29 April 2013

Timeline - Progression of my documentary

In lesson today we created a timeline of how we are going to structure a documentary?

What we did:

We had a massive piece of paper and we drawn a line in the middle of the paper. The next stage is that we were given  sticky notes , so we can write down  our important key questions on there and other info to help us form our documentary.

We positioned them in order and then we number them 1 -10. We muddled it up to see if our documentary would make sense. It did still make sense because I have the rough questions that I would ask my interviewees and I would know what my documentary is all about and what I  want to find out as well.

The time line is a good progression step because we can include what we want  in our documentary. I want to ask questions about their fitness,about healthy eating,why they came to Gosport Leisure Center,was there a specific area they wanted to tone /lose weight from,why do you eat junk food compared to a more healthier option, what attracts you to eat junk food then healthy foods and just general questions like that.It  made me  think of what kinder shots I want to capture,what camera shots I want to get from my questions,voice overs through ought the start and in the middle of  documentary.The timeline is a great way to see how you want to structure your documentary by adding bits to it.It can make you think what you may want to include or you may come up with an idea which you have never thought of before.

Personal Thoughts:

I know exactly what I want to include in my documentary
Camera shots - cutaways in the gym
My voice over at the start and in the middle of my documentary. 
At the start of my documentary, I want to include open questions to make people intrigued to watch it and to show some quick scenes of what is coming up in my documentary. 
It's just the ending of how it's going to finish...... 

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