25 April 2012

Desconstructing Thriller Poster !!

 Shutter Island !! - The font here is red it stands out really well =) . The colour works well as it a bright red so it be sign of blood danger. The image in the background of the island in the background  looks good with the storm of the heavy rain which you can see the rain rushing down on the poster which makes it look dramatic . It shows that it's not as what it seems , it's very dark , spooky , with the heaviness of the water rushing by like there is no escape from this island. The image in the background is good as you see Ledanodo Di Capero of close up of his face where it's all darkend out as he tries to find the women who went missing. His face looks a bit confuse , bit shocked of what he is seeing as the light doesnt last for long.(in the film) He sees his wife .You get the use of the light from the flame that is is very dim creates a bit of engima with the use of blackouts down under bit of a enigma when we see the man in the cell with quick blackouts the rain against the window (in the film). You get the use of the shadows of something is hiding away on Shutter Island by looking at the poster. The small word at the top is a bit pointless as it doesn't look right and it is very small . It should be positoned a bit further down with a bit more words added to it to make the font stand out a bit more as I don't think people would really notice this compared to the actual title that is right in the middle. So the title is  like right in our face your eyes would look straight at it then your eyes would go the image in the background then further around. The positioned of the image is right in the middle so it draws you in as it doesn't seem a nice place at all very dark, gloomy . The genre for this would be conspiracey as Leodarno Di Capero is on a mission to find this women who left the mental home but it's actually him who is is this home he confused , as he is  lost his wife he still believes that his wife is alive. Then he's got to face this path on a mission to find this women alone. He finds himself in a difficult situation  he starts to believe he has a partner with him but he doesn't it just him forgetting things so a bit of physlogical  genre here showing is emotions and how stress he is as well as the protagonist is confused Terry in this dream fighting for his life and thinking and beleieving that other people need saving too but Teddy starts to think that he was he brought there for a reason he soon begins to doubt everything of what he thinks happened as the hurricane shakes away the place losing his sananity and even his mind of what is actually real.

In my thriller poster !!
I like the poster as it is really dark , with the use of the colours. The font is bold so red which communicates thriller so blood meaning danger. The font is good how it's bold so the audience will look at it will notice it more.I like the use of the dark colours , it creates enigma of the whole image, you want that when an audience is looking at that poster. You want the poster to keep the audience hanging on when looking at a poster to keep the audience guessing . Having the image in the middle centred draws the audience in what the poster is illustration which doesn't give to much away when you look at this poster .I think the audience  you would want to know more by looking at this poster , as it conveys enigma of this place it looks so dark , remains out of nowhere someone where dark in the high seas of this mental institution home .With the use of the image(close up) at the top with the dim light, it makes you want to know what he is looking at , who is he looking for, - theatre of the mind used, what is this place all about is any of this real sort of thing so implies more questions that what you want your poster to do to  make it more interesting .  I will take this into consideration on when creating , designing my poster to a thriller so  I will take these all account of what will make the audience notice our thriller poster.  

In my thriller project !!

- Here again the use of the dark colours , reaming an enigma of this person . This keeps the audience guessing implying questions to our audience .The colour codes stick to three/four colours instead of overlapping it which would be to much . The font here has kept in simple but with the text positioned to the left. It's not bold but I still think it works relating to the three colours of this .The image is right in centre being the audience main attraction to look at as it draws you as you can't see this persons face. She remains an enigma,  implying questions , who is this person , why she spying on her next door neighbour et c.  You have the use of the shadows that makes it enigma of something hiding away so who this person actually is .You want it to be bold , big , stand out , different , thriller type and et c .  In the binoculars the use of orange,red colour so something going to happen danger and that it's going to end badly . So I will take these into consideration when creating my poster to make it a thriller which will help with conveying a thriller poster, to make the audience attract themselves to a poster so with the codes and conventions of poster .

Disturbia !! - The font here is kept it simple as it is postioned in the left hand side and the other text is postioned at the top which I think it would of been better if they make it stand out more.The top sentence at the top makes you want to read it to draw the audience in.  The tile could of been standed out more to draw you in but the image does that too you anyway. I like the image that is being used here where it's black and white of the person I think they done this to cretae an engima to keep this killer a mystery of who she/he actually is and why is she/he killing these people.I think the colours work very well , as they create dark feel when you look at .The use of the binocaulars I think looks good where this mystery person is watching these people's evey move and the use of the orange colour / red colour creates like there going to be killed with the use of these colours . You get the use of shadows from her hands creates engima of who she / he is .  Then you have like this other person there in the binocalurs which you can't really see who he/she is creating another engima . It looks like this person has a knife in there hand but im not quite sure there maybe another killer on loose maybe one of the killers assistant not quite sure though there about to kill this girl. The girl you can actually see she looks terrified , it like she knows the killer is watching her as she is looking right at the killer like she doesn't know what to do. It looks like this is going to end badly especially with the killer watching them as we speak arrgh !! I would be scared arrgh !! It does create thearte of the mind  so it implies questions why is she watching these people ?? Why would she want to kill her next door neigbour?? who is this person ??... Why is she spying on  this girl?? When you look at this image you see one side of her face covering up like it's in the shadows so maybe she has no other face that side ha ha and plus it hides this person identity !! By not reavelaing to much reaming as a big engima which is good without giving to much information away. I think this could be a crime genre thriller as I think that there is a serial killler next door who is going to murder this young girl but it's going to be more concentrated on the killer not nesscarily having the police involve well not big snap its of them anyways so it be more on the killer of what there game plan is and seeing more of the young girl . With showing emotions of the young girl, I think were going to see the girl  trying to find away of escaping the house as the girl is in serious danger but I have a feeling she won't have much luck as the kiler going to be there everywhere she turns ...  I think it will show more of the action from the serial killer of stabbing  the young girl and attacking , being violent towards her I think .I haven't seen the movie  but it's just what I think what I think could happen.

In my thriller poster!!
Again the use of the red bold writing that what the audience will look at first , it draws you in straight away . It is positioned in the middle centre so it draws you in straight away . The use of the fonts so the inter titles in white is very small but it doesn't really matter it just inter titles really that is a story heading in a form of way without revealing to much of the poster away . The poster again has kept the colour of blue/ dark,with it's colours it's keeping it dim, dark of keeping the audience hanging on so what's going to happen . The image is very small at the bottom but then it expands over to this whole forest with it being in such a enclosed space . When it reaches to the top it starts to get lighter showing the day from an early start where it's calm maybe just what i'm thinking then it gets darker to where there is danger later on with the crazy women who we believe is nice at the start then she turns evil later on during the video . You have the red font colour at the top as well with keeping to the colour scheme , it relates a lot to thriller- blood , danger, dark colour can relate to violence as well which is showed with these colours.These colours , font , text positioning will help when I come to design my poster for our thriller . 

Misery !! The font's title draws me in straight away as it's very big as it's in capitals and stand out more wit h the use of the red font could makes me think of dealth that something bad going to happen. The text is positoned well straight in the middle that what the audience would look at first with there eyes .... The image in the background looks good very dark with the use of the blue dim light look good making it dark , creepy if you went there . This be the  place where the guy living it seems such a small place there enclosed in by the use of the forest as the women doesn't want anyone to find what she really up to so know one will know the truth of what /who she actually is. The use of the small text is very small it's good what it say's it draws you in and you want to find out more of what the story is . But the lack of it is the font is tiny it should be a little bit bigger so the audience who reads this can actually read what it says . The forest is soo dark with the use of blue tones as it's makes you feel it's a very dark , dull, place to live out of nowhere . It doesn't look safe at all I wouln't go there you never know what's going to happen or who going to be waiting there near the door .... Arrgh !!!! The title of the director and screen play are good in the colour red and it stands out alot more than the writing in white ha ha . The colour scheme here has kept it simple with the result of three colours red , blue , white ...Which looks good. The image it looks quiet well a bit too quiet , dark , scary a bit , lonely as there's nonone around except from your killer. You have the use of the actor /actress just above the title which looks good but as the background blue /black it kind of sucks the font it as it not as clear as the fonts in red so maybe would of been good if it was in a bit darker shade of blue or white . You don't want the poster to be complicated with so many colours because it be a bit too much but keeping it too three simple colours is good as it's not overdoing it =) . The use of the mountains look good at the top of the poster as it shows there out of the middle of nowhere the blue shade is good with the use of white creates the atmoshephere is calm then as you move further down it's deserted as there's no one around as there right out of town .The light here is very bright then it moves down to dark with a little dim light from a candle which looks like it's shining near the door the rest of the house is blackout So it uses the theartre of the mind I think where it implies theartre of the mind why is the rest of the house black out ??, what's with the use of the dim light has she killed him??. Why is is soo quiet ?? This is a genre of  Phsylogical as we have the women Annie a crazy women as the antagonist , then we have have our handi capp protagonist the guy in the wheel chair ... The women seems nice but then we see her true colours coming through=/ She is a violent women trying to kill the protagonist... You can see he is not happy he just wants to get out of her house !! At first we don't see that Annie is a harmful women but we start to believe that she is a nice person but with having false hope she cuts off the protagonist legs what a violent women !! arrgh !! (In the film.)

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