15 April 2013

FMP Production Diary

3rd Febuary 2013
Here I have contacted my friend Calum back in February about my project. I just asked him if he did anything to keep fit or anything. He was in why intrigued asked him as I was expecting. I told him about my project that I'm doing. He said he be happy,but I didn't mind if he wanted to be part of my documentary or not as I have other people too.But he said he was happy to help me out. 

Monday 25th March

I have told my friends that I will be filming after the Easter holidays, the week we get back hopefully.They all sad that was fine. I will just have to give them more details nearer the time.I did text them about when is the best day for me to interview them. My friend Heather said she is free Monday the 15th April during the day as she has college. I have my friend Megan and she said she can film Tuesday 16th April. My friend Calum said he can do the 17th April.

 I  have asked Liam and Jason if I can film them after the Easter holidays, the week we get back and they said that was fine. I had to Facebook my friend Jamie because he doesn't have a phone at the moment. But he hasn't replied to my message, so I will have to message him again. I can ask Georgie about interviewing her when I get back. On the day I was travelling (28 th March) to go on holiday. I did email the fitness manager, asking him if it be ok for me to film and interview him after the Easter holidays. He said it was fine; I just got to let him know what days and dates to go there. I phoned the health trainer as well on the 28th March. I just told him that I’m going be away over Easter. I asked him if it be possible to interview him after the Easter holidays. He said that was fine and that he was away over Easter too. He just asked me to give him a ring when I get back and then we can arrange a day and times. He said he was looking forward to it which was nice to hear and I'm looking forward to it too.

My friend Heather said she can do Monday. But I have no equipment booked out for the Monday we get back. But if I ask Ingrid she may let me use the equipment if I ask her. So I will have to see about that. But thinking of that I would want my interviewee to wear something sporty, so it links into my theme.

 Professionals - experts!!
 I need to think of the days when is best to go to Holbrook to film the fitness manager and at the NHS to interview the health trainer. It depends what days they can as well because they maybe busy or have meetings etc. I will need to email the fitness manager when I get back from holiday. 

9th March

Thinking about my interviewees I haven’t even booked out equipment which I was meant to do before I left on Wednesday 27th March. Damn, so when I get back I will need to book it out on Monday -15th April.

  Monday 15th April

 I have gone down to see Ingrid about the equipment and I have booked it out for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I did ask Ingrid if there was anyone using the green screen, but she said there are lessons in there. But there are time slots where no one is in there ,but it's like half hour in different times of the day. Some other people maybe using the green screen, that's if they show up. So that maybe a problem then, or less I don't use the green screen. But I thought it be good to use with using an image of healthy eating in the background relating to my theme. I have asked  Liam and Jason today about interviewing them on Tuesday 16th April. I asked them would it be possible to have them bring in some sport wear for them to wear, so it links to my theme. They said that was fine, so that’s all good.

I have contacted my friend Calum on Monday 15th April and I have asked if he's still alright to film Wednesday 17th April. But he said that it's fine ,but he said he will be free at half two/3. I will ask Ingrid today - Tuesday 16th April when I go down to the studio to see what time the studio will be free tomorrow.

I have contacted my friend Megan to see if it will be ok to interview her and to get some cutaways of her running on the field. I have arranged to do the interview with her at half twelve - Tuesday 16th April. Hopefully I will be able to use the studio. Ingrid said there maybe a class in there or some other people. Then I may just film her outside on the field, but we will see.

I have contacted my friend Heather today during lesson about interviewing her tomorrow or Wednesday. But she hasn't got back to me yet. I just want to get my friends interviews out the way this week , that would be great.But I doubt I will, but we will see. 

I have emailed the fitness manager, a bit late my reply=/ – Monday 15th April. I just have to wait for a reply now, hopefully it will be ok. I did get a reply back from him on Wednesday 17th April. He said that he is free for me to do filming Wednesday.He said there is a body combat session which I maybe able to film, just gotta ask permission,but if not he said I maybe able to film at the main courts. I sent him a reply Wednesday 17th April and I said that I am happy to come in Wednesday to film. 

Tuesday 16th April

I have asked Liam and Jason when is best for to interview them and they said they don't mind. So I'm going to interview them at half twelve and Megan as well, but we will have to be quick as there is a class in the studio at one. 

Today Didn't go to plan at all with filming. I went down to the studio there was a class in there which over runned over my time slot-half twelve. Ingrid wasn't there, even though I did ask her if I can film at half twelve in the studio and she said it was fine. That is annoying because I was hoping to get some interviewees filmed today .I felt bad that Liam and Jason brought in their clothes to wear for the interview. I told my friend Megan that I couldn't film today, but they seemed fine with it.It is annoying I was like oh great, I was looking forward to filming. Especially when I booked out that time slot with her, but she probably forgot as you do. I was going to edit it afterwards by filming in Adobe Premire Pro to get some editing done. But I will have to film that all and arrange with my friend Megan to do it another day. I asked Liam and Jason when they could film and they said Friday will be fine.  Hopefully it will go to plan this time.

Damn I was meant to ask Ingrid about the time slots for tomorrow because I'm meant to be interviewing my other mate. But he said he can do half two/three , he thinks. So I will have to go and see Ingrid tomorrow. I will have to contact my mate and let him know whats going on. if I can't film then I will have to film another day. 

Wednesday 17th April-
I msg my fiends to see if they could film Friday 19th April, due just because I have booked out the studio for twelve. I'm filming Liam and Jason that day and then I can get some cutaways of them running and cycling, etc.I thought I'd ask my other friends if they can,but Calum  said he maybe able to do Friday,so I told Calum to just let me know. But he hasn't so I will have to contact him. Heather said she's busy Friday which is fair enough and I asked her when she will be next free, but she hasn't got back to me. Megan said she couldn't do Friday, but she can do Monday between 10-2. I said to her I will have see if the studio is free then,But I said I will let her know Friday. I will ask Ingrid on Friday 19th April to see if the studio is free Monday.

I was thinking when I interview Jamie I could film him down at Gosport near the duck pond where that park is. It has monkey bars, I thought it be quite good to film him on that- working his muscles.I thought it be good to use for a cutaway. I would have him warming up before a run and I would interview him sitting down on the grass and then I will ask the questions. 

Thursday 18th April

 I need to film at home which I need to display the different nutrients on the table- for e.g. protein, carbohydrates, dairy, fruit and veg. I’m going to do some research into how to show a person how much sugar they consume in their bodies. By finding out if there is a good way to present it/how to do it. I’m going to show Adam how much sugar he has in his body which may shock him. 

I was thinking of filming some quick shots of some Wii games of Zumba, dance and Wii fit plus. Showing that there are different games as well that can help you lose weight. I will have to book equipment out to film at home as well which I could do on my day off Thursday 18th April. It won’t take that long to do and I can do it then which I’m happy to do some filming at home. 

I was meant to be interviewing my friend today, but he msg me saying he's got called into work. Yea that was a shame ,but things do happen.I was looking forward to filming, but he did say that he can do it next week.The weather today was very windy and I was thinking the smoring oh great. It is annoying when you are filming  in the wind because the tripod shakes,the legs lift up in the air,then you're trying to stabilise the tripod, but then the wind still knocks your camera shot.It is very hard to get the shot you want. I will have to ask him what day will he be free.

 I did go out shopping to get bits for my documentary of the different nutrients protein,carbohydrates,dairy,high saturated fat and fruit and veg. When I got back I did film and I did display the food out on the table in their specific area.At first I had idea how I wanted to film it;I wanted to film it like a grid where it  pans, like a circle of  the foods from one shot to the next. I did have a few little annoyances. I displayed the fruit and veg in one corner of the table, but then things were in the background which were in my shot. I moved everything out and then I would display the fruit and veg  next to the dairy products .When I was filming the dairy products,the fruit was in my shot.I moved the protein products to the right ,so I could just get the fruit and veg in my shot. I was then moving the camera into another position because you could see the plugs in the background,I didn't want to get them in my shot.

 It was hard to get my shot because I didn't want to get my food shots in the next shot where the other food was as I was panning to the right. So I did move the food about quite a lot  and I did squeeze some of the food close together to see if it would pan easily without getting the other foods in shot. I tried a close up shot of the foods, but then if I pan to the right it wouldn't get the next food in when I pan. I didn't want to zoom out as I am panning round. It wouldn't look right. I was thinking that it wasn't going to work and then I just positioned the food into columns on the table. I would pan down and then up on the foods to see how it would look. I thought I can display the facts above it or next to it.I could make the facts appear on the screen with arrows, linking to the right foods. I did do some close ups of the food as well in more closer detail.At the end after doing that shot which was probably easier to do. I just have to edit it and see how it goes. At the end I did gather all the food closer together in one long shot. The long shot concentrates on all of the different nutrients on the table. I would look at the camera and some of the food you couldn't see. I had to position it more closer to the center of the table ,so the camera could pick it up. 

I just need to film some bits on the Wii and I wanted to do some stock motion of the different fruits appearing on the table and moving around. I want to create the word 5 a day out of  the fruit, it be cool if it worked.But I was going to see if I can keep the equipment to do this. I will see Ingrid about it on Friday 19th April. I need to book equipment out for Wednesday 24th April as I am filming at Holbrook. I have booked the equipment out for that day.  

Friday 19th Apirl
I did film Liam,Jason and Adam today, it went well in the studio.I did set up the equipment and lights. I told my interviewees where I wanted them to stand and I did go through with the  what I was doing and what kinder questions I was going to ask. them They all seemed fine with it, it went well. The annoying thing was there was a group in the studio,It over runned again. I was like oh my god, it's my time slot. It was over runned by bout ten minutes which was annoying, second time now that's happened. It is annoying especially when I have booked it out for that time slot. I did ask Ingrid if I could take the equipment out over the weekend as I wanted to do some more re shoots and to film on the Wii. She said it was fine. Liam said he wants to use the green screen on Monday and I was like Oh I need it to. I said that my friend Megan said she can do 10-2,but he said that I could use the studio in the morning and he said he don't need it to near midday. We manage to compromise which is good. I did want to get some cutaways of them today: running,warming up and cycling.  But I couldn't because of the animation.I asked Liam and Jason if they are free Monday for me to get some cutaways and they said yea that was fine. It's all good. 

 when I filmed the different nutrients;I moved everything out the way and I positioned the food on the table-testing shots again. I thought I will film a long shot of the fruit and veg and then I will pan to the right.I wanted to pan from the fruit till the fruit was gone out of my shot. I filmed my next shot of my dairy products,but as you pan it round it tilts round. If you get what I mean because I wanted to do a panning shot from the left to the right, in one straight movement.Then you would get the other food in at the bottom as it would pan. I didn't want to zoom in on it and then zoom out from it, then I wouldn't have anywhere to animate my text. But because it's on the tripod, it won't obviously pan in one motion.If I had a dolly it would have easily of done my shot. I could have just glided the dolly to the right in a straight movement,whereas with the tripod I would of had to lift it up to move it to the right. It wouldn't of looked right at all, as you would most likely see it shake. I thought next time book the dolly out, but then I just wanted to film it then and there before all the fruit gets eaten.

 Later on after filming that first half.  I thought I could have displayed it a lot better by  filming each of the nutrients separate at a time. I thought that would be a lot easier to do as it won't make it so complicated. I can animate the facts onto the table. I just displayed each of the nutrients one at a time on the table. I would film it for a minute or so and then I would get a close up of the foods. I want leave enough time for my footage to animate the facts on.Close ups are used to concentrate on my product more in finer detail. As I was filming my different nutrients; I thought of creating a long shot of the fruit, veg ,protein,carbohydrates,saturated and unsaturated fat.  For e.g I have my long shot of the foods and then below it you can see the top of the table.As it was filming I thought I could animate my facts from my research onto the top of the table. It could be written on or just animated on the table. I think that would work really well. 

Saturday 20th April
I filmed some close ups on the Wii,video game of the different ways how you can exercise.It went well I filmed the different muscle work outs, yoga and mini games. I thought it be good to show the piggy bank, it shows how many calories you have burnt off. I thought it would be good to show it.I filmed some close ups of Zumba of the different genres of Zumba. I did some close ups of just dance 3 as well to show you there is different ways to lose weight. I did some stock motion of some fruit which animated on the table- I did it shot by shot where you see the fruit changes position to make a happy face and a sad face. I thought it be good to show  that people like fruit, visual image and some people don't like fruit , visual image. I will have a go editing it and I will see how it goes. I can add the reason why it's important to have your 5 aday- facts and why people don't like eating fruit. I did film a close up of the Wii games which I can explain what's good about the Wii games and how they help to lose weight.the text can be animated on the screen.

I looked back on my footage of the Wii and the shot looks slanted. I didn't want it too look slanted, I wanted to get a close up of the video games. I may have to re film that,depends if I can crop  the image of The TV. I will next time zoom in closer, so it concentrates just on the video game itself without getting the outline of the TV.

I did some filing in the green screen today as I was interviewing my friend Megan, I thought I could display an image of Bolton and Mo Farah in the background. It will link into my interview  as the topic is about running and can link into the athletes themselves. 

I have contacted my friend Jamie again, due to him not replying to my other message I sent him about 3 weeks ago. I asked him if he's still alright for me to interview him and he said that was fine. 

I asked him what day would be best to interview him and he said anytime this week.  I asked what day would be best and he said Thursday-18th February  I have told him that I want to get some cutaways of him running on the field.I want get some variety shots of him running which  will link into what he will be talking about. I'm just waiting for him to reply to that message. I will need to discuss time and where -previous stated.

When I film at the gym when you see the people working out. I have some music that I am going to use and this will show that music helps when you are working out. Music – Snoop Dogg – sweat I thought this was good because it has the words sweat which will work really well when you see the gym members full of sweat working out. Another song track I thought was good is Danzel – pump it up. It links in well when you see the gym members working out and putting all their strength into the equipment.

Music thoughts so far:

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_fCqg92qks - Eric Pyrdz- Call on me

 The music video itself works well to the dancers working out. I think it's alright workout song to use in my documentary. It's all about working on that body and pushing yourself to achieve your goal. 

What's left to do:

I just need to finish off finalizing my questions for my interviewees which I have finished during lesson today - Tuesday 16th April.I just need to print off the questions, cut them out and stick them in my journal. I will do this today Wednesday 17th April. I just need to stick them in my book.Once I know more dates and times with my other interviewees- (professionals),then I can add that to my production schedule. I need to add my friend Jamie to my production schedule which I will do tomorrow-Wednesday 17th April - done.  I just need to add Tom to my production Diary.I have typed up my primary questions - qualitative data which I asked Adam some questions why he doesn't eat healthy/keep fit. This was done on Wednesday - 28th March- completed. I just typed it up today where it's a lot neater and I just need to print it off- Tuesday 16th April.I have printed it off, I just have to glue it in-Friday 18th April. I just need to finalize my script which I have done, but I just need to add a bit more stuff to it, so It's set out. I have completed this on Wednesday 17 th April. I will just need to print it off after finalizing it. I will try and get it done by Friday.Just needs to be printed off and stuck in - Friday 19th April.  


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