19 May 2012

Exploring the work of other Video Installation Artists !!

Sonia Falcone - Santa Cruz Biennale 2010

What you see in the video:

 I really liked this video installation. It shows you the use of the bright blue colours and the different tones of blues in the mirror. The colours form it into little squares; you get the different patterns of lines. When looking at this video you get the shadows of the slats (mirrors) reflecting onto the floor. The slats of the mirrors look like it’s moving away, getting smaller where it changes the colour by fading in the blue tone, then bringing out vibrant bright colours which I think works really well. The colours start to get smaller; to me it looks like a jigsaw puzzle just by the shape of it with the different tones of colours which looks good. The colours start to change by getting smaller turning it into small squares which forms into a bar. This effect looks good with the use of the mirrors in a black colour then you get the small squares on them with the different colours. It looks effective with the background. After the small squares start to move, getting smaller again, it then changes into this bright sparkling affect. I thought this gives of a concert feel like an actual concert is being taken place just before the singer goes onto stage. I thought with the use of the sparkles they remind me of party poppers exploding with the excitement like something is happening. I really like this bit as it gives that party mood factor. It next changes colour to a shadow kind of look a bit like fibre optics with the colours moving around and the change of green tones, purple, yellow, red to orange tones then reaching out to all different tones moving up and down which looks good .When you look at the red tones moving up and down it reminds me of that red sweet thought I say.

The colour changes, adding a white line to it. The colours of green, purple, red, and blue appear giving lines of texture to it. The speed starts to increase. Then the colours start to flash, dark tone of blue and then to a lighter tones of blue; it looks like a building at first and then changes quickly to a dark shade of blue of scattered lines. I really liked this how it changes so quickly into a different colour and the visual effect is really good with the different tones of colours giving a variety look- and the movement is good how it decreases then changes into a geometric shape of different types of effects. I really like this due to the vibrant colours changing then moving .Then it changes to the sparkling effect like a concert is being taking place .It reminds me of the base of the music is moving up and down with the use of the line bar of where the colours are changing and moving quickly so like the tempo of the music with the base moving. It’s really good how she filmed and used this; it is an interesting video installation. I like the idea of the colours of the dots, and then it changes to the sparkles of quick flashes it's really good piece of work. You can see she has put a lot of effort and creativity into this.

                     How was it Created:

It was created by Sonia Falcone, using a dark room. (Pitch black) and with using quite a lot of mirrors on both sides of the walls and below on the floor on a long thin screen. She used wooden slats of mirrors which she positioned in a line. The program Sonia Falcone used was a 3D colour projection which is a method of  3D mapping with creating it into a three dimensional to a two dimensional plane which is used to create these changing abstract colours and making them move. She projected across the six meter thin slats of artificial objects by producing stationary charges. She used a 3D mapping programme which is controlled by the computer to generate these form of these different tones of colours (patterns, lines, squares, changing the tone of the colour and etc). She has to make this into a 3D dimension by using the 3D mapping program to create these movement of the colours, transforming it into the slats of mirrors, different textures in the patterns, and the sparkle effect at the start; apparently this was a form of the titanic of where it exploded but I thought it was just do with a different form of a concert which it reminded me of. The light from the projection is positioned onto the object, reflected on the surface by the sensor which picks up these mirror slats which programmes into the programme.


Sonia Falcone - She expresses herself with geometric shapes; structures, vibrations and colour and is inspired by her life and so her experiences. Soon after she moved to more of an abstract form of art. She has a strong passion for art which she enjoys .Sonia’s installation, with the changing of the vibrant colours and shapes and texture, she provides people with inspiration and helps them see beyond the superficial level of reality to discover the hidden, more beautiful and eternal side of life. The video installation is against an ascending flow of bright abstract colours. She says they’re the fall of individual souls into the world of matter. (meaning of a person with a living object comes back to life with the changing of colours and abstract shapes). The promise of their soul coming later as a pure spirit so very energetic. The windows of the soul installation links to the world, the universe and its changing form of elements, showing different mixtures of colours so for e.g. a rainbow with its bright form of an abstract piece of work.

How it Might influence my Ideas:

I like this abstract piece of art in her video, it’s done really nicely. I would like to do something like this with the use of abstract art; the use of vibrant colours in a different form of way. This for me, I would want to relate it to identity in a form of music. I'm into clubland and hardcore music. I‘d like to create tempo of wavelengths with music symbols and flashing lights in the background on a screen. I would like to create a dynamic 3D look of different tones of colours with a static look to it (wavelengths.) I would use different objects, creating the by the tempo of the music, going up and down using different colours: Blues, greens, yellows, pink, and purple. Maybe using people on screen (silhouetted) coming out from the screen dancing with sparks flying of them making, colour darker and lighter tone of blue covered in the silhouettes. The use of silhouettes jumping of screen onto the floor. I think it would be good to have a twirling affect shape on the wall with the colour changing different tones of pink and red. Give that a glowing affect. Instead of the squares , dots , idea of having twirled loops , or  have a check board of colours, changing colour with a static effect on the outside of the objects used – It’s just an idea.


Alcatel Lucent Video Artist:
What Happens – In this video, you see boxes of squares, and you have the light shining onto them. In the corner you get this diagonal zig zag line of an orange, yellow glow shining on the outside of the squares. I think this looks really good with the use of the glowing colour; it reminds me of a heart monitor with the ups and downs of the lines. You see other glowing lines appearing on the squares with different colours like blue, green, orange, purple and red glowing across the screen. I like this as it looks effective and has a great visual element of the different colours being used in this. The colours flow with one another- with different colours of lines being mixed together on the outline of the squares. The work shown here has a great abstract form to it, with the use of different mixtures of colours. The inside of the squares start to change colour, it looks like the colours starts to get faster. It also reminds me of a bit of a puzzle and the game snake where the snake is moving around but obviously in this video it uses the outlines of the squares moving around efficiently with the great use of different tones of colours to give it that abstract form of creativity in this work .The colours of the squares inside all start to change into different colours, with the pace getting even faster. I like this as it gives a good variety of colour and it’s such a good visual design.

With the video starting to change the colours of the squares inside, it starts the lines’ again changing colours as well, like it was on a wall with forming different tones of colours of a line which looks good. The colours from the squares clash together really quickly to form this out of space look with the colours splashed all together like small dots with blues, pinks, greens and yellow etc. The colours start to collaborate together flowing around a tiny bit, changing colours instantly. After that the colours start to change into a different form of small particles (circles), floating around the screen gradually changing the other colours into small floating particles. The particles start to form this ring which I really liked how it transformed from particles then into a ring of vibrant colours of red, yellow, blue, purple and green to this glowing ring. The ring starts to form into a planet I think with keeping the element of purple and blue. 
The white circle drops onto the box it starts to change colour to purple and pink. The background starts to instantly change from where the circle was dropped; it lighted up the squares to a pink /purple colour. I think this looks good with the colour lighting up the squares. You get the form of the planet with blues, purples, orange and white tone changing.

You have the drop from the circle again which lights up the squares into a blue colour which looks good. The line from the planet dropped down from the planet lighting up the squares into a green colour.  The green colour of the squares has a glowing effect inside them, forming a check board inside with the squares of different tones of greens. The planet starts to come back moving around to its more vibrant colours of blue, red, pink, yellow and purple. The colours start to glow again from the outline of the squares then the glowing from the squares start to bright up instantly.  Further up the lines start to form in a swirly kind of way going up across the squares with the tones of purple, green and blue. The line appears from the left hand side forming a shape of a circle with the change of colour from green and yellow. The squares started to change colour as well with the green and yellow tones. The line starts flashing over the squares with the colour changing to blue quickly. The outer line starts to form around into a circle again. When it’s done the white dots starts to appear, the squares change colour to purple and blue with the use of the white line flowing through them. I like that it looks really abstract with the colours changing.

The colours change to orange pink, lighting up the squares with the white line glowing at the bottom. The line vanishes and the colours change inside the squares with the different tones of that square.The bars were moving up and down .You had the other colours doing the same thing. You had the squares outline in a purple glowing affect, so for e.g. the tempo of the music going up and down. The colours were changing colour really fast, with the different outlines of colour so pink and red with them moving up and down. The white dots appeared again, the colours were getting faster as it was changing. The squares faded into small rectangle squares. The colours of red, oranges, blues and purples were unfocused. The colours started to move forward to form one colour, yellow. Next you see the square boxes in a blackout with the use of white dots and the white lines going down. At the bottom you have the swirly yellow glowing look across the squares. I think this looks good; the squares make me think of buildings with the lines and the dots. Then you have the yellow line as the road glowing through. I like the glowing effect it looks really good. You see the white line glowing through the road and through the squares which looks good.

How it was created:
It was created by it being based on a video mapping software, created by the Superbiern agency. The new media diversion from auditoire event agency helped as well. It was done by a 3m x 3m square room. The installation was created for Alcatel Lucent for his mobile world congress. Superbien agency (Alex Melstrot said the installation was created via video projection (where you show your work so the visual elements to the people. Video mapping is where it can look more dynamic so in his video he used the use of lines, objects, tones of colour and animation element to it. This went through a stage of video mapping which Superbien agency came up with this plan to use the software to create how it will look with its visual elements of looking 3D with its good use of dimension colour. The use of the geometric boxes (square shapes) this is modelled into 3D software. This is then used to create a 3D animation of the changing of colours, so the visual parts. This is then projected onto the real boxes to form this abstract piece of animation work. The installation uses high LED projectors with each mapping a different set of animation here and then ‘projection’ on different surfaces to create this amazing form of work.

Here is a quick screen shot of the video that I watched its software of Video Mapping (quad wrapping with quarts composer) on how to 3D everything with transforming it into the shapes used. It showed how to change the glowing effect on the box by turning down the dial. It shows you how to change the image into a bar set on the boxes. It’s good how it shows you how to transform the image into the right dimension of getting it right into the actual shape of inserting it in. This links into his work of how to 3D mapping everything into a different form of piece of work.

 What’s it all about:
The video illustrates a computer generated three dimensional image of what Superbian was offering to Alcatel Lucent. He could use this to offer this to his customers (mobile company) during the last congress of the media world. The Video installation -Envision Step into the sensory box is all about hiding its name from what it’s all about. This links into the 3D animation of this dimensional piece of work (experiment) with it’s use of vibrant colours as it shows the mobile experience transforming, into a better future.  The project plan was to utilize it’s art of well thought out technical visual of the video mapping technology, to make a dynamic light show that responded to the environment. This is how technology is changing and being updated to new versions. It was created to give an experience of showing what video mapping is about, with its geometric shapes as a communication for the mobile world congress. This was to help organizations to communicate about a subject (marketing and organisation) of a company on what they have to offer). With using an animated visual effect about the company. The video installation links into this with the vibrant colours of the economic changing brining new forms of light (technology.) It shows how economic is a huge impact into our lives with communicating with the latest technology. Alcatel Lucent used this to communicate to his people across the board with it’s visual elements to it.

The influence on my ideas:

I really like this one as well and in a way it sort of relates to Sonia Falcone’s video installation with the same bright abstract colours, the movement of the colours. Where as Alcatel Lucent used square boxes which he used to animate with the different tones of colours moving inside the square Sonia Falcone used wooden slats of mirrors which she animated to change the movement of colour .She used all sorts of different colours, patterns, and fiber optic looks with the green tones moving like it was a lava lamp. It’s still got that same sort of vibe to it from these two different video artists. I would like to create something like this but in a different form, keeping the abstract colours because they look really good visually with using different objects as well for it to be animated onto, form of static wavelengths forming on the objects with changing colour and creating a techno, dance visuals and flashing UV lights, like you’re actually at night club. I want to relate this to identity (me). I’m into my dance and hardcore music; I would love to create something abstract and colourful with all these different elements to form something like this piece of work. I want to create a dynamic techno look. In the background for audio I would use a song of a beat to get the visual attracting with the visual elements changing.  This will set the right mood for this video installation. In the background I would like to create a static sharp curvy wave length line with a yellow glowing effect overlapping with different glowing affects of wavelengths. Just like Alcatel Lucent used. I think this will look good, giving it that dance and techno feel.   


What you see in the video:
In this video, you see the different statues changing colour to blue, pink, purple, green, orange and yellow. I think this video looks really good with the colours changing. I like the idea how he has produced his video installation outside in Singapore, as you can see there are a lot of people there who are fascinated by his piece of work. The little kids are interacting with these statues by pressing their hands onto it as they’re amazed by his work. The video is done at night which I think is really good because you can see more of the light; it looks more effective at night when the colour is changing. There are a few people with their cameras taking pictures of this; they can remember their time of their experience of seeing something they probably wouldn’t see again. When you look at this it looks like an actual person is standing there, if you look away from a distance it probably would. I like the way he has spread the statues out, it gives the people a better experience of this. When you look at the front row the colours are pink, green, yellow, and orange whereas the back ones are blue, purple and green however they are constantly changing. 

How it was created:

This was taken at the event of the art festival at the Marina Bay in Singapore. It was well known for its piece of art at the festival. Edwin Cheong used (RGB LED strips) it is a source of light used in lamps with using a software programme, sending waves of different colours through these statue figures. Edwin Cheong used a programme to generate these different forms of colours and projected them onto the sculptures. The acoustic sensors interact with the humans when they come up near to them (hero) this will trigger these lightning affects. The artist was encouraged to use local sourced and recyclable material. The Singapore creative team had to spread twenty six light art works that were spaced along 3.5kms where the public walk, around the Marina Bay lagoon.  

What's It All About:

Edwin Cheong Video Installation – The changes of the light is about having hope about what the future brings. The positive attracts video explores the beliefs that there is hope in a person’s mind. Edwin Cheong has been influenced by his nine favourite heroes, imaginative (heroes) who have used their mental state of mind (person’s mind) to affect positive outcomes. The song played in the background was a song of hope, “somewhere over the rainbow”(the different tones of colours) make him believe there is hope with the life changing colours. The positive attracts is a sensory installation to intend viewers with positive energy. The statues represent the nine heroes; you move towards them closely and the colour patterns changes

The influence on my ideas:
I really like this piece of work he has created, it is very 
and it is very creative. I like the different tones of colours used in his piece of work. His work is presented very well on these statues. I would like to use these similar colours when I’m creating my video installation with using different forms of abstract shapes onto objects. I was thinking of using people (silhouetted) people as well which I think will look good where they come out of the screen with the different tones of colours changing. I like the way he has used LED lights onto the statues projection with these different tones of colours. I was also thinking of using UV lights flashing around on the silhouetted people giving them a bit of a techno look with the lightning. I think this would look good in what I want to create.


Target Interactive Breezeway:

What you see:

In this Video you see a panel of lights I think, you see a big red flash it’s left with yellow squares on the panel leaving the background in pink. The colour then changes to yellow with little circles on it as well. The squares in yellow are reflecting on top of the panel. I really like these colours are great, the shapes are good; it just reminds me of a game. You see a woman who is standing behind the screen. The colour goes of leaving the panel white, it looks like the squares on there are already remain on there. The women moves near towards the centre of the panel and the colours on top of the screen start to appear blue then pink, it shows up on the right hand side in small squares. I like this how this is interactive, interferes with the use of human body’s.  The woman puts her hand on the panel; it starts too lit up the bar in the colour green with leaving the blue long line in the middle. The colour changes to pink now. I like the change of colour, leaving it in a robot style of way with the lines and giving it that techno look. The woman puts her hand on it again the blue bar moves to the other bar. You see the pink circles appear at the bottom of the blue line. On the right hand side the whole panel changes into small little dots that form the rectangle squares. The red circle appears on the panel one near the bottom and the other ones are near the top. The woman puts her hand on it and the circles as well as the blue rectangles go, but you still have the blue bar behind the women. 

 The women then moves across the panel and the blue lines move; the red circles and the yellow circles move to the bottom. She walks to the end of the screen it flashes again with the colours again from the start. The blue line starts to move as the women moves too. The panel flashes again with leaving the green squares (small dots) with the two circles; one positioned in the corner and one near the top which is in the blue line. The woman moves of the screen and the blue lines starts to move and flash. A man walks by and the colours on the panel the lights start too lit up with using different colours ,they have used yellow (small dots) for the rectangle boxes. You still have the small circles but in yellow. The man walks by nothing happens, then the panel changes to a greenbackground with the green small dots (rectangular squares) with the small circles which are in orange. Someone else starts to walk by the colours and it changes again to a blue background with the blue rectangle squares. You have the pink circles positioned differently.

 The women walks by the colours, they go leaving the screen blank. The colours start to flash again just like at the start with the red background. The yellow circles they flash off again. The panel starts to flash green then it changes to the blue background with the small dots of the rectangles with the pink circles. I like this as it shows a good interaction with the colours.  
Someone else walks by the panel it changes to pink with the red rectangle squares with the pink circles. The panel starts to flash again. Two people walk by and it flashes green with the rectangle squares and the circles. It starts to flash pink and red again with the yellow circles. A green bar starts to appear and the blue squares start to appear on top of the panel with the red and orange circles on the left.  The red bar in the right hand side of the panel appears.  

How it was created:

It was shown at the New York Rockefeller Centre, created by using LED lighting. The cameras there pick up the visitors movement as they move near the screen. He used LED fixtures (lightning) to create a combination of different tones of colours and patterns. When the visitors walk past the screen, they each are automatically designed a personality with the 3D tracking system and then it individualises the lights and colours shown which that is giving off by the visitors. According to Darmon Sleeley, says that “colour Kinects” (LED fixtures were the only technology that can deliver the full the full RGB spectrum with keeping the power. The room (space) has a glowing ceiling and the walls are fully lit by LED systems. Approximately 1,300 I colour cove MX power core units (this is a compact LED fixture) that generates saturated colour and its dynamic effects. Each pixel is composed of four I colours cove MX units, these are grouped on the ceilings and the walls behind the translucent glass which is positioned on the surfaces with a backlit white LED strip. He used a software from colour Kinect which they can develop their own software for controlling the fixtures to generate the patterns. The colour Kinect controls the lightning of his piece of work with making it interactive. The program they use will be computer vision system; it is the science technologies of creating this space look in a bit of an abstract look. When a person stands still this links into the translated pattern on screen.  

        What’s it all about:

The video installation is about creating these sorts of colours and patterns making it look like the visitors are in space.  He made it look interactive with the use of the quick changes of colours; it enchants height by looking at this. Its intention is to engage the visitors who pass through by tracing their movement with the controlled LED light. He wanted to create a whole new experience with interactive method of touching and walking by the LED light of being part of the universe. This experience enables a full experience that goes throughout the day; it registers well during the day with it’s powerful source of light; with the movement of the small circles which interacts as the planets are moving around in space. The dynamic of these visual elements create a 3D look when you’re there, it gives of a great experience for people to take in. It offers a high quality in 3D which people love to see for a greater experience.

Influence my ideas:
I think this video installation looks really good; it has presented its designs in an interactive way. I like the visual part of this with the different colours on the screen. I liked the way how you just walk by it then it interacts with that person programming it in with the computer technology. I would like to use the colours (bars) in a form of a tempo look where you see the bars moving around in the background with the change of colours. The colours used in this are very bright; it’s good how the colours move around and flashes. I would like to do something like this but using the abstract and geometric shapes in my video installation; with using this in the background as well as using objects as well to create a techno and dance form look. I think this will be a good experience for people to watch. The visual element is all you need to create this form of music .The form of the lines create a robotic look about it which looks good as it relates to science and technology.     


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