21 June 2012

Regulatory Issues Report !!

    Censorship and ownership!!   

Censorship and Ownership is all about censoring the film, it will include censoring the right classification for the movie, the material of what is in the film and so the director will look at the film and he may get some help with deciding on what classification is best suited for the film. The director will have to look at the material of the film; he will have to see if the material is explicit or not when deciding on the right classification for the film. 

However ownership on the other hand is the person who is responsible for this film; the director is Phil Trail who has put this film into this content and into this classification. The content of the film involves bits of nudity, drinking, partying; a love story is always good to see a bit of romance, there is a bit of a sex scene, snowing resort competition and a life changing experience for Kim winning the prize money.  

The film is copyright protected, on the back of the DVD in the small print under the table it says all rights reserved - this means that the producer/director has published this and it is copyrighted; no one can copy this and it’s only used for home use only.  It is an Alliance film (company) so this is where the movie distribution of a production company which serves across the United Kingdom and Canada Chalet Girl is a really good film to watch where Kim (Felicity Jones) starts a whole new life as a Chalet girl and then she takes part in this snowboarding competition, the tricks she can do on her skateboard is amazing. Kim (Felicity Jones) meets this guy Ed West Wick who stars as Johnny; Kim does take quite a shine to him when she first meets him as he comes of the plane. 

The film starts to progress with them two as you can tell they both have a thing for each other ,they get really close and then later on it ends badly because Johnny is meant to be going to  an engagement party of his, but as he gets there he calls it of to be with Kim. Kim wins the snowboarding competition and she looks really happy with winning loads of money. Kim’s got her dream now as she loves snowboarding since she was young and plus she’s got her man. The scenes in Chalet girl have some nudity to it this is where you see Felicity Jones who stars as Kim who is having a good time with her friends in the hot tub, and then her friends dare her to get out of the hot tub (naked); you see her standing in the middle of the road naked, but as she turns around she sees the light of the car of the posh people pulling up; you can see Johnny is a bit struck by this where Kim is standing there in embarrassment, but she is covering her main parts up .The classification for this is a 12. The people who censorship it they put it into the right format into making this film a 12.

A 12 is where you can watch a film if your 12 and older because the material is suitable for those who are 12 and a lot older. People who are younger than 12 may find some of these scenes disturbing or upsetting depending on its context. If  a child went up to their parents asked if they could watch it  they would probably say no as it will be unsuitable for them to watch at such a young age. The 12 sign can let anyone 12 and older buy and rent a DVD from a shop. If they don’t look 12 they will probably will ask for some ID. The discrimination side there can be discriminating about a person, aggressive bad language and behavior is unlikely to be acceptable unless there is a fully justified context allowing it. The discrimination side can be involved but it’s said it must be approved by other people before it’s wrapped up. There’s no scenes in here that relate to that. It’s to be unlikely acceptable because 12 year old's up to 15 are still young children in a way, but they can watch these films and they may find some scenes a bit disturbing; the naked scene like I said up the top but it’s not that bad, but it depends on the child and what they feel about the scenes really . Every child acts differently to different things. There is no drug’s in this film at all . In the classification of a 12 it’s said to be it should not be explicit so in detail if it did have any drugs in it, this would be to intense for a young children to see from 12 years up to 16.

  The classification for horror it’s said to be moderate threats are permitted without it being too extreme by it; there is no horror involved in this film so it’s all good. Imitable behaviour so for e.g. harming yourself , suicide and shooting yourself is not to be in too much detail because children aged 12 and older ,any age who see this may copy this and think it’s okeay to do so but it’s not. I don’t think the parents would be too please to see this if they saw their son or daughter copy this, so they don’t put it in too much detail. There are no scenes like this in this film. Nudity in this is kept very brief so after Kim and Johnny had a good day in the snow with Kim teaching Johnny how to snowboard , they get really into things but you don’t see anything . Imagine if they put that in a 12 god they would find it weird and disturbing seeing this in full material . This is why they censor the film into the right context and classification .   

Moderate language is allowed but frequent it's said in the 12 classification. In this case in Chalet Girl there is only one bad language in this film, this is where Kim says “A lying bastard” because Johnny lied to her about his girlfriend about them getting engaged. Kim is furious and she gets her stuff and she goes, but Johnny does go after her but that doesn’t help. We don’t  want the young people to copy this bad language it’s just said in moderate only once; if we did hear it more than once the parents wouldn’t be pleased about their child watching it; because they could copy it but they only stuck to one bad language in this film .  The sex scene in this is kept brief you don’t see anything in detail, it’s just kept brief with them covered up. The context is brief because it is a 12 and young people are allowed to watch these 12 films so the director have to be careful in what they put in this 12 film. 

A 12 should have mature context to it without having loads of swearing which this film only had one bad language to it. We see a scene where Jonny has arrived at his engagement party and once Johnny says “I got an idea what about if we don’t get married?” his girlfriend Chloe says “Good idea” Johnny says “You’re okeay with it?” Chloe say’s “Of course I’m not okeay with it”? She is angry she calls him an asshole by ruin their engagement party; she whacks him with her crutches. Violence in this so what I said a minute ago is not extreme it’s kept brief  and it’s said to be no injuries but it may have gory blood bits but it has to be justified by its context and the same with the sex violence scenes may only be briefly and must have a strong contextual context . 


Consumer - Apple:

The apple make of products have been very successful, these products have marketed across the world with introducing the iPhones, iPod’s, mac’s, I pads and the software etc. The apple products and software it keeps upgrading its software to give us a better experience of things than before.  The upgrading part is to give customers an easy use of the products and software making them available of what is out there for them to enjoy a better experience. The marketing strategy is important to apple for them to research and to develop its products and software’s.  The company keeps providing us with different media platforms of apple so for e.g. you have I tunes which include the apps store with all the different apps you want; you can choose if you want it on your iPhone laptops,mac's or on your I pad.

  Here you have loads of different category of apps on Itunes so for e.g. music, sport, weather, news and games – loads more to choose from.  You have film apps so you can watch films on the go, so if your travelling you can sit back and enjoy the film.  You get a choice if you want to buy or rent a film so the choice is yours. You can easily access iTunes app stores on the macs or through wireless so for e.g. the iPhone s, the I pads and windows -laptops too.

Here you can watch your favorite TV programs so say if you miss an episode of your TV program you can download a whole series if you wanted too.  You can buy a series for all of it for £29.99 and singly you can buy it for £2.49.

Here you have got all your different pod-casts so video and audio; you can download these for your iPod's on your laptop’s, mac’s, I pads and iPhone s etc.

Here you can download your favorite music- singles £99p or an album is £5.99 which is good if you have an account. You can get the latest songs on their which are good, so you can’t miss the latest songs.

The first ever I Phone was first released in 2007 since then it has developed its technology to the 4S which was then out next but the I Phone 5 was meant to be out after the 3GS.  The iPhone has topped of the other phones so for e.g. the android (smart phones).   

The company’s strategy is to expand its distribution to reach more customers with the high technology.The companies product is to enhance its attraction to customers by making them interactive and marketing their products online as well with expanding their marketing techniques. There products have attracted new customers with its interactive speaking technique, I think it’s so cool it’s built in the 4S; you can easily send messages by telling it to send a message to James, you can easily access the weather by saying what’s the weather like in Australia it comes up, you can make an outgoing calls by speaking into it. The 4S IPhone has been upgraded from the 3GS iPhone. The difference is between these two are is that the 4S has a better retina display (the screen) is said to be it’s much better on the 4S has a higher resolution display this adds more graphic quality so you can see the text a lot clearer. The old phones of the I phone s you couldn't see it that clear so it keeps upgrading to give customers a better look on things . 

 The 4S design is a lot slimmer compared to the 3GS as it’s a bit chucky around the edge. The 4G is al ot more solid and  it easy fits in your hands. With the 3GS you can only get it in one colour and it only has a giga byte of 8GB . The 4S you can jazz it up a bit too  with the white and black colour it's your choice. The 4S  has a much different capacity to the 3GS, as you can get up to 32GB to hold loads of data.

Here you have the two different captures of the I phone 3GS and the I phone 4S.

The 3GS here shows an image of a plant, you can see it has overexposed the image a bit in the left hand side. But further down below with the 4S you can see the image has turned out a lot better without having that sunlight in the way. The camera is a better experience to the 3GS as it was a poor quality. The colour quality is a lo t better in the 4S as it has a mega pixel of 8MP. The 3GS has mega pixels of 3Mp. This means the quality won’t be as good compared to 4S as it shows . The camera has larger aperture so where more light is seen for a better image. 

Safari is now a lot faster on the 4S, the pages load a lot faster compared to the 3GS where as it was slow. Now you can enjoy a faster experience between your fingertips.  The I05 is a much faster processor that works so much better than the 3GS. It is multi touch so it’s easy to use and scroll. The battery life lasts a lot longer compared to the 3GS where it would die after a few hours.  The Wi- Fi software is good as you can get free Wi- Fi on the go, you can use face time to stay in contact with people on the go . You can receive calls which have a better transmit signal, this means a faster connection.

The I pad  was introduced in 2010 which is a multi-purpose of  listing to music , playing games , emails , browsing the web , iTunes and more .  

 I pad 1 has a 250 GB whereas the pad 2 has got 500 GB. The pad 1 you can only get it in black but with I pad 2 you can get it in black and white.  The I pad 2 is a lot faster compared to I pad 1 it is so slow. I pad 2 has better graphics I think in much clear look. The I pad 2 is a lot thinner and lighter.  There isn't much difference between these two.  The I pad 1 is a lot cheaper to I pad 2. The cameras on these are 5 mega pixels and there a lot lower resolution to the iPhone s.

i Pod’s - is the way to listen to music on the go with also having access to the iTunes data base with downloading, music, pod-casts, films and more. The iPod’s have developed over the years. The iPod touch was introduced in 2010 with its touch screen, face time, game center and more. It allows customers to access iTunes and download stuff to their iPod touch. It's a bit like the I phone but without texts and calls. 

The iPod Nano was introduced in 2010 the difference between the iPod Nano 4th generation is that this one doesn't have a camera.

The 4th generation  iPod nano you have a shake shuffle on it so you can shake it to the next song which I don’t use.I just use the wheel to scroll around I find it easier. It still has the same features on it really with the iPod nano 6th generation.You can still hold videos , pod-casts and pictures on there. 

You have the 6th generation Ipod now in a small context with a bigger screen and it is a lot more taller than the one above . This one does have a camera on it but it’s not that great I find it pointless because you can use your phone to take pictures .  

The 7th generation is now a touchscreen so you can touch the screen to scroll through your favorite songs. It adds FM radio to it so you can listen to your favorite radio station. It is so small so it will easily go into your pocket. They have made it easier with the customers by adding touch to it to make life so much easier. Mr Ive's Ipod engineering and design has made the device the biggest-selling portable digital music player in the world.


Freedom of information:
Is all about where the access of information that is giving out to us so whether it is on the news so ITV 1, BBC ONE, on the internet and newspapers they are all part of the freedom of information. The information forms us of what is going on in the world so with the govmnent is a main issue on what people are doing wrong so their actions (legalization). Not many people may know what is going on, and the legalization which has been published can relate to people and also link into the people who have financial problems- or  have paid money which is then used for a legal scheme because a person can’t pay their taxes which is wrong. The information gives us a much wider access without it being copyrighted or personal by the public authorities.

Example - This is a main issue at the moment with Jimmy Carr because he has made his actions forceful with the public. He has put himself into this jersey legal scheme which is highly downfall dodgy; with them giving him a £3.3million benefit which he puts away. He opened up a bank off shore account which he wanted to pay only 1 per cent of tax. The account is a lot more private without people knowing about his financial business with having a low in tax income too in legal. The scheme and himself is avoiding the question of this scandal by keeping away from the truth in what he is doing which has caused a few outbreaks with regarding the public sector and the government. Jimmy Carr has advantage of a whopping £168 million a year from a tax man coming through yearly. Jimmy Carr  mocked this from the scheme and now has process of communicating his financial information to shareholders/companies. He didn't really need to go to a legal scheme because he has loads of money; he has paid for his house in 2009 that cost him £8.5million in cash. 

 Jimmy Car at the start of this got a financial adviser and the adviser asked Jimmy Carr "do you want to pay less tax?"which anyone would say yes, but now he realizes he has made a terrible mistake. However the prime minster said “I think the particularly scheme of Jimmy Carr scheme conduct is morally wrong”. Basically the prime minster doesn't think this is right at all for him in doing this; especially with the public who pay to see him live at a concert and then he uses their money to pay into the legal side of this jersey scheme. Prime Minster also said “it’s not fair to see hard working people who do the right thing and pay their taxes and then they see this sort of scam taking place”. This means it is not fair for Jimmy Carr to use the public’s money for this legal scam. On the other hand you have the public that do the right thing in paying taxes on time without them taking it of someone else. I think it was wrong what he was doing because a lot of people have respect for Jimmy Carr and they love his sense of humor with the comedy shows he puts on , but I don’t think people will have a lot of respect to him now not after this situation .  The prime minster said that “should be pursued by the authority; to make a point of these aggressive anti-avoidance schemes. He knows economically is difficult in times, the revenue have the government on full backing of going after him and making sure they pay their tax ."

Jimmy Carr – now after hearing what the prime minster has said and what the public have said as well at his concert and  all over the internet so twitter, he has now realized with this amount of pressure from the public has now realized from his account he was part of a legal scheme. Now he has withdrawn from this and he has totally apologized to the public in what he was doing.

Here just shows a few opinions of what people have said about the situation. Some people are a bit shocked by this. We know he is a well-known comedian but people are linking it into people so normal who do it every day, but seeing this point even so no one should go into this legalisation because you always get found out by the government, the press and that. Most people pay their taxes upfront they don’t go into this scheme where it is legal; you shouldn’t be part of that especially if you have loads of money coming through why do it.

Here are some opinions that are against the idea.  One person said they’re amazed that he make’s loads of money because he doesn't think he is funny. Another person said Jimmy Carr should be banned from the BBC, so someone who doesn't want to pay British income tax, shouldn't be benefited by being paid with British tax money. This fair point I think because if he can’t pay his own tax for things he shouldn’t be paid at all. He is now been referred to the majesty’s revenue customs to help him with getting his taxes paid on time.


Taste and decency 

In the media industry advertising is the man specific thing that gets broadcasted on our TV’S every day so for e.g ITV1 , ITV2 and more. The advertisements are there to sell the product of things so for e.g. technology, foods, music, clothes and etc. Adverts are targeted to a specific audience depending on what the product is; they will have to create the advert in a way that will attract people’s attention to it. With all these adverts they must have a message in it so viewers can understand what it is all about. 

The advertising has a lot of pre-production, - ideas of it, script so the story of it, research into it more on your idea,  storyboards so what shots will be used and how the process is going to be set with what's going to be in it.Set design so how you want it to look and it’s got to be attractive for the viewer so they think “yes I've got to get that”.Production is to with the music, animation, voice over so maybe of the characters and the shooting schedule so when is it going to be filmed and post-production is to do with the editing, audio dubbing this used when a previous audio has already been edited together in a shot and the audio is added to the clip of the footage without altering the previous audio and footage, audio mastering is all about form of audio which is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source. clear cast clearance is all about where you have to be approved of your advertising campaign. You need to think where you want your advert to be delivered so what channel . 

They have to come up with a plan on how they are going to reach their goal so a market strategy so how they’re going to sale their products and they need a budget too. 

If your new to the campaign of advertising they will start you up on a test campaign which still works in the same way but it will get your brains to work of the creative side of it and the marketing side of your advert to see if the cost is right to scale up to the buyer .It’s all about knowing want your customers want, market strategy is to up do your game by competing against other advertisers and being the best seller of product.

Here I have watched this advert; it shows a girl eating her bowl of Weetabix which has got chocolate in it. The next bit is where she is break dancing with her toys awwh . This is a great way to advertise a product because it is relating to the girl who  has had her cereal and afterwards she is full with loads of energy.

 The cereal has got sugar in it provides you with all this energetic feeling making you feel alive.  The advertisers show this in a visual way so it makes the children want it with having that sugar feel rush. The mums and dads probably won’t like the idea as it’s not a healthy option for their kids.  Then you have the other kids sat on the floor shocked faces probably wishing to have that energetic vibe. All the kids are lively at a young age so there;s no change really. The advert sells the product well with having a young girl in it to sell the product. All the kids  are probably watching this are  thinking wow I want be like that. “New Weetabix spoon size fuel for fun" this is the slogan for the advert.  This means that it gives you that sugar rush in the morning which is like fuel so the example is like a car to get it running in the morning but linking it into the energetic feel after this cereal.It's fuel of fun making you into an energetic dance person like this girl.

You have this other advert which relates to everyone one who likes a drink ha ha .

In this advert we see an animation of these coloured men, it shows you what people like to do on an evening time which is have a  drink of beer or wine after a long day at work . It shows us in a colourful look on how drinking can affect us; we always end up having more than one drink don’t we. It shows us how it can affect us in our bodies; it shows that the alcohol can damage our liver by having too much alcohol.  It has a voice over as well with saying by having too much alcohol in our system it can damage our body and can to lead to having a stroke. It shows this with the beer beating up the heart inside his body. We can can get diseases like  breast cancer and heart disease.  “It says two large amounts of glass of wine  3 times a day likely to get mouth cancer. It shows that you can swap that with having a nice cup of tea where it’s not damaging your insides up. It shows that our liver and heart can get a rest from this with the alcohol out of our bodies. 

I think this shows a great way of advertising as it’s a very colourful outlook on things and as well as it is animated works well with showing the visual side in our bodies in a cartoon look works well. It’s basically not saying you can’t have a drink it says now and then doesn't hurt , but if you have it all the time you will get one of these diseases which I don’t think people will be pleased about. It can relate to youngsters and even adults and who may have a alcohol addiction ,it may relate to them with knowing what affects it can cause by too much alcohol in the system and knowing a few facts may make them think twice before they have a drink . Some people don't really know what is going on in our bodies if we keep drinking too much . 

Healthy advert:

This a good advert as it helps all those people who want to lose weight whether it is on how they look , just want to eat more healthy or even if they just want to feel better about themselves . It gives you a positive vibe to our viewers as it shows a women who can’t fit into her dress, it then gives you a number to ring and the website is at the bottom; you follow these steps

 step one they will give you a pamper of all these different foods in it.

 step 2 enjoy your meals. 

step 3 watch the food melt away. 

The lady we saw before we see her eating these meals they gave her and we see her now being able to fit into her dress.  It comes up with their brand “diet chef enjoys losing weight now”. It shows how quickly the product works into losing weight but that’s what they want to do they want to see the product to help young people especially women on helping with their diet plans.  We know every woman wants to lose weight and this shows it has turned out a successful outcome with people’s opinions, so by hearing this this can make other people try and give it go.

Here are the foods you get when they send it to you . It looks like it's all sensible food and looks quite nice to be honest . 
On this advert it shows people’s opinions (Qualitative data) about diet chef and they all seem really positive.

One woman said she started it 3 months ago this is in 2011 and she has lost 1st and 6 pounds.

Another person said it’s great to be part of diet chef she can now get into her skinny jeans.

 Another person said diet chef has boosted her confidence so making her feel great about herself.  


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