27 May 2012

Job Roles 2 Task 3 !!

Here I looked onto this website http://www.autoinc.org/staff2.htm to find out about a job so in this case I looked at the editorial side.  I found out there were quite a few people who work in the magazine area. Here it shows I have emailed this person (Levy Joffrion what a weird name) about what kind of contract I'll get and will I be paid monthly -weekly and included the training I basically know it but I thought it be  interesting to hear from a professional point of view . It's good way to find out about the company (so what it's like and to find out more in depth on the job which you may not be able to find on the internet.) 

- It shows I have emailed three of these jobs from my recent job roles blog - here are the sent emails =) 
email I sent to Levy Joffrion magazine assistant editor/writer/journalism

Here I went onto this blog http://www.thefilmeditor.com/contact.html to find out about a film editor . 

I find out a bit more about the job itself as film editor . Here it shows I have emailed her (Janelle) about the job itself basically what I asked above -contract , paid - monthly-weekly - and training . 

Janelle - film editor. I sent her an email to find out more about the job.

It basically includes the stuff from before - contract , paid -weekly /monthly and training . It's best to get more of a professional point of view of what it's like in the media industry as they have experience of this . This is the website I used to email her - http://www.runnersinproduction.com/fixed/contac

Here it shows I have sent an email to Jess about the job as a runner.

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