25 March 2013

Interview - primary researsch - online safety

On internet safety

1.       Why do you think it’s important to keep your personal details to yourself?
They’re personal for a reason... Because you don’t want anyone else to get hold of them and use them for fraud.

2.       Do you think the internet is safe? If yes say why?
Aspects of it are; successful websites/ companies have expectations to maintain and could be sued costly amounts/ lose profit if they can’t live up to their expectations. It’s your responsibility to be careful

If No say why?
There are sites out there, nasty websites. They can misuse your personal information- along with other users of the site and their behaviour.

3.       Do you go on dating sites?

4.       What do you use the internet for?
Homework, socialising, blogging, and music

5.       Do you use the same password for each account you have?
Yes, I shouldn’t really but I do!

6.       Do you think protecting yourself is important if so give a reason why?
Definitely! There are things on the web that I really don’t need to see
Do you have your setting s private? If so what setting do you have it on?
Yeah I have mine on private.

Do you ever talk to people you don’t know online?
Yeah, mutual friends. If I don’t have a clue who they are and they seem a bit dodgy I decline their friend requests, even if it is a bit harsh.

Do you ever do online shopping?

Do you keep safe online? If so how do you?
I don’t give out my password and I don’t search/ post anything I shouldn’t.

Do you have protection software on your computer?
Errm I’m not too sure, probably.

Have you ever been cyber bullied online?

If you haven’t do you know what to do if this occurred?
Yeah you should report it, and block and delete that person(s).

Do you think online shopping is safe? If so why
It depends if it’s a well trusted site. New Look etc would be fine, but I wouldn’t give out card details to a store I’ve never heard before!
If no why?
As always, there are fake websites out there just to get your details and take your money... Be careful!

Would you ever put your bank details online?
If it’s a reliable site.
If yes why?
Major companies wouldn’t rip you off, it’d be bad publicity and they’d make far less money this way, so there’s no point, really.

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