22 April 2013

Goals -Start of the week - from the 7th May 2013

Chase up my other interviewees -I need to contact  Megan and I have contacted the fitness manager again,but I'm just wating to hear back from him.


Add to production diary - I need to add to this - Wednesday 24th April. I have complted this.

I want to get all my interviews interviewed and filmed by the end of the week. This was sort of done, apart from I need to film my interviews at holbrook again, due to a technical problem.

 I just need to get some cutaways of Liam,Megan ,Adam and Jason.I'm filming Jason and Liam on Thursday to get some cutaways of them.I will need to chase up Megan to get cutaways and Adam.

I want to put my footage into bins, so it's easier to find the footage - I need to start doing this and putting them into bins

I want to try get a rough edit done of what footage I am going to use and to edit it all up.I will try and get this done by this week.

Unfortunatley I didn't get it done last week due to the animation. I will try to get most of my clips edited into a rough cut.

I need to record my voice overs for my documentary I will do this today at some point.

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  1. These are excellent goals, good luck with the interviews, look forward to seeing them.