24 April 2012

Bath Salts - Advertisement !!

- USP- Unique Selling Point - Different to Bath salts - ours will change colour to purple!! Ours will give out a fragrance of perfume - flowery smell for women -Daisy perfume we will use for the bath salts!! Then you will have one for men a musky Jovan fragrance !!

They both will be sold separately so pot for women and pot for men in a big pot so you can use it all the time after working out from the gym or a long day at work.

Positives!! - Make you feel so much better about yourself

- Give's you that sparkling glow

- Makes your skin feel soft

- It will work straight away

- It will give out a fragrance of a musky smell for men

- Another separate bottle for Women giving out flowery smell

- Change colour – purple

- Target Audience - Women and Men

- Rival companies - Body Shop here they get there bath salts from Japan which is quite popular when you want to use something that has spa feel to it with green tea in it .

- Special offers - Buy 1 get second one free and the third one 50% cheaper

 TV and print advert!!
We found an advert on YouTube of a Water salt that is being advertised in 1985 - with the product radox

There slogan is basically saying after a busy day whether it's shopping or pulled a muscle from doing something , it's time to relax - Secret of Relaxation !!

- here the link for the video!! It’s really simple and quick …..

Print based - After a long, hard day, relax in a hot Radox Herbal Bath with its secret blend of herbs and minerals and let it melt away your aches and pains. A Radox Vapour Therapy bath naturally helps to relieve aching muscles, warm shivery bodies, and contains eucalyptus which acts as a decongestant to help clear your head.

Slogan - Hannah's idea!!- Take a bath, relax, let your muscles unwinded .
- Have a soundtrack of Hannah - voice over singing about bath salts - voice over!!...


Guy at the gym working it out and then he pulls a muscle then you have intercut with a women working at the office then we switch between the two people in their daily life ... Then intercuts again when they come home from working by putting in the bath salts this can be close up and also of them turning on the bath in the next shot you see them get in the bath relaxing taking in the smell of the fragrance.... Long shot used !! Then you have the product in the right hand corner and the slogan underneath it bold letters so it captures the audience’s attention!!


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