8 December 2011

Camera angles used !!

The camera angles they use is variety of shots in Binky vs Binkey they use shots like long angle shot so this gives you a full angle of what is in the background of the environment so giving detail whats in the surrounding area they are in . You get shots like close ups so you can see their facial expression which can show their emotions if there upset or if there feeling excited about something when Binky wants to enter the the competition we see a energetic person here that wants to do cycling as career wise. You also get an overshoulder view of binky talking to his friend. This shot is very common when we see someone  having a conversation with another person. You get a use of close ups to show the detail of the food that Buster enjoys then it zooms out quite sharply to behind shot . You get mid shot of Binky talking without having his feet or legs shown , it just focous on the dialoguge in that scene and have more into the impact of the action going on in that sequence and there main focus is onto Binky talking to get the best part of the dialouge that is taking place as well as the action.They used low angle view of capturing the person, this gives height to person with giving in speed in the motion of the action.

 You get the use of a Birds Eye View shot of Binky riding into the dirt yard so this shot makes it smaller but into a wider shot as your looking down onto the subject.This shot can be used to give a good establishing shot with more depth into the scene.You get a shot of close up of the bikes going by so you get the fast motion coming of the wheels. You have the use of long shots as well of him at the end of the race of him winning the race which Binky seems to be pleased that he had made it to the end with a little bit of doubt in his head but he kept going and didn't give up. Also you had some transitions in there to with the use of side away in a diagonal transition and floating type transitions to make it fun and to turn into the next chapter of the next clip.

How ever with Tracy Beaker programe of the new girl: you get shots of the same shot angles but a different variety of shots .The  use of angles as well with the use of close ups showing feelings emotions , so their facial emontions of Tracy Beaker  and Justine. You have a long shot of the three girls in the bathroom so this shows you the eviroment there in by realting to their props they are using so them cleaning their teeth. So it gives you just of the location there in. You have this low angle of the new girl who has been admitted to the home because her mom was in a terrible accident.The low angle shot consists of  the new girl from looking up showing that she is scared and fragile after hearing news about her mum. For Tracy Beaker you have a more higher angle of Tracy that she is in power creating different height angles with the camera moving to a low angle of new girl. You have mid shots to capture the detail in their facial expression as well which then in the background concentrating more on the upper half of the body with the camera focusing more on her then any other part so lower body. Gives more impact into the action as well with these use of camera shot of the new girl in her room and the blonde girl. So the main focus will be that one shot of the close up frame within that scene. You get long shots as well to capture the background so the enviroment there in which relates to what there talking about with the use of actions put into it .

You have alot of use of mid shots in this programe of where Tracey and Justine are arguing about the littles things, you get view of the shot with the background and it shows the detail of whats happening with rage in their face which captures face emotions so you can see how that reflecting with the two characters and Tracy and Justine . You have long shots as well showing you the eviroment with showing more of the action of Tracy and Justine arguing again . It bascially lets you see everything from a wide angle perspective . Good use of shot to capture movements and the detail within the human figure of the girls of the surrounded area. You have a shot which pans over so from the bed nicely moving to Jenny who comes into the room that works nicely .The panning shot is good to follow someone giving a nice flow where the camera moves from the bed to door then Jenny makes her entrance you have the interior of the bedroom with the light colors reflecting with each other. You have another shot so a low angle of  the girl who is  running down the steps you get a shot of her feet so this shows like the fast pace of her feet running down the steps.

You have a shot of Tracy Beaker which the camera slowly moving in then it flashes over to Sam ( the new girl) who is talking about her mum how she misses her. Then you have a shot of Tracey Beaker which is mid shot so more focused on the upper body and dialogue that is being said so Tracey telling  Sam how she misses her mom as well and that her mum is a popstar and how everything will be okeay . This shows a good comforting shot that Tracy listens to Sam and you can see they have a great connection with each other with sharing problems which you just need to talk to a friend when your down which shows that. As Sam leaves , You have a high shot of Tracy from the window who feels really down that she just made a new friend and now she has to leave as her mum is feeling alot better.  This angle gives a high angle of the interior of the building as it gazes up. Then you have shot from behind as Tracy looking down from the outside, then you have mid shot of Sam coming into the bedroom to say her goodbyes which is nice as they became good friends and  it shows there emotions as well of how there feeling at this point . You have a mid shot of them saying there goodbyes to one another then close ups of them two having their picture taken then of the flash of a camera which is good it shows the fun factor good old times of rembering the best parts of child hood.

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