1 May 2013

Production Diary - Wednesday 24th April

I went to Holbrook Leisure Center 

 I was filming inside the gym-I told people about my project- what  I'm doing and I asked them would it be ok if I could film them on the equipment and they said yea it was fine. I got a lot of  different shots/cutaways with the members on the equipment and  inside the gym in general. I just need to edit and put ,y footage together. Inside the gym I was talking very technical to Tom and the the gym members with what camera shots I wanted to get.I did explain to them what I meant as their faces were a bit what you on about. 

I filmed inside a body combat session and that was brilliant.The music was proper loud and really dancey which I love that type of music. The energy these people had was incredible to watch as they were really getting into it ,so was the teacher she was nice. I said to Tom I really want to join in because it looks really fun. 

I interviewed the fitness manager-(I got cutaways of Tom in his work area)

Once I finished the interview with Tom I said to him can I get some cutaways of him. His face was like what , but he laughed I explained what I meant- he was like really you got do that and he started laughing. I got some good cutaways of him in his work area and there was this other guy in his office. I was talking to him and he asked me what my project was about. He seemed to like my idea and we were all having a laugh which was good. After - The battery was flashing after a long time,I said to Tom I need to get some cutaways of you before the battery dies because it's going to be dying out on me shortly, I was like oh great .I know I should have took the charger with me because then I could have charged in up for a little bit.I 've realized that I should have packed it which I thought I did, but obviously I didn't.  

I interviewed different age groups of people who were inside the gym. At first with approaching people inside the gym to interview them;I was a bit like nervous because I didn't know how they would react with me coming up to them. Some people could have been a bit funny with me asking them if I can interview them for my documentary. Once I did the first  approach and  the interview; I felt really confident with approaching people in the gym and doing the interview.Whereas before I was like oh my god, but I knew I had to just do it and I was like it's going be fine which it was. Everyone I asked seemed to be fine with me interviewing them and just asking them a few questions about their fitness and why they come to Holbrook leisure Center.The people I spoke to interview them were really nice and friendly. I would have a general chat with them after the interview,it was nice. I feel a lot more confident now interviewing people. before I was a bit wary what if the questions don't sound right or they don't know what I mean.It was fine though they said their good general questions.  I had quite a few interviews at the gym. I had an interview with Tom the fitness manager and that went really well.I showed him the questions beforehand, so he felt more at ease when I ask him the questions.

Inside the gym I would just go up to people and  I would  just start a conversation with them.I thought to be friendly and make a conversation. I would just have a chat to them just in general and the conversations would go on for bit which was great .I told them what I was doing and they seemed interested. I didn't think any of them would speak to me, but they did. It was nice talking to different people and they all seemed nice.I felt more confident and just going around and talking to people, I felt great after all the interviews had filmed. In a way I didn't want it to end because the people I interviewed were great.It was fantastic interviewing them and getting to know them a bit more. I got on well with Tom and we was having a laugh and great conversation.I was talking to a personal trainer as well who was inside the gym,he was really nice we had a good conversation.

 Camera Shot's experiments:
When I was filming the lady on the treadmill as the machine was right opposite the window, there was a lot of light coming in and it was hard to get a close up of the machine that way.So I thought to change the other way and get a close up of the other machine where there be no light exposure. I thought it be good to show the buttons  of the screens as it tells you hoe you are doing.I got a shot of her on the treadmill  but the light was dying down which made it look really dull when I watched her on it. But I can increase the brightness and the contrast in Premiere Pro  and hopefully that will work. 

Rowing machine
At first  I knew how I wanted to camera shot it.But I did find it hard to get my shot because when the guy was on it he would be pulling back and then the camera be in that position and then he'll be out of shot. Then I filmed him from a much wider angle,but then I didn't want to get the other machines in shot. I got my shot in the end as he was on the other rowing machine in the far distance where it's out of shot from the other machine near by. I wanted to get a close up of him pulling back the row strings. It was hard because the camera was behind him, as he pulled back the tripod would move a bit bit. I wanted to get a close up of the bars from a down point shot from his perspective. I got there in the end by lowering the tripod and then I would position the camera to the side of him and I would zoom into his hands  while he is pulling back on the string bar. I think it looks alright,I just wanted to shoe the speed of how fast he was going. I think if I asked him to pull back to a certain point,instead of all the way back it would have been a better shot. He would pull back and  then he be out of shot for a second and then back to push in. I should have said at the time,but I should have said,but I didn't. In the end  just filmed from a different perspective where you couldn't get the other rowing machines in the way.   

After the day had finished, I was like oh my god that was brilliant,I loved it. I just wanted to go back because I really enjoyed it, it was fantastic. I felt pleased and more confident with my self that I did all the filming on my own,I went up to people to ask them if  I could interview them on my own,I got my cutaways,I started a conversation with people,it flowed really well and I got my shots that I wanted all on my own and I entered a production day that I fully enjoyed,I want to go back because it was so good.   


I got home in the evening,I thought to look back at the footage and when I did I had a problem. I watched over my interviews, my camera shots were  mid-shot close up  that was brill. I pressed the play button and there was no sound at all. I thought the volume might have been low and I turned it up in my icon tray.There was no sound playing at all,I was like shit and I felt so pissed off .I couldn't believe it because I thought it went well,but no sound had picked up.

 I was testing the microphone out that evening I got back. I was making sure everything was plugged in properly .I would test the microphone and there be no sound when I recorded my voice. I put my headphones in, there was a fuzzing effect in both headphones.So I knew that the microphone was the problem,it was faulty. If I checked it that morning and then I would have of known the problem there and then.I emailed Tom that evening about what happened and I was hoping to film the following Wednesday.  I did check the microphone the night before,but I should have checked the microphone that day to check it was working. I assume it would be fine, but it wasn't. I felt so gutted and so annoyed that night. My own fault I guess,I wished you could rewind time and go back to that amazing day and redo it. I now know to check the microphone and to test it out beforehand. I don't want any problems like that again, that's for sure. 

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