1 December 2011

The 3rd attempt of re filming again - Another new Production Diary !!

On the 27th of November due to the footage they had done so far like I said before about the shots it was just the same shot through which is quit boring. So Steve suggested for us to film again because the footage they had wouldn't get us a good grade. So it was right to film again even though it's down to last minute arrgh . The rest of the group was bit annoyed that we had to film again because we've filmed about three times already. But it's best to re film because it be good to get a merit then a pass . I was alright with it , it did make sense to film , to use more different variety shots =) because it's boring keeping to the same shot which they had was  just mid shots thats rubbish . Then we had to decide when we were going to film we were going to film on tuesday but people had work that day so fair enough and they couldn't do wednesday so we decided to come in on thursday in the morning before lesson as we werent due in till 1 .

So then problems occured today on the 1st december arrgh !!
I came in at half ten due to that I had the dentist in the morning . Then I phoned Georgie as I got to college she was saying that we wernt filming till eleven. but I thought everyone was at college as we arranged to film at nine but then problems occured because of that . Then me and Claudia got the equipment because we thought we were filming at eleven. But then Georgie said that Shannon couldn't do the morning as she had work that morning but Georgie txt her saying can't she take the other hours of but she didn't get in contact with Georgie.Now she didn't finish till 12 .We had Kirean in it but he wasn't awnsering back to Georgies txts so he wasn't in anyway but she did txt them both th night before and the smorning but they didn't txt her back. We were meant to have Adam in it but he had his prezi to do so that was messed up but we couldn't do it without the other two. So we were all there me , Claudia and Georgie and everything was messed up because we couldn't film because we needed those guys in it. It was annoying too because we got there early and we just didn't do anything really sat in the cafe and that ... But we could of been filming if we had all our crew but we didn't so annoying arrgh=/. But we arranged it for the smorning of today so I don't know how everyone forgot about it really thats weird . So then I felt stupid getting the equipment then handing in back in but we couldn't film so arrgh =/ .

But now we have arranged to film tomorow 2nd of december arrgh=/ it's all down to last day now . I hate leaving everything to the last minute because it get's all rushed. We could of had this done all ages ago by now but that didn't happend did it .... the rough cut of the footge of editing got be done ...i'm just a bit worried now because the deadline for that tomorow and weve got to film edit , audio , music and everything to do ... So weve got just crack on with it and get this rough cut done... I'm sure we can if we just work together and film it and then crack on with editing afterwards then it be fine ... So were filming tomoz 2nd of december !!

The filming day 2nd of december !!

We did finally film, but we had alot of waiting around for a bit because there was alot of one on ones with our group and actor Adam (talking to ),so we had to wait till they had finished so we could all film as we needed them in our shoot. Then after a while past ..... We were already to go out and film. We filmed in Fareham College on the feild part in the woods. We used this because it was easy to go and film in College where everyones there and we can just get it done as it was due in that day of filming  so it was easier to film here . That day of filming I was director , ha ha that was a big role to be part of ha ha . On set (woods) I setted up the equipment all ready to go .... the rest of the cast was having their own conversations, then they all went to a stage of talking about pets and getting their phones out to show what pets they had...weird on shoot !!! So me as the director I had to shout well I did it in a nice way ha ha , because I'm not mean ha ha but they wouldn't listen then I shouted again at them in a nice form of way. Then they did listen the second time round so told them what shot I was doing and for them to get in to position and to remind them what there doing and saying and that lot .

Shooting Part !!
God it was so impossible to film Kieran as an actor, ha ha , he was funny on set , but I was the director I neeed them to focous, he was messing about a bit and laughing so I had to tell them to get into focus and let it all out to Kieran because he was laughing so much god knows why. Then we did a practise shoot and then It was ha ha . I was like right come on guys lets do it focus and that lot and telling them what I wanted from them as I wanted them to be pirates, act like them . I always did a coutdown to get them ready , I would do that then Kieran would be talking to the rest of the cast it was like what are you doing your on set act like ... so that took some time I was getting quite annoyed a bit and then I got bit strict the rest of the actors were like chill but I was taking it seriously, they were talking , having their own convosations while I was ready to shoot as messing about and stuff well . Then Adam was playing music when filming on set so I was like if you want to do that go of set. When I was about to film again I was like Adam trying to shoot here because didn't what that in that in the background then he did evetually stop when I shouted ha ha. Don't you just love it when you see their faces change like oh ha ha. Well when your the director you got to take charge and you got take it seriously as youre shooting , actors wasting time money being lost  !!

Camera shots !!The second half of our film!!
When shooting the camera shots I used at the start was behind shot of a long shot of them going into the woods very anxious of the noises in the trees . This shot shows the focus of the characters and the detail in the enviroment their in with a full wide length of the background and characters . Then their was another long shot of them as you see them in front of walking into the woods and you can see their facial emotions as they hear something in the woods sobbing noises . The next shot after that was a close up of Adam sobbing against the tree, then you have a shot panning away from him to the the 3 pirates. Next you have a shot a close up of Kieran making a comment to the lost boy . Then you have a mid shot of Adam in a scarcastic voice saying "Oh what's this then fancy dress?". Then you have a shot of all 3 of the pirates a close up of there confussed faces this part they just kept laughing , it was like come on guys focus they were getting distracted by Adam being stupid ha ha. I shooted then it was like come on again.. Claudia had a good confussed face then the other two were just laughing in it so but creates humor for kids I guezz . Close up are good as it shows the emotions and facial expressions of what the character is creating.Then we had an over shoulder shot of Adam talking to Kieran , then another overshoulder shot of Kieran talking to Adam . Then we had a side shot of a mid shot of Keiran as he draws his sword to him . Then we had a shot of all the pirates over shoulder view of  Kieran talking to Adam. Then I did a Close up of Adam showing his emotions that he's really sorry of talking to the Captian in that way . Then we had a shot of 3 pirates with the shot of panning from the pirates to Shannon saying that he should be nice and she tells him what to do with the travels device this was a mid shot of them two .He drops it on the ground, then you have a behind shot long shot of the pirates talking walking back through the woods to get back onto the beach .Then that was pretty much it . But that did take a while to do !! E drive but it wouldn't let us for a strange reason but then I sorted it out . Then it was taking forever to copy into the e drive probably because we had alot of footage it was copying then it was saying 35mins left ...Then we thought nearly done but then it said 80mins left to go so that was really confussing how it went down and then went back up weird !!! .. So this took 2 hours but it still hasn't copied into the e drive so we just all sat there waiting for it to hurry up but it didn't look like it was it was doing anything, it  was taking forever for some reason. So that wasted about 2 hours, we could of gotten it all nearly done- edited for a rough cut but we didn't because it was taking forever for it to copy .... So we just went home in the end after doing nothing really stupid computer arrgh !!  So were gonna do it monday hopefully it will work for us to finish of the rough cut !!

The Chracters !!
We had Adam as Kenni as the lost boy who is a bit sarcastic and bit cocky ...That suited him well for that character ha ha . Kieran was the Captian so he was the main character as he was in charge , can be quite strict as he is the Captian of course .You have Claudia and Shannon , Claudia was Joe who was quite keen and loves animals and Shannon was Shipmate the proffessional pirate who likes to earn reward and can be quite mean if you push his buttons . The director was me and Georgie was like assitant to help with set / props, getting characters ready .

Editing !!

The editing we are keeping to our footage at Netley Beach because we need that for the first scene because there not a beach at Fareham so we had to keep that bit ... The footage after that we had to delete because it was the same use of shots , it does look better with a different variety of shots it makes it more interesting then just the same shot throughout . So thats why we had to re film to get some more different shots .The rest of editing got to be done 9th December for the final rough cut we've done the first part of edit but we just need to  crack on with the second part to edit as it took a long time to sort these parts out as it was all muddled up so that took some time and then the renaming part thats so annoying. So were going to get on with editing today 8th December the day before final cut this afternoon. Me and Shannon will be cracking on with that to edit second part with adding some trandsitions and cutaways to add to it . The transitions that be good for a childrens drama will be like dissolve and side away transitions because thats what you would expect to find in childrens drama .

At the start of our sequence we have used a title , we used one of the fonts from 1001 fonts we got rid of the yellow background by using photoshop so the magic wand by selecting the letters and deselecting it by getting rid of the yellow background .  Then we inserted it into the background in adobe premire , but it was coming up with a white background on the shot of the lightning affect, thats where we put it on that as it was our open sequence.Then we had to use the luminty key to get rid of the white background by turning the numbers down a bit then highing it up.The title we used was like a piratey look...The title for our childrens drama is Pirates lost in time. We have chosen this because the pirates enter this world where they have never been before and they get lost as it's a new world to them...

So far of editing but on monday we have to add in the bits from the woods that we filmed on Friday after the last bit of this to our final rough cut . With this shot we had a voice over of Shannon talking about steps as it said on the script. Which brings in sense humor bit funny for the children watching this.The First shot I thought was really good of Kirean , Claudia , Shannon where they have used a ligtning affect with the electric shock sound from free sound which we dowloaded to create the affect of them struggling reading  the map with the the flashing striking affects of them moving that was good with this affect they used . This shot was also quite blurred as it dipped to black.I like the second shot of them on the beach as it was long shot of the beach in the background, it gives that nice scale shot of the background and them in shot , you can also hear the sound of the waves too.  Kieran was funny in the background with his moves ha ha .They had mid shot of them arriving on the beach dancing in a form of way which was funny with having the map of trying to find the treasure. Kirean who starred in was a good actor I thought . Then you have mid shot of  the captian talking "the only thing thats going to help me go on around here is helping me find by treasure. I used a Dip to white transition here, I thought it looked alright."Then you have another mid shot of Claudia talking to the Captian. Then you had a  mid shot of them hearing something in the woods they heard a sobbing noises from the woods as you have a paning shot .Then you have a close up of the pirates going into the woods, another mid shot of the pirates talking together .

The day to get it done well due in !!
On friday 9th December problems occured with editing, the computer kept freezing , premire pro kept coming up with not responding. But with some of the footage we had it was edited but it was missing parts out so it may of been confusing of what the storyline is ... So Georgie came up with an idea of just putting in a story of telling it without the footage as were mssing bits of it so it gives you that idea of whats happening . But then Georgie thought of getting a video clip of youtube a pirates ship to put at the start with an open sequence of the story. So we were all looking for a pirates ship for most of the lesson but we couln't find one that was suitable ... But in the end we did that took some time then we converted it to a video clip but then it was in a audio clip not a video clip. So then we had to download it again but then it wouldn't insert into premire pro for some reason .... Then it reached to the end of the lesson we were no where done .... So I thought to stay behind to get everything  done , the others had work , and drama thing to go to... So I stayed behind . Then this turns out as a disaster....
I was editing on premire pro ,then the computer kept crashing and not responding again ..... so that took some time for that to sort its way out .... Then I wanted to import back in the file again , then it wouldn't come up for some strange reason , then I renamed the file but it wouldn't open in premire pro so I was getting really annoyed . On the computer there are so many files of ours it's so confusing to find out which one is ours because we've refilmed so many times its all there all the old footage on screen with all muddled up . But I've told to put it into a folder but noone listens to me so yea . The file kept saying can't open or something then I was like What so I renamed it again it opened then it would say failure .... This was taking forever to do to open it up bout 3 hours to do .... So i've just been trying to fix the computer during those hours because it kept crashing so files were lost , it wasn't responding then it would'nt insert so I don't know .... Then in the end it worked after 3hours so that really annoyed me. I hate computers prefer laptops so much easier to use and don't crash as much as the pcs . Then I was sorting the files out as there all muddled up , then I couldn't find the footage that I wanted .... Well I'm not surprised really as the files were everywhere not in a folder ..... So I  found some of the footage but It's not what I wanted for the shot after. We're nowhere near finished so I was just annoyed if I had one of my group member there It probably would of been done but they had to go to work and stuff .... I was just so tired after , and really stressed out..... I didn't even get anywhere so that was pointless staying behind really .

Script!!Claudia and Georgie did the script , but  when shooting I notied that they didn't say what it said on the script well it was similar but they took chucks out of it ... I think this is because they just wanted to make it sweet and quick to get it out of the way. Fair enough I see why because we had to re do some filming and yea it was cold that day bloody freezing when shooting . But in a childrens drama if it said what the had to do written on paper they would have to but I think they couldn't be bothered to act and say out all the parts so yea... At least it is done now all the filming so we don't have to worry about it now thank god till another day . It was still to do with pirates and helping a young boy out and to make him learn from wrong to make him to be better person and to be nice which relates to kids in a big way... How being nasty to someone isn't nice but being a nice person gets you somewhere in life. So by helping the pirates out and him the young boy helping them out, they all worked  together he gets to go back in time to change the past of what hes done to become a nicer person .

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