1 May 2013

Tuesday 23rd April - evening !!

I thought to just do some other shots of fruit where they each form a line of fruit and it animates on the table. I thought to do a second line of it , but have the fruit in a different order. I would move the fruit down in one motion each time, I would photograph it one shot after one shot to show the movement. I would create a smiley face and another un smiley face. It would tilt round as it's forming that facial expression. I would position the camera from a high angle down shot,so that it can be shown from a wider shot. I would play around with the fruit to see if there was another shot of stop motion I could use. I would just position the tomatoes and the apple in the center and they would move out like it's forming a circle in and out moving.I did at first create a close up of the fruit animating on the table,but then I thought you can't see all of the other fruit animating on the table. I thought to do a long shot of the full area of fruit animating and twisting around to form shapes and smiley faces.

I did some still shots of the food in general on the table which I could use in my documentary. I have some other shots from last time,so I see when it comes to the edit. 

Annoying - I wasn't sure what way was best to film it because there was stuff in the background and I didn't want it in shot. I moved some bits and then it looked fine. I wasn't sure if the stop motion it portrait but then I thought there won't be a enough room that way. So I thought to stop motion it landscape and then you will be able to see a lot better. The sun was coming in a bit as it was very bright and then it would go dull for a sec and then bright. That was annoying as the sun kept changing it's brightness. Sometimes I would use the flash and sometimes I wouldn't use it. I can just see how it goes and put it together. I can speed  it up if I need to, so I will play around with it. 

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