14 October 2012

One Direction - Live While Were Young

I have chosen this music video because it's a good song and  It's very upbeat. I do like the band , I think there cool. It shows them having fun and having a laugh with each other. It makes you want to join them as well. It creates that happy energetic feel to the song. 

At the start of the video we have a close up of Harry where we see him sleeping. Close ups are good when we want to catch someone’s facial emotions. As Harry and the guys start to wake, we have a sound of a guitar playing. I like how you can hear the strings of the guitar and then it turns into a sharp and slick sound of the guitar strings; a bit like an alarm clock sound in a way. 

We have mid shots of Liam singing, he looks cute. We have a side view (mid shot) of the tent where we see Harry’s head popping out. We have a side view of Liam singing again from a different angle; so a point of view shot I would say from a side angle view. The camera shot is good because we get his reaction of when he’s singing as well as him looking through into the camera from a different perspective. We can see that the camera is positioned from the person in the left hand side where we can see someone’s shoulder. The camera will be placed there to get this point of view shot of Liam. We get a different angle from him into a mid-shot which are commonly used to concentrate on Liam’s upper body of him singing and to get his reaction. 

You get a mid-shot of Louis poking his head out the tent .We get a shot of Zayn (mid shot). You get a point of view shot again of Niall with his guitar. We have that over shoulder shot, so a point of view shot with the camera on Niall. You have a mid-shot of the guy’s heads coming out from the tent from a side view on (point of view shot.) Then the camera moves round to a mid- shot of Niall and Louis poking their heads out the tent. I like this shot it’s a different shot moment approach, but it looks cool. You have a mid-shot of Liam again singing and a POV shot of him from before. When he sings “The music up the window’s down” - the guys from the tent (side view POV shot) they all tumble out the tent I find it pretty funny.      

We have Zayn in a (mid shot) singing, he’s got a good voice and looks good too. We have a mid-shot of Harry clapping his hands on his knees. It looks like someone is having fun. We have another POV shot of a long shot of Zayn, showing us him and the surroundings he’s in. We have a side view POV shot leaving it into a mid-shot of where we have another guy playing a guitar. We have Harry and Niall who is playing the guitar. When Zayn sings “Just pretending that we're cool” we have a POV shot of Harry acting cool with his funny hand movements. We have a mid-shot of Zayn again singing, then with a shot of Louis and Harry messing about with each other. (There showing the fun factor of guy’s life messing around and having fun with friends.) Then we get a mid- shot of the guys attitudes coming in close to the camera, especially Harry making his point of the song.

We have the guys in a field of grass, so a different location; with them walking towards the camera. POV shot, capturing their emotions and the surroundings around them. When they all sing “Let’s go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun.”; it’s like a voice over at this point as we seem them having fun on a swing (mid shot). The things their doing relate to the lyrics of the song. It does show they're all having fun at this point especially when Louis falls into the water. We get a long shot of him from a much wider angle; giving us a feel of the location around them. We have a mid-shot of the others guys reaction of them laughing and smiling.  

We get a mid-shot of a closer look of Louis where he is all wet; it looks like he enjoyed that experience. We have a different location; we have them where they're still in greenery field of them all singing. The shot we get is a mid-shot, giving their attitude. “Tonight let's get some “And live while we're young.” This links to where Louis and Liam are about to push each other of their boat thing. We get a long shot view of where we see Liam falling into the water. You can see the water splash spray of where he’s fallen in. They're just having a laugh and it’s what life is all about.

 These lyrics“Woahhh oh oh oh Woahhhh oh oh oh” - this is where we see them in a POV shot of them on a bumpy ride on a KSU; It looks actually quite fun to be honest .Looks like there having a fun on one of those. I would say they have used a dolly shot because where see the KSU moving; this shot would be used to capture the scene as it moves closer. We get the fast heat coming of the wheels as there moving away. We get a long shot from a distance to see a wider angle. It’s nice where we have the blue sky and the clouds in the background; it makes it feel calm. We get the tracking shot again of them moving, as we feel the motion from the KSU.

We a get a different kind of shot where it’s a point of view shot leaving it into a close up. I would say there must be a camera on the KSU to capture the fast and bumpy reactions. We have a much wider long shot of the trees, the land, the blue sky and of the boys coming along in their KSU. A tracking shot of the KSU. We then have a POV shot of Louis driving it. I would say the camera is still on the dolly, but they have zoomed in onto Louis for his reaction. 

 We have a mid-shot of Harry singing, and then of the guys in the blue inflatable things falling over .They look fun to go into. We have a mid-shot of Zayn again singing. Mid- shots of the guys together in the water things falling over again. Niall we have POV side shot of him and then into a mid -shot of him singing with his guitar. He’s got a good voice too.  “Yeah, we'll be doing what we do”. We have long shots of them having fun and messing about with each other. We have a long shot of the guys as well as having other people in the background jumping up and down. I would say this is a low angle shot because where we have the guys bending down into the camera; it probably is by the position of them. Low angles are good for a different angle from looking up to the action .As you can see there are trees in the background, like there folding over them. The colours of the trees are green and pink which is interesting but weird. I like it; it creates a different effect for trees.
We have the guys rocking it out, moving and dancing around creating fun. We have a different mid- shots of the dancers (people) having fun. There’s mid-shots use to capture their reaction too of them enjoying themselves. We have a mid-shot of the guys singing, then over shoulder view shot of them all in a circle. We have Mid-shot of Louis and Liam singing, then to a mid-shot of them all together. They give us more attitude when they sing “Tonight let's get some.” We have long shots of the guys playing football. We have another low angle shot; this shot is different because it’s more from a distance of them all jumping around and having fun. 

I like the shots of where they each jump up in the air. The camera will be positioned high to capture these shots. It just looks fun to do.  We have a side view on POV shot where there all moving their hands to the side. We then get a shot from the low angle perspective of them doing the same movement.

We have them all wet from the pool, with Zayn singing into an inflatable microphone that looks good. He has Louis on the left side of him. We have footage of where they chuck Zayn into the pool as well as seeing Niall having fun too in there. We get a close up of Zayn singing directly and pointing to the camera itself. 

We have footage of them in the pool having fun with the girls splashing about and that. We have Louis where he’s singing, then Liam and Zayn are about to push him into the water. “Live while were Young” .We have all the guys in the pool having fun and splashing around with each other. We have mid-shots of Harry and long shots of him singing directly to the camera with him splashing about. Harry moves closer to the camera with splashing it. We have all of them singing in the pool from long shots and mid -shots. 

We have a Low angle of them again with Harry and Zayn making their point to the song when they sing. We have all the boys jumping up and down with the people. It looks so much fun, like there partying and with them singing together. We get different reactions again of everyone enjoying themselves. The last bit is a low angle where the guys are bending down and Zayn is in the middle singing the last verse of the song “Live while were young.”


The music video is very fun, upbeat, looks like there having loads of fun with each other and messing around which guys are like. The setting of this place was filmed in Kent in the countryside. It sets a nice feel of the video as there out camping, partying and enjoying life with each other. Their voices are good, it looks like they’re having a blast too . It shows the fun of what camping can bring. It can be great fun when you’re camping with your friends. 
They have so much energy when there filming, it makes you want to be part of it. It looks so much fun jumping in the pool, in those flat able ball things looks fun. The weather looks great for them when there filming on set.They filmed this on the 30th September. 
This group of guys is singing live while were young. The guy on the drums sings first and the the other guys join in together.  It's like a rocky version of the song. They create their own bits which they have added to the song. In the background you have the two guys at the front singing the bits of "Whooa!. You have the two guys playing the guitars at the front and the other guy on the drums. It blends in well to the song. You get different shots mid shots, side view shots of the guitar playing. You have side pov shot of the guys singing from a side and you get a bird’s eye view shot from a higher perspective. They have all got good vocals. 

Here is another cover of the song .I like this version , she sings really good. She has a backing track of herself. You can hear a guitar in the background.  She adds a softer feel to the music.

Here is another version of the song . You have the guy on the left who beat boxes at he start. In the middle you have the guy he has a great voice. You can tell he's feeling into the song.The girl on the left , she sings really well together with the guy. The guy on the right tries to sing , but it doesn't go down well.  

Here is another version of Live While Were Young. He sings with his guitar, he has a nice soft voice. He adds his own intake of the song in his style. You can see he is feeling into his song in the way he sings.


It’s said to say that one Direction have been in competition with Rihanna to get there spot at number one .It looks like they have beaten Rihanna , they are in to the Vodafone top 40 at number one with their new single Live while were young .  Their new single is less than 250 copies ahead of Rihanna's Diamonds in the midweek chart. However that has all changed now. Music Week has reported that the current figures show Rihanna’s climbed over 1D to hold firm at number one, 5,000 copies ahead of Live While We’re Young now. One Direction is working on their new second album which will be released on November the 12th 2012. Their album will be called Take Me home.  

It looks like Rihanna has finally got her chance in position 1 on the top 40 singles chart. The boys go down to position 3 in the single charts. 

This shows there still in number one in the charts update. 

Quantitative Data
The song Live While We're Young by One Direction has been listed for 24 weeks in 16 different charts. Its first appearance was week 39/2012 in the US Airplay Top 100 and the last appearance was week 42/2012 in the Australia Singles Top 50,Canada Singles Top 100World Singles Top 40US Singles Top 100 and Germany Singles Top 100. Its peak position was number 1, on the Ireland Singles Top 50 and New Zealand Top 40, it stayed there for 2 weeks. Its highest entry was number 1 in the Ireland Singles Top 50 and New Zealand Top 40.
USA CHARTS:  We're so happy with the success of the single in the USA and can't wait for everyone to hear our new album. Thank you to all the fans once again.

One Direction's new song Live While We're Young has hit the US number 1 spot to become the fastest-selling single by a UK act.
The sales tally of 341,000 copies in a week is the biggest ever for an overseas act in the US.

One Direction have reached in the top ten with their new single live while were young on I Tunes. It has now been released, and it's off to a positive start as the song has debuted in the Top 10 on iTunes in various countries. In its first day or two of release, the song has reached No. 1 on iTunes in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. In other countries (including the United States, the United Kingdom and Norway), "Live While We're Young" debuted in the Top 5 on iTunes, while the song had Top 10 iTunes debuts in Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden.

On Vevo's record for the most views for a video in the first 24 hours of of the video's premier  "Live While We're Young' had 8.24 million Vevo views in its first 24 hours of of the video's premier  "Live While We're Young' had 8.24 million Vevo views in its first 24 hours, beating the previous record for Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend."


One Direction have their own website which you can find out how they formed as a group, how they signed a contract with Simon Cowell. It tells you the latest gossip, you can get access to their new single of the video, you can get sneak previews of the songs on their new album, it tells you when there next on tour which will be starting in February 2013. 

 Here is the events page on when there next touring. They will be touring at London,Manchester, Newcastle Liverpool,Glasgow,Belfast,Dublin,Cardiff and many more places.  They will be touring February 2013. 

- Debut album, Up All Night: No.1 in 15 countries
- Debut single, What Makes You Beautiful: No.1 in UK and Ireland
- First UK group to debut at No. 1 in USA with a debut album
- BRIT Award winners of Best Single 2012
- Winner of Favourite UK Band at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2012
- US Arena Tour announced for summer 2012
- Over 5 million Facebook fans and 3 million followers on Twitter
- Video to ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ has had over 100 million VEVO views. You can find out about how x factor has changed their life. 

Here this shows you can buy jumpers, mugs, accessories,phone apps,t-shirts,bed covers,wrist bands and more. This be good if your real fan of One Direction. You can get a nice gift for young girl or for teenagers. 

Here this shows a gallery of their pictures of them on tour, screening for their up all night live tour album,we have pictures of them on tour,in the radio station,signing books, photo shoot and pics of them together. 

Here you can get access to all of one Directions songs from their first album Up all Night And you can get access to their new single. 

Here on I Tunes are the different the remixes of Live While Were Young . This was released on the 28th September 2012. 
There single is at number one on I Tunes . 

Qualitative Data(Opinions)
Positive opinions

"Absolutely love this"

 "Live while were young is amazing"

"Best song ever"

"So good , love this song so much , but not a fan of the remixes"

"pround of you boys"

"love this song and one directio"n

"i love one direction, i cannot wait to see the new album take me home"

There new album is out on November 12th 2012. Take me home will have their new single on it .  


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