5 December 2011

Self Reflective Review !!

. Finished filming for children’s drama!!
. Keeping up to date with work!!


. I have used adobe premire !!

.Doing pitch for our research into a product!!
Reasons for Success
. We’ve now finally finished filming yey!!
. When I get my work back ( how to upgrade my work , I get it done then so that I’m up to date with my work .
. I have used this to edit our childrens drama which I enjoy editing !!
. This went well as we all participated into a research topic in our chosen product!! delievered it to rest of class
Less Successful Outcomes

. We still got to edit our final rough cut

. Problems with the computer (editing )

Possible reasons for making less progress in this area
. Because we had to re film on the day the final rough cut was due in
. The computer was causing us problems as it was so slow, it kept freezing it was taking forever to copy our files into the E drive.
Areas For Improvement
. Be more confident when giving a pitch

. Improve on Prezi

. Go over work, proof read it!!

Future Opportunities
. Visit to the BBC to see how they work as a company the BBC Television of how it all comes together when broadcasted.

. Work experience so get a just of how the media industry works so the BBC studio , Radio industry etc .       

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