14 October 2012

Taylor Swift - Last Kiss


The artist I have looked at is Taylor Swift. The reason I have chosen this video is because it reminds me of the times when I was with someone.It brings back those memories of how I felt about him when we were together.I remember when we broke up I couldn't stop listening to this song. The song tells the true story of how Taylor Swift felt at one point. Her relationship was with one of the Jonas Brothers. Taylor Swift wrote this song on how she felt when they split up. She writes the most beautiful emotional songs about her life. She reflects it on the good times and the bad times. I think it's great how she can write songs on her own experience of her life.  She enlightens us ,with her telling  her own  story. The song I think can relate to young people who have been in a similar situation to her. The song is about the grief and the pain in her life I like this song it's really good song, she has incredible voice and she is a good song writer too . 

The song Last Kiss is sort of like a letter to somebody. You say all of these feelings that you have after a breakup. When you break up with someone, you feel all of these different emotions so for e.g heart broken, messed up, confused, sad and anger.The song can bring sadness of losing the person you loved.It can also make us think of the plans we had for the future with them. There are times when you have this moment of truth;where you just admit it to yourself that, you miss all these things when you were with that guy.  Taylor Swift said "When I was in one of those moments I wrote this song.”


Is very emotional , sad,hurt and painful as she tells her story about her relationships with guys . It shows us how she feels in the music video, it makes us feel the lyrics when she sings . The main theme s she is at at a live concert, she has used her other videos to link into the words of the song . We have the black and whites tones of the image which really sets the mood of how she is feeling. We have the bright colours of where we see her with these different guys; it shows the happy moments she had with them . She engages us in , it makes us what to know how she felt at this difficult time. I like how she is so brave to tell her own experience of pain and heartbreak . The story s about one of the Jonas brothers which he dumped her over a phone call. She was inspired by writing her own songs on how she felt about the Jonas guy and what went wrong with them too. 

The Music Video

We have the use of cutaways with the tension in her lips , her face and  in her hair.  Taylor Swift has her  hair over her face ;like she doesn't want anyone to see her as she in so much pain. We have a side POV shot ; this is where we see her really close to the camera. It looks like she is lost in her own thoughts. We have a close up of Taylor Swift singing . Close up are used when we want to capture some ones emotion. We have snippets of her other video Love Story . when she sings ."I still remember the look on your face".

 Next we have another shot of where she is arguing with a guy with the words. " I don't how to be something you miss I never thought we had a last kiss ,never imagined we'd be like this". Here the colour has changed to sepia tone of orange colour ;it gives that enhance feel of the colour of the scene .The colour brings out the sepia tone into a mid shot of there actions and focusing on the elements of the argument. You can see how angry she looks and how heart breaking she is feeling at this point. The colours work well to create the mood of the scene . You have the scenes of  from love story and belong with me. When Taylor sings "I do remember the swing of your step".I like how they use all the flash backs of the good times they had together.  It shows the different relationships of guys ; so I would say it does link in today with people being in a similar relationship. Everyone has been through these emotions of splitting up with someone. The song can relate to many people who have been in a similar situation like Taylor Swift. The shots all reflect on her experience of her telling a real story of her life, she tells it well . 

The shot goes back to where she is playing her guitar. The spotlight is on her indulging into the song .Her soft voice is bringing out all this emotions, which you can feel. It brings out all the mid shots of her in different locations on her looking vulnerable and lost in her own thoughts . Near the end you get a few close ups of the tears in her eyes flowing from the thought. Quickly at the end it show quick snippets of her romantic times of the guys she's been with. The last shot is where the colours  are de saturated in black and white with her falling down to the ground .

I would say this video does  relate to synergy because the song re an acts  the snippets of Love Story. The last kiss uses this video from love story, where we see her at the ball.  Therefore it does link in well to the Disney film Cinderella. In this video we get snippets of her in the tower and with her  prince charming dancing . He is very smartly dresses as he takes her hand. In the image above it's uses similarities of the events of this fairytale well. It  also shares the same  connections of the castle,where we see Taylor Swift  waiting for her prince. She dances with him;we can see there very engaged with each other. 

On you tube there are loads of songs which people have recorded and  have also posted up their own version of the song. 

Here is another cover done by someone else. This song is amazing , she has a great voice which softens into the lyrics . She shows her facial expressions of the song really well; it was like she was getting into the emotion side of it .The piano is a great acoustic of the soft key notes. It's outstanding the way she sings as well as playing the piano.She closes her eyes on some of the words; like she's remembering times she was in that situation. 

 And it's a beautiful day
And something reminds you
You wish you had stayed
You can plan for a change in weather and time
But I never planned on you changing your mind."She raises her voice to a high pitch of her voice get louder, then goes really soft here "But I never planned on you changing your mind"it works so  well together.

Here I have looked at a girl who has put a band together, within the song there are other people singing different parts of the lyrics. In this video you have a close up shot at the start; this is where we see the girl playing her guitar. The close up here makes us focus on the song itself. In the next scene; we have another close up of her playing her guitar where we see her fingers on the strings.  However we do see inter cuts between her and the guy. We see the guy playing his guitar in a softer motion. After that you get the use of cut a way’s of the girl playing her guitar, it then turns into a mid -shot of the main singer. It jumps to a close up of her singing; you can see the emotion she puts into the song when she sings.

After the first bit we then get a slow panning shot of the girl playing the guitar. I think it's good that they have used a variety of shots here; it made it more interesting when I watched it. We get a shot of where the guy is singing; this is an extreme close up of his lips. We then we get a mid- shot of a full upper body view of him playing the guitar. The guy's voice makes us feel the notes of the lyrics more. The guitar makes the sound soft when there playing it because it is very emotional song about relationships.

We get the quick mid shot of the two girls singing and then into a close up of the girl on the guitar. The girl shows us her emotion when she sings. When she has her eyes shut it’s like she is remembering a time in her life when she felt so sad. The shot then goes back into a back into a mid- shot of the two girls singing together; it works really well as their voices are so soft, she brings out the emotion of the lyrics more. When the close up shot is combined together, when they’re singing the lyrics "when we end like this” it shows the different emotions of in their facial expression. In the middle of the song it's just them playing the song which shows they are thinking of the song, while there playing their melody.

Here this shows another acoustic version of a guy singing and playing his guitar. I do like this version because his voice is in a style of a rock star.  His voice is so set on the song and it makes you want to know more. The guy's vocals reach into a high pitch and then his voice goes back down softly. He plays the guitar really well, you can see near the end he really feels into the song. I like how he imposes his voice into the high pitch notes. It works really well to his voice.

On YouTube there are loads of covered versions of this song.  I have looked at another cover of a girl singing it. She sings in a different kind of way; it’s still good, but the original is al ot better. The girl doesn't show the emotion in the song whereas Taylor showed her emotions of the lyrics. She has the music re-verb where it stimulates the sound from the wall. The version she has done is good especially with the piano playing in the background.  


The song last Kiss was on the album Speak Now. The album is one of the only seventeen albums in the entire history of music; to sell more than one million copies in a single week. Taylor Swift has been listed for two weeks in two different charts with her song Last Kiss. Its first appearance was week forty five 2010 in the US top singles chart .In comparison the song was in the same position in the Canada singles top 100 chart. In the peak position it was number seventy one on the Us singles top one hundred, it stayed there for one week. 

(Quantitative Data)
 Here the information relates to where it was at in the US and in Canada. This shows statistics of a graph. 

The song Last Kiss is of the album Speak Now. The album was released on October 25th 2010.  Speak now, is one of her only seventeen albums in the entire history of music to sell more than one million copies in a single week. She has had singles that have out run both the country and pop radio charts around the globe. It is one of the top five selling digital music artists worldwide. The album is achieving well in the country music

Here this shows Taylor Swift's album Speak Now is in third position on  Tunes. Her new album RED is at number one. Her song Last Kiss Is not really popular on I Tunes whereas her other song Mean is popular today on the album Speak Now. Her album was out on the 25 October 2010 - Speak Now.


Taylor Swift has her own website; it lets viewers access to all the latest gossip on the artist. On her website you can get access to all of her albums, including her new album Red. Her album will be released on the 2nd of October.

She announces where her single Wish I knew you were in trouble is in the charts. Her website lets us know more about her music videos she done in the past, backstage clips and as well as footage from live concerts. 

  Here we have a biography of her life.  It tells us about her playing a guitar from such a young age, it tells us about her interests, it tells us of what she does on set, it tells us about her career, on how she writes songs that can relate to her and about her growing up as a child.

Here this shows her life story of how she has proceeded with her career. It has pictured of her on tour, photography pictures of her, photo-shoots, album cover photos on tour, concerts, meeting people, friends and more. 

Here this provides us with her upcoming events; so for e.g. the BBC 1 radio, the teen awards and information about when she is releasing her album which is out now. It gives us updates about her albums and about her songs she has recorded. Taylor Swift has been nominated for 5 MTV euro awards.

Taylor Swift has another direct website; where you can buy clothes, gifts, gadgets, posters, mugs, bracelets and more. I think these merchandisers will be a nice gift for someone.

What the song meant to Taylor Swift:

"when I listened to it, I was amazed by the lyrics alone." I couldn't help but skip through the other songs to listen to track #13- Last Kiss. "All I know, is that everyone I've talked to, including myself, thinks 'Last Kiss' is def the best song. Taylor Swift finds it hard to talk about her own personal issues, so when she writes her songs she finds it easy to sing about them. 


Qualitative Data(opinions)

"Very well put together”.

 “Beautiful song."

  "I know: / and you are totally right! You go ahead and cry your heart out!”

“You will feel better after. Don't hold anything in just remember that inn the end, YOU WILL BE OK.”

 “You will look back on it and think "Oh, that did hurt a lot back then”...but I feel perfectly fine now" :)

“Trust me, I've been there and it does get better."
"I am in love with this song. It’s depressing when you're sad but it’s still really amazing. Get’s you thinking about what you did wrong, what you should have said, and who you miss the most."

"Awesome video! omg last kiss always makes me cry, but it calms me down too." 

Here people were giving their own experience and helping her out which is nce , but this dd happen a hile a go . It's good that people understand the song in a message she was trying to give of.


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