29 May 2012

Evaluation for the press pack !!

Evaluation – on my campaign’s!!

Strengths and Weaknesses on my designs for my campaign of promoting our thriller.

For my campaign I created a poster and a website for promoting our thriller. I did a website because it was something different to do and I could put my creative side to it. My strength’s for my website – At first it was pretty straightforward because you could use a template; it gave you all different ones to choose from. I chose a template but it had all different writing in the boxes and different pictures which I didn’t want to use. I just got rid of these added my own stuff to it.  On the left hand side and on the top of the page it had all the tools I needed to change the images, the font, the colours, the design so changing how it looks;  I went into the page master and this is where you can add a picture to the background without it disturbing the text. You can insert pages so links, you always see them on a website to address you to other parts of the website. if I made a mistake with the links which I did I had a link where it said contact us but I got rid of the link because I didn’t want random people emailing me that be weird .If you click on the insert button at the top of the page it will give you a full range of media tools for you to use. The media tools I used for my website were an audio soundtrack of Marylyn Manson –Sweet Dream .I used this on the homepage because I thought it be quite nice to add it and plus it links into our thriller so I thought it worked quite nicely. Another media tool I used was a video tool which I’m posting up our thriller now; it’s taking ages to load it up so it may take some time. On movie websites you have a trailer of the film to give you snippet of the film. I used Hannah’s trailer she said it was fine to use.   I used a photo gallery as well which is posted onto the characters link of giving snippets of the film.

The links I am using on my website are characters so this tells the viewers an insight of what the characters are like; it’s also got the team members who worked behind the production. It has got keywords on there so giving you the main just of what is related in our thriller. It has got a comments page on the characters page which I used from the widget tool, so if anyone wanted to comment about the page or anything then they can do so. It be nice to have feedback but haven’t had anything yet. On the homepage I have used my own title sequence with changing the colour which I created in paint with using 1001 fonts. I like it as it gives that sparkly effect with the white dots.  It was easy to import it in by going to insert- picture then I went to my files and then it uploaded it. I transformed it by making it bigger which was easy to do as it had the arrow keys on it to increase the image just like Photoshop.  In the left hand corner I have an image of Damian where he is silhouetted I thought it be quite good to use , then next to him I wrote a brief outline of what our thriller is about . I added the classification of the film; it’s good to know what the age is on films. I used sub titles of who made the film possible I used a red colour for this as the colour represents blood and danger. In the top hand corner you have the audio player it plays the song sweet dreams.  On the right hand corner I have used an image of Hannah which I have Photoshop by making it a bit darker with changing the levels. At the bottom I have an image of Hannah where she has her hands round Damian in the hospital I just made the image look a bit bigger as it looked a bit small before .  This creates theatre of the mind as it implies questions to our viewers “Who is she?” What is she doing there?”  and “Why has she got her hands round him ?”. Another image I have used is where the blood is dripping from Damian’s arm I thought that looked effective.  It was pretty straight forward of uploading images – insert picture it took a second to download.  In the middle near the bottom of the page I have the use of cinema screenings so introducing it to our viewers like it’s an actual film being shown at the cinema.

I used an about us link so this tells the viewers of what were about and what we have created. I gave the viewers the locations we used and why. I thought that be quite nice. I got the photos from the internet then I inserted them into Photoshop I changed the hue saturation / changing the colours and turning the image in black and white. I did create my own image with using an image of 4 people so stick men then I used the magic wand tool to get rid of them, I stuck to the one stick men. I did change the colour of it to red linking it to my colour scheme. I created my own words to it as well showing that media is fun with the use of words around it. I thought It be good to use my own image onto it.  

So overall it was good to create a website how I wanted it to look, it was good fun. It was really easier to get use to the tools; it had all the elements of what I would need to create my own website. I did look at other websites to help me with my designing my website. I had an idea of what I wanted to create but I just looked on other sites to help me out a bit. I did find it a bit hard of what links to use on my website I wasn’t sure how many to do and what ones to create in a way. I was going through my images from our thriller I wasn’t sure what images to use because I didn’t want to give too much away before the screening of the film.  I was thinking how to position everything so images and what else shall I add to my website so I just added some random images in making sure they look right and I added the cinema screening to it with getting the images of the internet.  I added an image of Fareham College of representing us as media students and an insight of media life with the image I created myself. Overall I think my website is good with the main bits on it. I wanted to keep to 3 colour schemes blue is thriller, red representing blood and danger and black representing an enigma of something that is yet to be revealed. I didn’t want to over a dress it with too much colour. The toolbars were easy to use as well so I just got on with it without fiddling around with it to much.
Strengths and weaknesses for my DVD cover: 

For my campaign I have designed a DVD cover. I quite like designing DVD covers, it’s interesting if you ever did make a film then you can see how you’re DVD cover is going to look.  My strengths for my DVD – It was easy to get a template of a DVD cover, I just got it of the internet then inserted it into Photoshop.  It helps to get the layout right of a DVD.  At first I did download a converter to get the pictures of the video to a jpeg. I was going through of what images to use; I wanted to use an image of Hannah because that would draw people in by making them want to know more about the story line. I have a few images of Hannah where she is looking scary so in the end I decided to use an image of where Hannah is daggling the cross in her hands. I was trying to keep away from the images I am using for my website and print. I thought that be good image to use, it looks effective. It was a bit hard to get rid of the outline from Hannah, I was using the wand tool and the selection tool but with the wand tool it’s hard to get rid of the outline as it only does small bits of selections; the edges were a bit rough at the start but then I used the selection tool as well to get rid of the main part, it did sort the outline out which was good.  I was moving Hannah around because I wasn’t sure what the best position was for her, so I sent her to the back where she is in the centre of the cover. This creates enigma of who she is which is good because I don’t want to give too much away. Hopefully it will make buyers want to watch it. I like the glowing effect from the forest; I got an image from the internet of a forest then I changed the saturation of the image with it giving that blue glowing affect. I quite like the blue tint of the forest. I’m quite familiar with the tools because we used Photoshop last year so it’s pretty basic stuff.  

The title sequence I used from 1001 fonts I wanted a bold font for it to stand out. When I was filling in the letters with the bucket tool it wouldn’t cover the letters which I thought was a bit weird, so I used the paint brush to fill in the colours with selecting the magic wand tool and it worked. On the spine of the DVD cover I was a bit worried the alignment wasn’t right on the spine because when you have Photoshop up you can’t really see if the image, classification and company if it’s is going to fit on the spine .You have to fold it and when I did this the alignment was a bit off. I had to move around a few images due to it being of the spine a bit, I printed it of it worked fine.  At first I did use an image of where you see Hannah holding the cross but you couldn’t see the blood. In the end I added blood to the image of where she is holding the cross, it looks better seeing this .On the back of the DVD cover I used an image of Hannah where she is dying on the floor. I did change the levels of the image I wanted it to look black and white making it thriller with the use of the dark colours. On the right hand side I have a little snippet of the storyline; I don’t want to give too much information away as that would spoil it. It keeps the audience in suspense of what is going to happen in this thriller. It’s good to do this because you want to keep your audience guessing and making them think of what is going to happen next.

So overall it was pretty straightforward on how to do this. Last year we did this with our horror film, we created a DVD cover for it. It was good to make my own DVD cover for our thriller with keeping to the thriller types of dark, enigma, suspense, blood, and main image to draw your audience in etc. Using Photoshop was pretty easy with using it last year so I’m quite familiar with the tools. On the back cover I didn’t want to add any more pictures to it because I duplicated the image from the front cover I didn’t want to ruin the forest image as it looks nice and quiet. I just kept to the one of Hannah as it makes you want to know more with using theatre of the mind “What happened to her ?” , “is she dead ?” and “Who is she?” . It’s good because I could design the DVD cover in a way I wanted it to look. It was easy to post the classification onto the cover, the barcode and the grid you get an image from the internet then insert it into Photoshop , you just square it off then drag to your   cover which is easily enough to do; this is what you would find on a back of a DVD cover.  Just a small problems with the tools but I resolved them with using a different tool which worked the same way so it wasn’t that bad.  I duplicated the front cover of the classifications to get the classification on the spine was easy to do, I just had to get the lining right of it. I think my DVD cover is good, I like my main image that I have used and as well as the background with the blue tint it I think it looks good. With some DVD’S they can give you too much information and images so I kept mind in simple terms without overdoing it which I think looks good.  

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