14 October 2012

The Script - Hall Of Fame

I do really like this song because the song  relates to people in this world who have a passionate career in what they want to do with their life. In this video it shows the aspects of life; it shows  these two different people who want different things in life. It shows us their  different emotions. We see in this video where life can be challenging,people can judge us by the way we look , the way we do things differently and if we have disability. People find it easy enough to pick on the vulnerable people of making their life hard. They soon show of what their capable of, by showing the physical  and ambitious side of who they are and what they want to be. when there older.  The Olympics was very inspiring to watch and this song kinder links it to that; with anyone can be inspired by someone whether if there an athlete or someone else. We all wish we could do things in a way someone else does.  

The words here can show of  their high talents of reaching their goals of becoming a professional ballerina or boxer which this is related to in the video. It shows us of how they have grown to becoming successful with their life ; they put in the hard work and showed their true colours of what it means to them to win. People all over the world will be watching their hall of fame with people talking about them of their talents. 

Lyrics in general , can relate to people today:

The lyrics can be very inspirational to all different people whether it's through having a bad childhood when they were younger or  if they wanted to show the bullies they can stand up for themselves . The words to me are very warming and it may help young people in difficult situations which they may face today. However they make people think of the words ;Sometimes they may be able to relate to these in such form.  Who ever hears or watches this video may have been in a similar situation like these two people .Hopefully they will be able to stand up to the antagonist people on how they may of ruin their life ,how they doubted them  and disbelieving in them in a way. I do generally think the song can help people today.   

Lyrics of the song:

The words of this whole song  can relate to any one who has a dream career path  who wishes to pursue it and to make them reach their goals . 

"Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself."   Means you can do anything you want to do if you have the dedication and the passion; shining lights will full fill your way.

 "Cause you burn with the brightest flame" Breaking all the records that thought never could be broke" . These words mean believe in yourself . It can also mean you can do anything which you never thought you could do . It's about giving things ago in every opportunity you get. 

  Danny (lead singer) " You can be the greatest  you can be the best".Danny intakes in the words  and he makes you hear the lyrics .When he sings the lyrics runs through you. He says "that it is an inspirational song and it can relate to the Olympic's." 

( Danny ) "We watch these Paralympic's  on doing incredible things even though they may have a disability."

Danny also says that "You don't have to be in the Olympics to do amazing things and  you can be anything you want to be." 

 (Danny) the song can be related to anyone who can do things with their life who are willing to proceed further . "The song can be inspirational to young people when they intake on the words. "You can be the greatest , you can be the best." 

The Script Live at the Olympic Park: 

The Script have been on BBC one which was when the Olympics was on. They performed their single Hall Of Fame at the Olympic park. Everyone was there ,when they performed . It looked like the crowd were en joying themselves. It looks like it was a great atmosphere. The Script have also  been on the national lottery which was on the  31st August 2012.  The Script  were very inspired that their song can be related to the Olympics.  

 (Danny)"Paralympics of people with disability can do incredible things ,of being part of the Olympics too."

The theme 

The video is about dreams of what these two different people what to become when their older . It shows they both have been through a rough time and they want to show the antagonist people that they can make a career out of their life. I can tell by watching the video that they have the enthusiasm and the passion of being successful.The emotions it gives of ;you can feel their hurting inside and they what to do something with their life. The guy soon starts to be the bigger person by showing us and letting out all of his anger. We see the sweat is running down from his face . The power he has at this time, has been menacing through him to knock this guy out.  It shows  he just wants to do the same thing to what those guys did to him.  I think he just wants to show them he's not afraid any more. It shows that he can't be messed about with any more . The style of the script are in a warehouse place I think with the lights dim. It creates the atmosphere of the song of the words.The video was filmed in Will.I.Am home town in Los Angeles .

 However the girl has flashes of her being a professional ballerina dancer; she soon believes in herself and shows of to the girls that she can do it. she is delighted and happy as she finds out she  has made it to her ballerina career. Not everyone has a good childhood when they're younger, but it shows   if you believe in yourself you can reach your goal .It also showed  us how being notice can have a huge impact on your career like this .You just got to think that you can do it, you just gotta believe you can . 

The style of the music is a very soft music riff which plays at the start of the video; while Danny  O'Donoghue and Will.I.Am are singing in the background. It adds that feel of the emotions in the song. At the start; you get a close up of the keyboards, the melody follows through to the start of the song. The close up works well with feeling the key tones of the piano.  It then turns into a panning shot of the different timings ,we start to see the keyboard changing into different notes of the song.It makes us feel the story more  with the tension and the emotion it brings to us. We have the two inter- cuts between the two people  which works well because it shows us they both have different lives and different perusing careers. I like it how the shots change to Danny playing the piano; where the camera slowly pans up to Danny and you get that passionate feel of  Danny indulging himself into the song.

We have shots going back to the main people of the video . We get the use of mid shots where we see the guy running with the sweat coming of him and then the camera turns into what he is thinking; so he' s dreaming to become a boxer. Mid-shots are good for focusing on the part of the action. I like the shots where it links into the story of these people. The camera then goes back to Danny and Will.I.am with them acting out the scenes; with their expressions and their body language. They react to the lyrics really well with them reacting to the words of the song.
You get a nice slanted upright look of the guy playing the guitar; so you get the feel of the strings of the song.

 I like the dark scenes of the boxing because it creates that dark feel, of meaning that boxing is dangerous. The blue and dark effect creates the scene well.  You have mid shots of the guy practising his punch ups and toning his body before the big fight. The guy is concentrating of more of the other contestant part( upper body) . We want to feel all of his power and emotion of how he felt  when the guys picked on him. We certainty  see this in the way he throws his punches.  The mid shot it makes us  focus on the sweat and the more physical side of the scene.

In the video , you see the girls dreams  of her in a spotlight in a birds eye view; this focuses on her movements from a high angle point of view. You have the shots of the boxing arena, these are mid -shots with them  focusing on the punches, the body language of them moving around and the inter-cuts with Danny. ( linking in the punches of the story.) We see the guy moving closer to his  opponent and you can see the sweat  coming from him. You get a long shot of the girl spinning around;  relating to her dreams of her doing this in the spotlight. When the girl is in the spotlight we get a high angle view ,so from a different perspective creating more depth in the scene. You get mid shots  of Danny and Will.I.Am feeling the emotion of the song with them acting the moments out with their hand movements . The camera moves to Will.I.Am  zooming into his emotion of the song.I like how Will.I.Am adds his own rapping style to it. 

You have mid shots  are for concentrating on the upper half of the body, so concentrating on the strings of the guitar and to his reaction to the song. We have close ups of the band member playing on the drums ; this concentrates  on their emotions and  him hitting the drums. Another shot is when Danny  is right in front of the camera it's like  he's making his point to the song. 

  You get a mid- shot of the girl thinking things through before she actually shows us of what she's got. You get the real feel of the close up of her feet ,where you can see tension in them . We  get mid-shots of her warming up, so focusing on her body movements and  her hand movements . We then see  mid -shots of Will.I.Am  with the punching scene that then inter-cuts with the guy fighting with his component. The camera then pans over between the shots of the two . You get the two inter-cuts of Danny ;  you get a quick jump scene, then it forms into the girl spinning around. I thought that works well together creating continues shot. We get long shots of  the band which concentrates on their  energy and also we get this shot to get the feel of  the surrounding area. The camera moves in slowly to Danny and Will.I.Am on focusing on them more. You have  a close up of the girl of her emotions. She has her hands on the mirror like she can't do this ;It's like she is focusing into the mirror. She is looking deeper and deeper like she is trying to find herself . 

You get more punch ups of the sweat coming of from his opponent . You can tell all his anger s working on his opponent . We have long shots of the band again and of Danny of his words of the "champion" .You can see the guy has nothing left to give as he  sinks down to the floor. We see more long shots of the girl finishing her ballerina routine; we then see her in a mid shot which concentrates on her body language.  We can see her face expression  as well on how she feels . At the end; you get the lights flicker in the warehouse and  you get a shot of Danny playing the piano from  a long shot view . As we reach near the  end of the song ;you get a  shot of the girl like she was in a show with roses being thrown at her. You get another mid- shot of where the band member is singing to the song as well. You get all their different reactions from them singing the song. You get the panning shot of the camera moving round to them. As the song comes to the end  you have  Danny walking towards the camera .


On YouTube there is a quite a lot  of people doing their own parody of the song of Hall Of Fame . Here this video shows this guys own take on the song which is a lot slower with him feeling  the lyrics of the song. His voice  is very good , he has a soft voice; it makes the song even better. The guy plays the melody with him using the keyboard to produce his own twist of the song. He adds a different emotion to how The Script did it.You can feel his facial expression and you can hear the emotion in his voice when he is singing . It makes you listen to the words in a soft way. 

Here is another cover done by Dennis Laue and Koujee. The produced a violin and a beat box cover of Hall Of Fame. They  have the piano playing at the start  ;but its auto tuned in with the key notes playing in the background . You get the close ups of his hands playing the violin reaching into the song with the strings playing . You have the other guy beat boxing into the microphone .This is a mid- shot of focusing on the upper body of him using microphone in a rapper way . The violin creates the highest pitch of the lyrics of the words which works well . You get the inter cuts formed together with the two people; You can tell they're feeling the emotion of the song . You get close ups of their facial expression. It's like they're indulge into the song ,so the man playing the violin. When you hear the note of hall of fame this proceeds longer into a high pitch of the strings. It creates a different dynamic from the violin.

 For some reason you get the dissolve fade where it blurs a bit, then the shot goes to a different shot of the acoustic . I don't like this bit where the screen cuts into two then three; it doesn't work at all. I don't think it looks right  because it makes it look like it's been rushed into.The song does work well especially with the violin with him reaching into his own feel of the song. The beat boxing was okeay ,it's  just like it's in the background, ruin the main focus of the violin guy. The violin creates a different effect, but it was good  they created a instrumental version without singing works .

However this song is done in a different way with the girl using her guitar to help her guide her through the song . Her vocals are different compared to the guy from above as she uses her voice in different ranges of her vocals. I like how she explores with her voice with using soft notes and then she reaches into high notes, bringing them back down. I like the way she stops half way through the song and then she picks it up again. She reaches into her own improvisation . Her voice is unique as it softens the words of the song when she is singing.  When she reaches the fast bits of the lyrics  where it says "be students be teaches , be politicians and be preaches". She then stops  and then sings.  I think the song works well with her voice as she has different variations. The girl produces her voice well with the different techniques  in her voice.

I have looked  at another parody of Jedward doing their own version of  Hall Of Fame . This is actually quite good because he  is not be annoying , he's not wearing those weird outfits and he's not screaming.  Listening to this version is actually good. I like the look how he is singing into the song and sitting there with a guitar in his hand. When he plays the guitar you can hear the soft key strings playing . He plays it so soft at the start ; then his voice comes out and then softens slowly into the song . You can see he's facial emotion, he is feeling into the song and  bringing  out a whole new voice that we haven't heard before. This side it brings out a good side of him . You can see this song means a lot to him. People did judge them as this annoying group of teenagers who can't sing. He probably feeling how he felt when they first came out,with people disliking them which they probably still no offence.  Maybe after hearing this version they may think different of the guys. The viewers may think they can sing acoustic songs ,but he  does sounds good .


 On their website it tells you about them as a group, about their two albums so for e.g science and faith and the the scrip with their single the man who can't be moved . It tells us about how excited they are about touring all over the world. It mentions about awards they have won. It tells us about their time in Dublin, how it made people feel with them working on their science and faith album.  They talk about their emotions into the songs  how they develop their songs for people to relate too. 

The script have their own interactive media website, which can be viewed by anyone. It gives tour dates when they're next playing so for e.g live at Dublin , London ,Manchester,USA, Canada, Australia any many more . They will be touring in 2012 this October and in 2013.

The Scripts new single has been played across the radio 1's station on the 23rd July 2012  with Chris Moyle's playing the fan based song at the moment which was out on September . They had  an interview with Danny about their new single. Danny said that they were playing around with the music from his album and he played it to Will. I.Am and he liked it. He said  it just proceed further with him; bringing in the music video with The Script . You can find their song all over you tube , I Tunes where you can download it ,you can buy the actual CD now from all over the world so for e.g Tesco's, Asda, HMV , Amazon,Morrisions,Amazon and more. 

Here this shows all the merchandisers that you can get especially if you’re a fan of the Script .You can get mugs, posters, calendars, t-shirts, accessories,you can get a bundle of CD’s, DVD’S, T-shirts, and many more. 

Here this shows the pictures of the guys on tour, press pictures, band picture,live at Australia,Dublin , Behind the scene images and album cover pictures. 

On their website you can get access to all of their albums. Underneath you can get a copy f their album from clicking on the tabs below; this will lead straight to Amazon HMV,I Tunes,Tesco's and play.com.

Here you can get all the their videos from their first and second album as well as their new single hall of fame. 

Here this shows you can sign up to The Script on Facebook to get exclusive videos that others can't get . You can find out all the latest info on the band by signing up to the newsletter . They have a site all across the different media platforms, they have their own page with exclusive videos of their songs previews , pictures of them at gigs videos as well too , you can have live web chats with them asking questions about the band, their new single, you get exclusive videos of  their songs  from their new album,  it gives us their feeling of the song and what they wanted to create with their songs. You can also get all behind the scenes pictures of them on the shoot with seeing the camera operators getting into shot to capture the moment;this was on the 24th July they shooted the Hall Of Fame .You can post your responses  of the song which people have posted up their videos on Facebook too of there reaction of the song,  linking t  into their own hall of fame . 

Charts: Quantitative data (Statistics)

The song Hall Of Fame by The Script and Will.I.Am has been listed for 73 weeks in 15 different charts. Its first appearance was week 32/2012 in the Dutch Top 40 and the last appearance was week 42/2012 in the Canada Singles Top 100 and US Singles Top 100. Its peak position was number 1, on the Ireland Singles Top 50 and UK Singles Top 75, it stayed there for 5 weeks. Its highest entry was number 1 in the Ireland Singles Top 50

 Here this shows the script is in 6 positions. They have gone down 4 places. 
The Script has reached number 2 in the charts In the UK with their single of Hall Of Fame. In the Irish reign they are rated in the top 10 which they are number one. This isn't surprising because Danny is Irish and with having support from his friends, family and fan base. He bound to have people who love him from his own town.  

Here this shows the top 10 songs/albums from the script. 

On  I Tunes it show show that their album is in position 2 for the original album . Their deluxe album is at number one.
Their song hall of fame is in position 4 on I tunes. 

Here this shows they have a deluxe album, this has live performances from their first album and their second album. Their album was released on August 21st 2012 . 


Qualitative Data (Opinions)

  • "This video has a very Billy Elliot feel to it... I love it"
  • "fight for what you've dream !!!! do it for your people n your pride" :)

    "oh man this is beautiful"

"1,570 people didn't go to the hall of fame"

"why isn't there many views for meaningful sonng".

"awsome guys i love this song"

"That's inspiring"

This week's Irish Top 10 is as follows:

1. (1) The Script ft. will.i.am: 'Hall of Fame'
2. (2) Lykke Li: 'I Follow Rivers'
3. (3) Of Monsters and Men: 'Little Talks'
4. (-) Gerry & The Pacemakers: 'You'll Never Walk Alone'
5. (4) Taylor Swift: 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'
6. (7) fun.: 'Some Nights'
7. (8) Sam and the Womp: 'Bom Bom'
8. (9) Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen: 'Good Time'
9. (5) Little Mix: 'Wings'
10. (6) David Guetta ft. Sia: 'She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)'


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