12 May 2013

Saturday 11th May 2013 Filming !!

I went to Holbrook again to re do my interviews with the fitness manager and to interview some of the gym members, due to the technical problem before. I was looking forward to going back again because I did enjoy it last time. However the gym was a lot more quiet and there wasn't  many people in the gym. Whereas before it was really busy and their were more different age groups inside the gym. 

I did my interview with Tom the fitness manager again and that went really well.

I did approach people in the gym and I told them about my project and if they be up for me to interview them. Some of them at first was a bit unsure when I said it has to be filmed, but that is understandable.  How ever they did come over to me and say do you still want to interview with me. Obviously he was a bit like no not really when I first asked them, but they said yea go on then. I thanked them and they were really nice. I did talk to some of my interviewees after the interview and I just started a general conversation and it was nice having a chat with them after the interview. I saw some nice older ladies I told them about my project and just about me in general. Both of them were really nice and we had a chat and a laugh in the gym. 

I was going around the gym I know everyone was working out and I I didn't want to disturb them,but I  would try and get them as they were going around the gym. I saw a lady on the bike machine, but she had her headphones in. I didn't want to disturb her on it, but she was getting off; I was like I'm going to ask her. The lady was really nice and she didn't mid me interviewing her. I enjoyed the interview with her because she answered in more detail and so did another lady. After the interview we did have a chat after and she was lovely.    

I interviewed quite a lot of guys in the gym, but I was hoping there be some more women in there.  I wanted to mix it up with getting different age groups of people from each a gender. I interviewed a young guy, he was nice, a big man who you could see he works out a bit and like an old ish man.I interviewed some women who were young,middle aged, etc. All the people seemed really nice and friendly.

I did some filming from the out side of the building, because i wanted to get a close up the sign and then I did zoom out into a long shot(concentrates on the background in full detail which relates  to my subject). In my shot was a stupid tree that was in the middle of the sign and that was annoying. I did try out the shots a few times to see if I could work round it,but I obviously I can't move the tree. I did  capture  all the words, but the first two words seem to be alright and the other one had a tree in front of it. The weather that day was very windy outside and the footage is a bit wind swept as you can see the footage moving funny. The majority of it is fine, I did do a panning shot as well, just so you can see the whole building from left to right. 

I have to admit that first day I went to Holbrook that was the best day ever, because there was so much going on,I was filming a lot in the gym, in other areas, I interviewed loads of people from different ages  who were really nice. I had  interviews with young guys before leading up to the big tough guys, and then to young teenage girls leading up to middle aged women. The atmosphere last time was immanence as there were loads of people in the gym, the personal trainer from last time was nice and we had a good old chat. I just loved being there and I did this time too , but it was better the first time round .It was a shame that there wasn't many people at the gym the second time. However I did get my interviews done and the sound picked up this time thank god. 

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