14 October 2012

Little Mix - Wings

I have chosen this video because  I like the different shots that are used in the video . They have create a different visual piece with this video, it makes it look really good. I like the upbeat pop style of the song.  I like music as it is upbeat this links in well in to their message of what they are getting across .  like how they bring their own style to it as well. 

At the start of the video it sounds like an instrument of a trumpet for the intro part. We have the girls who come up on screen from the corner. Each of them has their own different background to each other. They individually come on screen. I like this look because it creates that fun factor when it's split into a four grid. You don't really see this style in music videos today. You have their name displayed in a love heart, which is all lit up. You have a blind dissolve effect which opens like a curtain. You have the quick change of the girls moving around and singing.   

You have the screen where it splits up into two with Jesse and Leigh Ann. This looks good because it creates a different visual effect which makes it more fun. Jesse is in her own background, so this relates to her identity of her being into her music. In Leigh Ann's background the graffiti blends in well with her top showing the same sort of graffiti shape. This shot is a long shot of focusing on the background itself as well as the main focus of her. They show us there attitudes really well when there singing. When Perri sing "spread your wings my little butterflies”; this is where you see her in her background of flowers. Her identity shows that she likes flowers. We have a long shot of her spinning around as she sings these lyrics. Long shots are good to concentrate on the background from a wider perspective. We have a mid -shot of Jesse pointing at 
the camera. We have another mid -shot of Leigh Ann as she is strutting her stuff.  Mid-shot of Jesse and another mid shot of Leigh Ann with them feeling into the song more. 

We have the four grid again of them in a close up  which will capture their emotions and their actions "Ssh". We get the two split again this is with Perri and Jade. We get a long shot of them in their backgrounds. We have a long shot of Jesse moving to the beat of the clapping noise. She's really getting into the song here, its just way her body language is presented. We get a different variety of shots so close ups, mid shots and outer shots. This shows the different movement by capturing these different shots. We have long shot of her in the warehouse; I like this with the lights dimly lit. You have the blue effect of the lights shining through the warehouse. The blue effect it's like it's shining as a reflection on the walls. It creates a dark feel to it as well. 

We have a mid -shot of Jesse clapping her hands. We can see she is wearing different clothes this time. You get another mid- shot of her where we see the vibration of the wall. It looks pretty cool; it creates that haze effect from the vibrations from the speakers.  You get a side view (POV); this shows it from the cameras point of view of what's in front. You get that vibration effect again, but this time you’re seeing more than one of her. Then you have a long shot of Jade. In her background reflects in what she is wearing. You have her dancing as soon as she says "Walking over there". You have a long shot of her in the warehouse. You have all the blue lighting effects coming through the windows; it creates that glow effect. You have the splatter blob at the back of the wall; it's quite a creative visual piece. You have mid-shots and close ups of Jade showing off a bit on how cool she looks. You have a quick mid -shot of Perri and then a long shot of Leigh Ann who is dancing.

You have the four grid effect changing which shows them individually coming up on screen. We then see fast cuts of mid-shots with Leigh Ann and Perri who is giving it. We have long shots of the abstract forms the visual element. It’s like blue splats, white dots, blue lines and blue geometric shapes. It creates a different visual effect of them being in a whole new creative world. Especially with all the different blue tones and its geometric shapes with the girls singing and dancing. 
You get the mid shots and close ups of them in their backgrounds. It relates back to them together in the warehouse with the visual effect. It makes it fun, it looks it. You have them (mid-shot) individually with them creating their own abstract effect.  

With the shots from the backgrounds, as well as the warehouse shots; it inter cuts between them with linking in back to them from location to location. More long shots of them dancing enjoying themselves. You have where the blue lines comes across the screen. You get them individually as well as linking them in their own backgrounds and inter cutting with all the visual effects. So for example  the blue lines , shapes and the changes of blue tone. The shot I like is where there all together; it creates spiral shapes, blue lines, sparkly effect , splatter effect and a blue background with speakers built it the wall,it looks really good. You get Jade where she's strutting her stuff in the blue effect . You get inter cuts with Perri attitude. The effect uses the  speaker effect again which I think is pretty cool .  You have the inter cuts with Leigh Ann with her showing off more attitude.You get the two split of the screen again, but with Jesse mid-shot and Jade in a two split of a close up. You get the same effect with the other two. 

You have a mid-shot of Jesse and Jade entering the set as they walk up closer . You have  a mid shot of them all doing hip-hop moves. It looks so fast, they must have cheogoraphed them. You have the Union Jack as a display in the background with all the dancers. You have a distance look ( Extreme -Long Shot) from them dancing. You get again  the fast hip-hop moves of them dancing so quick . Again more inter-cuts of them from them hip-hopping and into them dancing with the visual effects; you get the fast bit hey hey. You get the pink background look I like this because it looks quite cool . There all making their point to the lyrics "You better keep on walking"; showing attitude and how they feel about the lyrics. You get the stamping beat where their moving there feet. You get the individually poses of them,  inter cuts of them stamping their feet. ( Marching visual effect). You get them as well with them in the ware house of them stamping their feet with the abstract elements. You then get a long shot of them together looking happy.  


The band has been vocal about standing up to bullies, and the single reinforces that message.

 Cos I'm too fly to care, oh yeah
Your words don't mean a thing
I'm not listening
Keep talking, all I know is
And we don't let nobody bring us down
No matter what you say it won't hurt me
Don't matter if I fall from the sky
These wings are made to fly

This shows that no one can bring the me own . Telling them that whatever they say won't hurt them . They can not rise to it and they can carry on with there lives.  

The lyrics are so strong here !
Don't let what they say 
keep you up at night And if they give you shhhh..
Then they can walk on  by
  Here it shows that you shouldn't listen to what the bullies say . You should ignore them because there just people who haven't got anything better to do. 
Walk, walk on over there
This means that you should say something to these people. Show them that you don't care in what they say  to you. To stand up to them because you're the bigger person.

Qualitative data (people’s opinions)

 Here this shows comments of what people have said about their single Wings.

People have said the song is "absolutely brilliant"

 "love it"

" yes love this song too big fan of little mix thanks girls; can't stop singing this so really good." "

"Yeah, I like this song!"


"I love your style"

The opinions are very positive for the girls . They are inspirational to all young teenagers. The song can relate to people today, who may have been bullied. The song is all about them standing up to the bullies and that get across their message really well. Hopefully this song can help people today with them standing up to the antagonist people.   

Leigh-Anne: We've all been through it and we wanted to write something that people who've experienced it can relate to. But also, we didn't want it to be cheesy. We wanted to be clever with the lyrics. The line "mama told me not to waste my time" was really important. It's not us preaching. I think we've done it in quite a cool way.
Perrie: More than anything, we wanted to be involved in the writing and the production. I've always loved rock music. My dad brought me up listening to Journey, Aero smith and Guns N' Roses. Then, on my mum's side of the family, I was into Motown. So when we started writing, we all had different tastes in different genres of music but we tried to blend it all together. At the end of the day, it's our name on it. If we're not happy, then I think people will see straight through it.


The theme is very upbeat in a pop style, hip-hop style. The sounds they use are clapping noises, trumpet  and drums. The effects they use are backdrops for creating the different abstract effects and their own back drops. The girls are wearing clothes that relate to today's styles . The video is a very colourful  with the backdrops that relate to their own identity. The scenes look really creative  when there dancing;It makes you want to dance with them.There young girls ,it shows they are enjoying life. Each of them have there own style and different attitudes within the lyrics. I think they have presented the song really well which will help young teenagers today. 


Here this song is a very different version . It's like an r&b version of the song. It sounds really good, I like how she added her long intakes on the notes and she has created a different style of wings.

She uses her voice in a different way which is good. She holds on the lyrics for a bit long and then sings next bit . The original is a lot better I would say as it's more upbeat. 

Here this version is good again. She adds her own twist with to it . She uses her voice in a different range. It's really good and she has a strong voice. 

Here this is a really bad version of the song . She can't sing , she needs to know how to reach into the high notes and explore with her vocals. It's really annoying. 


Quantitative Data 

Their single Wings went straight to number one in the Hit Charts.

Here this shows in the official top 40 Little are at 14 place with their single. They went down 3 places in the chart. 

Little Mix performed their single on daybreak on the 3rd September.  They announced that they were starting their tour in January 2013. Wings was released on the 19th august 2012. Their brand new album is out on November 11th 2012. 

 Little Mix sold over 106,766 copies on the 27th August 2012 .
Little Mix said It means a lot because obviously we got a number one at Christmas with 'Cannonball', but that wasn't our song really, so now that we've become number one with our own song that we wrote, we're so proud, best feeling ever."

Little Mix is on track to having another No. 1 single in the U.K. and Ireland with "Wings." Released in the U.K. and Ireland on August 26, 2012, the song has already rocketed to No. 1 on iTunes in the U.K. and Ireland. The official debut position for Wings" on the U.K. and Irish singles chart. The song Wings by Little Mix has been listed for 12 weeks in 3 different charts. Its first appearance was week 35/2012 in the Ireland Singles Top 50 and the last appearance was week 41/2012 in the UK Singles Top 75. Its peak position was number 1, on the Ireland Singles Top 50 and UK Singles Top 75, it stayed there for 2 weeks. Its highest entry was number 1 in the Ireland Singles Top 50 and UK Singles Top 75

Also shows that the girls have different remixes of the song. The original song wings is at number one in I Tunes . In third is the wings Alistair remix and in fifth and sixth is the instrumental and sun-ship remix. Their second new single is out in second place it I Tunes.  

Quantitative data (Statistics)

The small blue circle s that little mix is in the world singles top 40. The green line represents Ireland top 50's it started of low in the charts and then it went right up to number one in the charts in Ireland. In the UK it stared of low but then it reached position 41 in the UK singles top 75.   


Little Mix have their own website . On the website you can find out about their new song DNA, you can find out about tour dates , latest news, so when there next signing books,their launching a fashion parade in primark, creating a dance routine for their song DNA and their doing something new which is a west end show in Dublin on February 23rd 2013.

Here you can find out a bit more about the girls with their biography . It tells you about how they were solo artists and how they came together to from as a group. It tells you have their song cannonball got to number one in the charts. It tells you how they have been on tour with performing their single wings. It tells you individually of the girls interests, age,what their favourite colour is as well as food. We can  find out what their hobbies are and we can get  access to their playlist .

 Here this shows  a gallery of pictures of them together on tour, out and about, them at the M&M chocolate factory ,on photo-shoots, getting there make up done, and on the JLS tour. 

Here I find this really cool. You can create your own version of little mix  - Wings . You can make a remix of the song with some of the sounds from the actual song itself. Plus you can 
add your own sound effects here to with clicking on the ones that are shown . 

Here you can buy t-shirts, mugs, signed canvas, hoodies, accessories for bags, kids t-shirts, calendar, little mix apps and more. If you’re a fan of little mix you can get their name on all these gifts. 


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