1 May 2013

Thursday 25th April - Filming !!

I interviewed my friend Jamie about his fitness,eating healthy and why he thinks it's important to keep fit.eat healthy too.

We had a change of location I originally I waned to film him near the duck pond where there is a lot of greenery and there is a park. But because he had work in a hour or, so I filmed him on the greenery in Stoke road. At first I didn't think there was a field, but there was and it was quiet at 9 am.

Interviewing - I didn't use the microphone due to the day before where I had no sound with my interviewees at the gym. But I tested the microphone before I left to see if it would work without the microphone and it worked fine. I tested it there and then with Jamie, I would tested it out and I played   it back and the sound was fine. I couldn't solve the problem with the microphone,so I didn't know what was wrong with it,but there was an issue with it.The interview was fine, I think he gave a few quick sentences of his answers  but there were some long answers as well. It was filmed in one shot and then I did my cutaways.

I told him what shots I wanted to get- I was all technical again with what  camera shots I wanted to get. Another one was like what that,as I was expecting. I explained to him,but then I did explain what camera shots I wanted and what I wanted him to do, just a few days ago before the day of filming. It took a bit of time because he was a bit grumpy as it was too early for him. So as each shot came I tell him what shot I want and he be like whats a mid shot,etc. I be like oh my I already explained all this just a few minutes ago. I did explain again and then he would get into position. I'll be like go and I got some different cutaways of him running, working his muscles and warming up. I thought if we were in the park I could of had him on the monkey bars working his muscles- that would of been good and more effective. I just had a mid-shot of him pumping up his muscles which looks fine but the monkey bars would have been a lot better.

 When I was filming I was testing some of my shots out to see if it would work . camera shot - low angle to show the speed of him running. I would do a side view angle shot of his feet running,but it didn't work. Then I tried a panning shot of him running, but then that didn't look right because the shot would go of the screen. I  then thought of filming in a different  direction of the camera in front - low angle and he would run from a distance towards the camera.I would get a few seconds of the speed as he comes towards me . Then I thought where he's from a distance ;I could get a close up and pan all the way down as he is to show the fast motion of  him  running. They both looked fine. we got there eventually, but he did moan a bit I thought I was bad haha. But it was alright, I got there in the end with him.

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