22 April 2012

walking dead notes !!

Walking Dead!!

Walking dead viewing figure in April 2011- 1.60 million views then in May it went down so to 1.47 in May which isn’t that bad but it decreased down slighlety - 13

Characters!! – Protagonist!!Rick Grimes who plays the sheriff Nick who is shot and then suddenly he is in a coma which he trying to save his life and his family’s before the zombies get them all. We are associated with him at the start. He is a smart guy, who looks after his family he is a good father to his son.

Antagonist = zombies who are a dangerous source are out to kill him and his family so theres an army of them which looks like they came together to kill which he tries to fight them and to save his family’s life.

Lori – is married to Nick she is very compassionate women she will do whatever it takes to protect her family. She has an affair with Shane Nick best mate but Shane tells her that he is dead but when she finds out the truth want to kill him after lying to her .

Carl – son to Rick he worships his farther he’s a kind boy quiet but he gets on with his dads mate Shane. He a very intelligent boy, Shane teaches Carl has to survive out in the wild. He is suffering loss from his father which his family think is dead. But soon his father comes back and happiness full fills him again.

Shane – Is Rick’s best friend they known each other from school and they work as partners with each other on the same job. Shane a good friend also to his son Carl. He takes Ricks family to Atlanta to keep them safe from the zombie’s alcolypse that is being taking place before their eyes.

Narrative !!

- Actor Nick Grimes is a police officer who gets shot by this guy he is bleeding to death then we see him in a coma struggling confuse of where he is …We see him waking up in a hospital he soon realizes that he is dead and that he is with the dead people so there zombies everywhere he turns. He is the only guy that has who has survived, he soon realizes that his family are gone and he’s on a mission is to search for them before it’s too late. Soon the zombies are everywhere in Atlanta he soon finds his wife Lona and his son. Rick does whatever he can to survive with fighting fears throughout the episode to help save his family before it’s too late.

Reviews of season 1

Wow, this series has blown my mind, great characters, great story and amazingly awesome zombies, very believable, acting is great. 5 star

At last a great tv show new no re runs. dont know how anyone can moan. bring on lots more seasons plzzz. great story line luv it – five star

the story builds up nicely and has left me wanting more . Second favourite TV series . Four star

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