29 May 2012

advertising campaign - research of films - marketing strategies, target audience and the different types of advertising platforms - advantages and disadvantages !!


What am I going to do?

I am going to do a website and a DVD cover promoting our thriller film. I have chosen to do a website as it is something different to do and I can show of my creativity - design aspect of creating a website. I think this would be good a way to promote our thriller film people use the internet to find out information about films. The website will attract people to go onto my website with the font, images, key info, tabs layouts and etc. I will look on the internet to find out how to create a website by going on to free websites to get the layout functions of how to get the format for a website. I will use layout boxes to help me with my layouts and how the text is going to be positioned. I will use small thumbnail pictures on the website across the top of the page giving a few snippets of what to expect to see in the film. I will use a bold font with using a blue colour for the writing that will stands out. I will use 1001 fonts to look at the different types of bold fonts to help me with creating my title.

 I will use an image in the left hand corner of the page so probably an image of evil Margaret looking scary, where she is playing with the cross. I think this will draw people in making them want to know more. The colour code I will use for my website will be blue, black, red and white. I have chosen these colours because red represents blood -danger , blue is quite sutle but still remains to a thriller so a dark blue, white it easy to read and black as it’s a dark colour which remains enigma so a bit of mystery and that dark feel to it . On the website it will have a homepage icon button, characters about us etc. I will have these icons positioned across the top so there easily accessible to click onto; the colour for this will be in white. The font I will use will be size 12 aerial black so everyone can read it easily as some fonts are hard to read so I will keep it simple with using blue, red and black colours. The tile I used was from 1001 fonts, I used the program paint to change the colour and I added white dots onto it to give it that glittery affect. I used the colour red as it represents blood and danger. I will use another images as well on the website with relating to our thriller film and other images as well as represent media with images. I will look at which ones to use. I will download a video to image converter so I can use the images from our actual thriller. It will have information on the narrative (story); this will be positioned against the image of Damian (silhouetted). On the characters page I will have the text positioned in a table sort of thing with the images of who starred in it, bit about them of who they play and who did what in our thriller so for e.g. director, editing, scrip camera work etc. I will have the sub titles in a red colour so it stands out a bit and the rest of the font will be in a blue colour. At the bottom I of the homepage I will have the cinema listings of where the film is going to be shown at. My website will inform people about what the thriller film is all about giving them a brief insight to the story. On the website it will have the genre of it, key words, images and the classification.

I am also going to do a DVD cover illustrating our thriller film with images, fonts, narrative, classification, inter titles and a main image for the back cover and a main image for the front cover. I will go onto http://www.1001fonts.com/ fonts to look at some styles. I will look at ones that will work for my title sequence for my DVD cover. The font I will use will be from 1001 fonts. I will use the colour red as it symbolizes blood-danger which this does relate in our thriller film.  The background colour of this will be black as it stands out more. The main image I will use for my DVD cover will be an image of Hannah (evil Margret) where she is looking at the camera with daggling the cross in her hands. The images are different to the images I’m going to use for my DVD and poster for print. The image would make the audience be intreieve by this, making them want to watch the thriller film. The audience probably asking questions theatre of the mind used - “who is that old lady?”, “What is she doing there?” and “Why she daggling the cross in her hand?”  I was thinking of making the text slanted with it being on an angle.  I will play around with the transform button to see if I can position it differently. The names of the actors /actresses will be positioned just below the title. I will change the font to a different font style for this. The colour will be in red so it stands out. The classification will be on the right side and on the spine.

 On the back cover of the DVD I will use will be a small thumbnail picture of Hannah dead on the back which will be positioned in the left hand corner of the page. The narrative will be next to the image I think this will look good. The colour of this writing will be red linking into the front cover of the DVD. The font style will be easily readable for the viewers to read. At the bottom of this page there will be the info where it is unclear; you have the use of the approx time in the small table grid which will be positioned to the right hand side corner. On the left hand side just below the table will be the barcode just underneath the table. On the spine I will use the title on the front cover this will have to be transformed so it will fit onto the spine. I will have an image of the cross on the spine as well, you can see I have added blood to it. I will use Universal (Film Company) with the DVD symbol as well, using an image of the cross in the middle centre of the spine. The programme I will use will be Photoshop; I will get a template from the internet and insert it into Photoshop with using the right tools. I will use the wand tool to select the letters to change the colour. I will use the transform button by pressing ctrl t if needed to transform the letters. I will use the colour swats to change the colour. I will use the bucket tooI, I will change the contrast/brightness of the image so by turning it into a dark background maybe the use of having a moon in the right hand corner or get an image of a dark forest with changing the contrast of the image which I have done it has left with a blue tint on the image. I want to create that dark feel to it; it’s not what it seems when you watch the thriller film.


Prometheus is about a group of explores (scientists) who enter this world where they enter the dark side of the universe.  Their mission is to find about the life forms of these aliens. They find themselves stranded on the aliens base of the universe as there’s nowhere to run;so there fighting for survival. They must fight against the aliens to save the human race. Their target audience is aimed at older viewers who appreciate the intelligent of smart dramas who are into the world of Sci-Fi technology. This would be related to all older people who are keen to know about the human race and who are interested in Sci-Fi technology .(aliens)The explores are fighting for survival with adding horror to it; where as some scenes maybe scary with the dark features for e.g. monsters and  the gory bits of blood. Soon there be an online structure of this introducing this film with its film trailer, characters, story, and genre.  When it’s out in June it will be a proper official site. 

The marketing Strategy is proving to be really effective due to its mystery elements and has a lot of sci-fi elements linking into science technology with the aliens as well as saving the human race. I think this will get a lot of sci-fi fans who are interested in the world of science and how science technology is being used; its a broad genre of linking into aliens and Sci-Fi technology. Sci –Fi fans have been asking for bits from the film .They must be excited about this film if there into fiction of science on how the world revolves around this technology .The Prometheus at the moment is up against the new launches of spider man, avengers and the dark night rises.The team of the Prometheus has been very smart by upping their game of their marketing strategy (suspense ).Ridley Scott is well known for its alien movie film which does relate to  his new movie Prometheus( about explores who enter this world –investigates these creatures). Scott Ridley is well known for his well Sci Fi films and it’s said this one will be even better with adding mystery to it. The technology they have used has increased making it better with the visual elements of Sci-Fi.  On the internet there are spoilers of the movie with showing snippets of the film, bloopers, trailers and one of the films shows a full intent of the movie; which is giving away too much information for its audience. Some of his fans don’t want to see this as they said “what’s the point of seeing the film if it’s giving a way the more important bits”.  It’s kind of looking bad on them with revealing too much. It is marketed across the internet all over websites, YouTube, and Twitter .When you look onto the website of Prometheus, the director Ridley Scott is well known for his film this is what his viewers want to see -must see of Sci-Fi technology.

Prometheus is advertised all over the internet; people have published a video about Peter Wyland who stars in Prometheus who talks about the future “Prometheus”. A load of people of 20,000 have commented and has posted this up on Facebook and over 6,000 people have posted and commented on twitter.  This is to promote the film of Prometheus of talking about artificial life. http://blog.ted.com/ted2023/. They have midnight screenings coming in June, the premier will be at Fareham; they have advertised it on all sorts of websites for people to go and see it. They have advertised bits about the program of what to expect from the upcoming film with its technology they are using for the aliens. It will support pictures of what to expect from the film to the fictional side of what his staff is like.  They have made the site so people can visit there site and so they can sign up to it by unlocking challenges and exclusive content which they will find out a bit more about the world Ridley Scott has created .
This is a great way to get viewers to interact with them and signing up to this site. Hopefully it will increase its chances of having loads of viewers who will then watch the film in June.  There is another site linked into this, it will lead you to its content of Prometheus it will give people a chance to look and read about the project of Prometheus so how they created it (ship). This is another great way to advertise this because people will read more about the film; it can draw people in if there into the technology side of Sci-Fi. It can relate to men who are scientists, it may teach them into a huge interest in finding out more about the latest technology they used in this film. Also the Prometheus Marketing team hooked up with Channel 4 to host this premier of the film. At the end of the trailer it enabled people to tweet about it of what they thought about the trailer. This did bring excitement to the people who watched this about the film.  


The Avengers is one of the well known films which people can’t get enough of with all its use of characters from Iron Man, Hulk, Captain Avenger and Thorn etc. They all come together to save the world from Thorn’s brother Loki from destroying the city. The Avengers need all the help they can get to stop Loki from ruin the earth. The Avengers have a good strategy of comic books illustrating these characters; it has came popular with comic readers of Marvel comics. It shows how these famous heroes come together in the film and how they have progressed in the comic book which is very popular with its audience.  Marvel Avengers have earned 218 million across the sky box office. This film is amazing with bringing all these heroes together to battle out on protecting their world from danger.

This film has been promoted across the United Kingdom and Canada with loads of viewers watching this and they think it’s really good with the visual effects. How ever this has a game on face book of the Avengers alliance which kids are playing wanting to be a super hero of helping people. Kids at young age they look up to these heroes they want to be like them with there increase of power they have. 1.2 million Players play it a day. This was introduced in March with getting more kids playing this and then they go and see the film in more proper live action. They have added it in 3D for a better experience with the special effects added. The Avengers earned 1.8 million at the midnight showings of this film; this is form of advertising the new film with telling people on the internet that there is going to be a midnight showing. The characters all engage in different elements of the film with the characters having different powers too each other. It makes it so good as there fighting out to save the world with showing their full engage power. It has gone over the 300 million mark across the world which they have loads of fans of there superheroes. There target audience is aimed at kids and I would say it’s more of a boy’s film with the action but I like it. Young kids who love to read comic books they market it with making it a bigger production which is even better than ever. It has good use of variety of special effects use with using these heroes all together which kids want to see them working it out kicking some ass. The Avengers have a great impact of an action pack film with the explosions with hulk in the air flying around, Thor and Loki fighting against each other; this makes the audience feel like there on the edge of their seat as they don’t know what is going to happen next. The best scenes of the movie is where Hulk is smashing into buildings and throwing around the aliens with his strong force. You have the Iron Man who is flying around shooting at the aliens with his source of power and etc. These shows the best visual parts when we see them battling with each other .This sets of a whole new experience, this delivers the internal conflict with are favourite heroes.

Marvel was coming up with ways how to advertise the movie; They advertised it by super bowl ads, TV commercials and all over the internet. The internet has been a great way to get people’s attention of the Avengers film through Facebook. Marvel used this to generate a Facebook fan base. They did create Avengers Facebook page which they give people a contest (early screening of the Avengers) to its fans. This was to give fans two free tickets to see the premier in Hollywood in April; This was a form to draw viewers in.

Everyone who signed up to the page then published about the Avengers to their friends. This is a good technique of advertising as this is getting published across YouTube; it’s bound to get loads of sign-ups with our favourite heroes. Marvel continued there advertisement with the Avenger’s Alliance which I said above with having loads of viewers playing in it. It’s said to have 8.2 million users monthly. Rob Waugh is online game person he said that “the game is well known game as people are playing their favourite superheroes and the movie parts so the action parts, fighting to try and save the world”. The games that are played by the users is linked into Facebook this goes onto the Marvel’s page with showing the users score of who played the game. The game is increasing with Facebook users publishing onto their friend’s wall. Now Marvel has introduced the official website which people can download screen savers, wall papers and cover photos etc.  Review’s by the public is said to have a brilliant performance from Hulk “smash”. The Avengers have done well with its power and force and it keeps the viewer’s entertained with their heroes. 
The advantages of this campaign is that they produced a poster  which gives you a real feel of these heroes on the poster , It shows  there ready for battle. You have the visual special effects of where the hulk is standing there like he is ready to fight. It does show that he is tough and strong. It makes people want to watch it; it doesn’t revel too much about the film which is good. It has the massive A sign of it showing the A for Avengers. The poster is used at cinemas to draw people in to make them go and watch it. Disadvantages of a poster it may not be as noticeable if it’s somewhere else where you wouldn’t go. It has al lot of video clips of the trailers and interviews across YouTube which has a lot fans who are interested in this film. Some people are intreive and expired by this film which has come together nicely.  

The advantages of a poster of Prometheus  is that it gives you insight of what the film is about with the aliens in the background, letting you know it is Sci-Fi film with its dark use of features creating an enigma feel to it. Posters make you want to know more about the film without revealing too much of it. Posters can give you a real feel of what the poster is about with its use of dark colours. Posters can keep the audience guessing of what’s going to happen in the film with the little inter titles so a bit of snippet of the film. The poster was aimed to be dark of the universe to reaming as enigma of a thrilling experience of what to expect. The aliens are battling out to save the human race before its tool late with its coolness of technology.   You want to attract your audience in especially to Sci-Fans which probably will watch this.

Advantages of a poster:/Disadvantages

Posters can be advertised across billboards, cinemas and college etc; so everyone knows about the latest films that are upcoming. The more you see of posters the more you will remember it.  However disadvantages of a poster it can sometimes reveal too much of the film depending what sort of film it is. It can sometimes be misleading when looking at a poster then you watch it then it doesn’t have the snippets in the film. Some people may not get the idea of the film so they may see know point of the commotion. It can lead them talking about it with moaning about it which can be annoying. Sometimes posters aren’t up for long as they promote new upcoming films; so some people may not even know about a film or unless they research into it. When you go to cinemas they have posters positioned everywhere on the walls. Then when a new film is out they will take these down and put up the new posters. Some people may forget about the film depending on if they really like it. They are likely to buy the film when it’s out on DVD.

Advantages of a DVD Cover: It sells the film more as it will be sold in the highest of market so for e.g HMV, Asda ,Tesco’s ,Morrison’s and etc; if they haven’t seen it advertised they may buy it when there in the actual store with its design on the front cover depending what attracts people as people are attracted to things in different ways . DVD’S are always out in the shop and they will never go unlike posters where they will go after a while.

Disadvantages of a DVD:  
Some DVDs are expensive when they first come out due to it being new , so that may put the buyer of from buying it. It depends on if they really want it they may intend to buy it or they may like the DVD but may not be able to afford it . The cover maybe dull and simple so that may put the buyer of from buying it. We want to buy something that will attract us to it something that will stand out differently to the rest.

Advantages of a website:
It can give a lot of information about the film in full detail synopsis of the story. It can tell us about who the actors and actresses are in the film, if people don’t know they can easily find them on the characters icon. On websites they give you reviews of the film .If a person is not sure if they want to see it they can look down at the bottom of the page and find out about its rating and what other people have said about the film. If you can’t get onto YouTube to watch the trailer of a film you can easily watch it on the page of the film which is normally accessible on the right hand side. A website holds picture so little snippets of the film on the top of the website page. Most people have internet access so they can easily go onto the internet to find out more information instantly about the film; if they need it for research for coursework or just have interest of the film. It is a good form of advertisement as well.

Disadvantages of a website:
The website page can be plain, bland and simple; this will make people not want to go onto a website. The information on there can be done in simple form; people may not find this useful at all if they need to use the website for their coursework. Some of the information giving on a site may be misleading or bias depending what the website is.  The website may not helpful at all when finding out information on a film etc.  It cannot be reliable depending on the publisher so they may have a bad reputation. It can sometimes come with advertisements that you don’t want to look at this can be annoying when it keeps popping up on the screen. 

Advantages of a trailer:
It can be showed in so many places’ so for e.g. cinemas, YouTube, websites and interactive methods. When watching a trailer people can be interested by this. Instantly they want to know more this can use theatre of the mind where it implies questions to the viewers.  Some trailers make you want to watch in the cinema.

Disadvantages of a trailer:
Some trailers can give away too much with revealing the main bits of a film. Sometimes trailers can be misleading where they show something in the trailer but then when you watch the film it’s not in there. Some trailers can be boring in a way depending what they are showing in their content.

The advertising of advantages and disadvantages they all have a great technique of different media platforms to advertise.  It shows the impact of a film, special effects used in the background, creating enigma, font style, positioning of text and how it’s going to look so designing it this takes a bit of thinking time.  When promoting you’re product you want it to create a good advertisement to attract your audiences  and then you want to publish it across the world for it to be advertised over the different media platforms.


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