  , out of place ghostly look effect makes it look out of place where it looks ghostly effect in the subway of Hannah dead on the floor that worked really well I thought. 

Did it go to plan!!

I think it went well when we were filming as we each did take turns in filming so we all had a go. Basically when we got the assignment we just wanted to crack on with pre production, and then soon as that was done we went straight on to shooting our thriller. We did have Sedtin who was the one who was in charge to take control of what needs to be done as she more suitable for that part. It was good that we had someone take charge it helps. =) We did have problems in the end with our actors at the last minute as they let us down , but then we thought we’d ask Liam and Damian if they didn’t mind helping us out with starring in our thriller they said they didn’t mind so that was all good . When we filmed our subway shoot as were in a busy part with the public walking in and out that became a bit of a problem but we dealt with in nice manner, just waited till they went by.

 I don’t know if you noticed the weather change in our thriller at the start it was a nice day when we filmed on one of the other days when we went to a different location it was very cloudy and dull. We thought that would be a big problem as you could notice the change in the weather we was a bit worried about that as it might not look right. But hey you never know what the weather is going to be like. We did have a problem with when we was filming outside of Hannah’s house as there were builders there you could hear them banging so every time we started filming you just get a bang in the background it was funny but we just waited till they stopped then pressed the record button quickly before it started again. This is the scene where Tony goes back home and he notices his house. We did have cars going by so we just had to wait till they went but it was okeay.

I liked the music we had to it the suspense of music worked really well , the use of transitions of dips to black, dips to white I Thought worked well. The accident scene with the sound effects (Diegetic sound I thought that was good as it made it sound like a dramatic scene taking place with the use of all the sound effects I thought that worked effectively. The Soundtrack music use of the fantasy music in the subway that soft music added that feel. The use of the rock music at the start I liked that it worked well With Damain character at the start. Suspenseful music worked well as well I thought to add suspense and tension with these character Tony and Margret. Sedtin filmed this I thought she did a good job of this shot worked nicely where Tony the Protagonist is at the death of Margret where he ran away with the good use of the colour saturation of black and white that ghostly effect I liked what Hannah had done it works really well. It gives that dim light dull feel to the mood. It created the use of theatre of the mind “Why did he leave her to die, “Why didn’t he save her, “is he the murder who committed this crime” so it all implies these sorts of questions when watching this.

 It does have twist / turns so for e.g. where we have Hannah as Tony’s assistant, then she turns evil as he left her to die. I don’t think the audience would be expecting that.....  I don’t think they would expect that also the coma scene within a dream where he changes things as he has the chance too. Also the end scene where he is the hospital, you have (Hannah) Evil Margret there like she trying to straggling him I think this has a use of dramatic irony as the viewer watching this knows more than the protagonist as he is in a coma so the viewer sees Margret there. The use of the quick flashes I thought that was really good what Hannah done =)..... Then the blood dripping down from his arm I thought that worked really well as it was black and white then turned to colour with the red blood pouring down his arm. I thought that was done really well looked good. The heart beat boom boom then it stopped that worked so well with that scene.....  Theatre of the mind Is he dead or alive??  I liked what Hannah done with changing the saturation by a black and white effect thought that looked good ghostly effect out of place look I liked that. Overall we worked really hard on this and we all helped each other out we put alot of input into this getting it right on how we wanted it to look. I’m pleased with it I really like it Hannah was brilliant as her role as Margret =) she looked good as well with the make up the outfit all worked well with her part.

 I really liked it we worked well together on it. I think our thriller did meet the expectations of what a thriller is Hannah acting was brilliant but she always puts on a good show she was very scary at times but that was the whole point of a thriller to make the audience feel a bit spooked out the use of theatre of the mind “ who is this lady “ “what is she doing there” and to keep the audience guessing of what’s going on ,what’s going to  happen next, it does have sense of mystery of the assistant Margret as she’s is Tony’s  helper but she links to his the past which the audience won’t find out till later on in the story so that is a bit of a twist for the audience. If I had to relate our thriller to a sub genre it would be a Conspiracy Thriller – As we have our protagonist Tony who he then finds himself in a dream and he has entered into a deep situation resolving the old women’s past as he starts to remember who that old lady was and what we he didn’t do... he has to confront his enemy which he does which doesn’t end to well but what does he suspect he left her to die he could of help but he just ran off

 Skills I have learnt!!

 The skills I have learnt are: How to use the right effective transitions for a thriller of what effects worked and not. To change the colour of the image so the saturation of turning it into black / white to give it that look of creepiness, to make it for a thriller which it does. Using the right suspense music for a thriller because we want it to link in well to our story line .The skills cutting/editing were basically already learnt from last year with the use of using Premiere Pro.so I’m quite familiar with the tools and how to edit and cut. With our thriller project were basically just got on with it so were head of the game really. We were organised with our clips putting them in bins so that help us more effectively when finding a clip. With our thriller we had like captions so later on so for e.g. meanwhile in the real world, but we were told that we didn't need it as the story was pretty clear. We only put them in as people didn't really understand what was going on when they first watched it. But we have successfully got people to understand the story aha =) thank god. When we first finished the rough cut we put captions on so a bit of background of the characters but we were told we didn't need them which is fair enough....but people get it that what we were trying to achieve ...... =)


When our thriller got showed we had feedback from our lectures here what they said:
Hannah acting was good =) ....Well she was good she looked good as well in our thriller

Good use of the green screen – Which looked good What Hannah had done we couldn’t use the hospital so this was our alternative it worked well I thought

Good variety of shots, that what we wanted to create get different shots to make more interesting with the use of cutaways.

Sound effects good so the use of the ambulance was good

Things to change!!

Fade in the sound at the end as when we heard it on the screen it was still loud =/ so that can easily be done.

Audio Levels  - Tweet 

Camera was a bit shaky at times – use of the subway scene

Acting where Damian and Liam sat down talking it was no motion it was just simple acting – mid shot which I did zoom in =/ arrgh.... 

Changes made Friday 21/4/2011=)

- Audio Levels

- Fading down the sound at the end where it was too loud

- In one of the clips you could hear the wind so we changed the audio by fading out then in , but you could hear it slightly.

- A part of the sound audio we had a sound effect (digectic sound) of  just before  Tony(Damain) is waking up the sound was like  like a drum roll like he about to wake up and we used this again just before he goes back to his house so you can see the interchange of time before and after which looked good .  

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