25 March 2013

Structure - my documentary


First structure of my documentary will be: having an opening sequence of my title Internet safety with images of that relate to keeping safe online in a four way grid with the title in the middle bold so it’s like the main focus of the documentary. With my research background information of Pete Davies (CEOP) of how he became a police CEOP  with this content it will have a picture of him with the key information on the CEOP of what that actually involves so for e.g. how he became one of these CEOPS , what’s the content of the job role , good points and bad points of a CEOP . The statistics of the job role of a CEOP with the job on how it protects young children in the safe guard of their responsibility of keeping young children safe within the environment. The number of arrest that have been made within the safeguard locking up people who have been caught or who have been wreck less with their lives also showing the statistics data/ With a blank page have a title of what is safeguarding because some people don’t  know what it is and what’s it about? It be good for people to know what it is!! With the facts coming up after with facts of bullying with percentage of adults and young people being fully physical abuse or extreme of bullying in difficult circumstances. The research background information about the cbbc about keeping safe info this can be headed with a title in bold capital letters across the middle of the page with the five rules but individual come up on screen with bold writing but pictures of each statement so it’s clear and very understanding of what not to do !!! The next scene can be with my own primary research of other peoples opinion on how they keep safe online whether think it is important to keep safe online or not, if they protect themselves online when comes to social networking or online shopping statistics data. This can be put in as graph of others people’s opinion about this that pops up on screen with all the figures.


In conclusion I think overall of the information I have researched into is pretty big with allot of research, with primary and secondary research into the subject Internet Safety. Think this will sustain a documentary, as it has the key facts on internet safety, statistics , background info on  a man working as a CEOP police, info on internet how to stay safe online and how to keep protected online. With the use of transitions added to the documentary to give it that fun factor to it. Overall I think the information will come across to people with the use of key information, diagrams, statistics data that will help people today with keeping safe online today.    

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