14 October 2012

Multi-camera of different shows who uses it

Jeremy Kyle : 

How I think it's filmed:

 You have the camera operators at each side of the corners of the set.  You have a shot of different people's reaction from the two angles I think. The shots used are mid shots they focus on their full image of their reaction; whether it's through body movement, hand movement and facial expressions. You have close ups of their facial expressions, this gives us a real feel on what they are feeling. It shows a lot on how they feel and their reaction on the subject. You have long shots of the audience as well on their reaction; to capture everyone's reaction really. Sometimes there may be a family member in the audience; Jeremy will walk over to them and ask them what they think of the matter . They give their opinion on the subject. 

The sets you get is the main stage of where the seats are.  Behind the sofas you have the screen behind them as well to give you a preview of the guests waiting to come on the show. You have shots where Jeremy is on the steps sometimes asking the questions to them. I think there is a camera in the room where there sat on the sofas (back room) which Jeremy goes to find out there reaction as well. Sometimes you have the gusts walking off stage and the camera follows them to get their reaction.You have a lot of over shoulder shots, so this focuses on who is talking at which point. You have the backstage of the walls where we sometimes see them walk off where there annoyed, they just storm out.  You always get shots of mid shots of Jeremy’s reaction as well. Once he has asked the question there are inter-cuts of who is talking so it changes from Jeremy to the guests. I would say they use a crane shot for the more high angles and it gives us more focuses on the depth of the scene.  



At Wimbledon you have the big tennis court. I would say there are cameras either side of each court; so they capture the best part of the action from the two different people. This is so they can get there reaction of when there about to hit the tennis ball over the net. Plus we get this so we don’t miss anything during the game. We have long shots to capture the environment and to get the feel of the atmosphere there.

 We have mid shots of the audience there as well of capturing their reaction too. We get long shots / mid shots of their family in the box of  
getting their reaction too. This can be when they score or if they have missed a shot. We get mid shots of them when they’re about to take a break and as well they’re out of breath. You can get a high angle of the court as well to get a different perspective to create depth in the field. You can get panning shots at the end of when there signing auto graphs for the kids and when they have finished their game which then leads to them having their pictures taking .

Coronnation Street:

You have the sets of the houses; you have the corner shops, garage, the car lot and the pub. All the houses were constructed to make it look like an interior of house, but actually it's a set of studios in the inside. They make it look so real by adding the furniture, creating the lighting, adding touches of the characters home in a style they live in. The shots are filmed buy having the cameras on the street in front of the actors/actresses, or on a side to capture the different viewpoints of the shot. You get all the different mid shots on focusing on the upper body for the best part of a reaction and facial expression.

You get long shots of the surroundings of the area to get the just of the atmosphere; you get over shoulder shots so we know who is having the conversation. Multi- camera used to get their different reactions as well as who is talking. The cameras in the pub are probably in front of them with them hand holding the camera with them zooming in to the shot.  We may have shot from the people at the table having a conversation; so we focus on the different angle shots here of using Multi-Camera. This be to get a different variety of shots the scene. It makes it more interesting to watch. Then we go to another scene in the corner shop or at the car lot, there are all different ranges of multi camera used; so you get the flow of the shot.

Weakest Link: 

 You can get different angles of shot that are produced quickly. You can get more than one shots; you can edit them together to find out which ones to use. Multi-camera is good when you want to get the audiences reaction as well. You would have the camera on Ann which must be in front of her to capture her as the main focus of the show. You have panning shots when we are introduced by the contestants. You get mid shots of the celebrities of telling us who they are and the camera will be panning over to the next contestant. I have a feeling there is a 
High camera as well because you get the fast spin over to the centre of the set. I would say they use a crane shot to all the high angle vies points.

You always get the shots back to Ann (presenter) and inter cuts of the celebrities of feeling the intense moment of the game where they’re waiting for their fate. You can get different angles of long shots of the game itself. The camera spins round to the right and then goes to spin back to the left of Ann asking the questions. You get mid shots of Ann with her weird sense of humour towards the celebrities. They must capture single shots as well to capture Ann in front of the panel of celebrities and as well as the celebrities too. 

In With the Flynn's

This is filmed in a studio set. They have the living room, the kitchen, the doorway and the garden all in different rooms. Some shots are filmed outside on location previous which is then edited and put into the TV program. They do play around with the shots; so they can get different camera shots which are shown here with the two cameras.  You get the funny side of it which it is funny in the way they act and how they  say stuff. You get the audiences laughter as well as there in the audience. The audience help so much with a comedy show of them laughing as well. 

Here in this shot is the kitchen, it looks really cramped. When you watch it looks big the kitchen. I can imagine it probably is hard to get the right shots they need. In the corner you have a man with a camera capturing  Warren Clarke (Jim /granddad) and then you have the other camera getting both of their reactions when they are talking to each other. Multi-camera is a lot better when using more than one camera because you can get a different shots without stopping and starting.

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